傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S05-C01 “Borrowing a Vehicle, Registration”

Last chapter recap: The battle for patriarch is to be decided at the upcoming tournament. Aofeng learns about Central Sky City and crafting.

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Chapter 1 Borrowing a Vehicle, Registration

The truth was that Aofeng had been fooled by Qin Run.

She did have the potiential to become a crafter, but crafting was a broad and profound field. How could it be finished in a day?

Just like a blacksmith beating iron, if one only had power but no technique, the things made would also be crude and terrible. Technique could only be accumulated through experience and time. Unlike the beast tamers who relied purely on mental power and the beast taming spells, this was a long process. Aofeng lacked this experience. She didn’t know how many years it would take before she could forge divine magic mediums, and crafting equipment before the tournament was a dream.

There were thick shelves filled with theoretical knowledge. Aofeng felt she wanted to faint in front of the bookshelves.

“No wonder Tian Ya saw my lifebond flame but didn’t teach me crafting. The learning process is too long, and not possible unless there is enough time.” Helplessly shaking her head, Aofeng took a “Basics of Crafting” and went to a table to read.

Even if she could not craft high level magic mediums in the short term, she still had to learn. The astounding lifebond flame provided her with the most important quality to become a celestial fire crafter. Aofeng did not want to waste it. The matter of her parents was shrouded in mystery. No matter who the enemy was, they were not weak. She had to grow stronger, both in terms of strength and ability, and influence.

With another skill, she would have more guarantee in recruiting people on the continent to help her. Magisters could be recruited by being a regent beast tamer, and powerful sword masters, and even venerable swordsmen, could be recruited by the magic mediums she crafted.

Fortunately, she had a reliable personality, able to withstand the boredom. She quickly immersed herself into the great knowledge of crafting.

The room was extremely silent with only the sound of pages being flipped. Qin Run and the others looked at Aofeng from the outside with smiles on her face. This person was enchanting when focused!

The month passed slowly as she wildly absorbed knowledge of crafting. Aofeng almost didn’t leave the room, eating and sleeping in there. When she was awake, she would be reading. Sometimes, she would attempt to melt some magic crystals with the celestial fire for experiments, and then she would thoughtfully continue reading.

During this time, Qin Aotian came by with the irritated Lei Yufeng but when they saw Aofeng focused from the doorway, no one could muster the thought of interrupting. Lei Yufeng also admired Aofeng deep in thought with a tilted head. He said nothing and left secretly.

Under Qin Run’s guidance, Aofeng gradually started to smelt the simplest magic medium — a spatial ring.

The materials were only ordinary spirit beast cores and some ore. After a few failures, Aofeng managed a success. The advantage of being a celestial fire crafter showed at this time. Celestial fire could merge together different materials and the spatial ring was double the size of an ordinary one with a more pleasing appearance. Qin Run once again lamented the great advantage of a celestial fire crafter.

With someone teaching her step by step, and Aofeng’s great talent, she progressed quickly as she read the theory and practiced.

One morning after a month, Aofeng finished reading a book, stretched and looked outside the window. Today was the day the Imperial School was recruting students. She planned to go to the most famous school of the continent to see the situation, and learn for a bit from teacher Lan Xiu to improve a bit before the tournament.

Her eyes narrowed, Aofeng suddenly heard a familiar and excited voice in her mind.


The shock was great. Aofeng sat up lightning fast, her eyes joyful. “Chi?”

The man’s voice was filled with gentle laughter. “Yes, it’s me.”

Aofeng felt comforted, seeming to see Chi smiling in front of her. She said joyfully, “You finally finished your evolution?”

This was the sixth month. From when the magic beast had appeared in the second month to now, it was four full months, about the same time as Chi had predicted.

“Aofeng, you astound me. I hadn’t expected that you would break the barrier of a celestial magister. Due to your breakthrough, the lifebond covenant gave me great energy, and let my consciousness awaken early.” Chi seemed very happy as he talked to Aofeng, “My physical body will need some more time before the evolution finishes. However, not long now, I finally … finally will reach the growth stage. Hmph, once I reach the growth stage, the avatars those people send down cannot threaten me any longer!”

Aofeng could rarely hear the cold Chi with such emotion. This was enough to show how stifled he had felt. Aofeng knew that it was hard for Chi to hide with his dominant and wild personality. He was a born king and one day, would conquer the world.

She hadn’t imagined Chi would wake up before the tournament. Aofeng felt even more confident. Thoughts moving, Aofeng closed the book on the table and asked, “Chi, I am a celestial magister now, and you are almost awake, and do not have to fear the people chasing you. Then could I make my identity public?”

Aofeng thought that she was not strong enough as a swordsman for the tournament in a month. But if she used the divine beast armor and the skyhigh giant sword, her defense and attack would be at their peak and she would be a freakish existence!

With that kind of combat power, and Chi’s help, her confidence in defeating the Central Cloud team would increase greatly.

“As expected of the covenantor of me, Chi Xu. You do not want to be bored.” Chi laughed, even more pleased. He said confidently, “Do not worry, when I truly wake up, with your celestial rank cultivation, we do not have to fear them. As long as we do not provoke divine rank experts, we can sweep all celestial rank, including those tiny nine star super-divine beasts.”

Hearing this phrase from long ago, Aofeng burst into laughter. Chi was as arrogant as always, even nine-star super-divine beasts were “tiny.” When he reached the maturation stage, the divine rank experts might also become “tiny.”

“Aofeng, I will return to finish my evolution and succeed in a month. However, my consciousness has awoken and you can call me at any time,” Chi said. He had come out this time just to communicate with Aofeng.

Aofeng smiled, her mind at ease. “Alright, I feel much safer with you here.”

With the voice in her mind, Aofeng’s confidence increased, her eyes shining as she stood up.

She walked out of the crafting room and looked around, coincidentally seeing Qin Run who had come to deliver breakfast. She said to him, “Little Uncle, I read half of the books and have the basics down. The rest is all real experience. I don’t stay here. I have to go and do some things soon with friends. If there is important news, you can come to Blue Jade Fragrance to get a message to me.”

“Aofeng, do not care too much about the tournament, do you best. There is nothing even if you lose. Aotian just left. He should be able to invite a celestial rank expert who is roaming around. That is a friend he made when travelling on a family mission.” Qin Run smiled, moved. He thought that Aofeng was going to find powerful friends and urged, “I have lots of materials here, and a fine crafting stage. You can stay here a while.”

Because the influence of a regent beast tamer was so great, Qin Aohai only told Qin Run that Aofeng was a celestial rank expert and had encountered them in Neversetting Sun. Before Aofeng gave permission, Qin Aohai didn’t even tell his father anything else so Qin Run did not know that Aofeng was going to the Imperial School.

“Big Brother went to invite people?” Aofeng stilled slightly. She then nodded. Lei Yufeng, Kai Ge, and Big Brother’s friends. Their team was basically formed with five celestial magisters. If they really couldn’t find anyone else, Qin Aohai could make up the last spot.

Pausing, Aofeng said seriously, “Little Uncle, we know you do not care, but sometimes, people live for that honor. Since there is a chance, we will do our best for you!”

“Good child!” Qin Run’s eyes heated up. He patted Aofeng’s shoulder and did not try to keep her, telling her to take the unread books and some magic core materials. Aofeng shoved them all into the spatial ring that Little Uncle had given her.

Walking out the gates of the Qin Family, Aofeng was shocked. A handsome man in black appeared to have waited a long time ahead.

“Yufeng? You …”

“I’m going with you.” Lei Yufeng smiled and went up to hit her shoulder. He said, “You have had a few nice days, and abandoned me to boredom in Blue Jade Fragrance. This time, don’t think you can leave me behind!”

“But with your status, you need to go study at the Imperial School? You are not me, Teacher Lan Xiu has given me a special right to leave the school during the term. You are different. Will you have to stay in the school?” Aofeng asked doubtfully. Lei Yufeng had a free personality. Wasn’t trapping him in one spot killing him?

Unless Lan Xiu was willing, he would not give even the grandson of Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting any face.

“I came to be a reading partner. Each student in the Imperial School can take a reading partner in to do chores. I came to serve you, look, I’m good?” Lei Yufeng said jokingly. He took out a little book and waved it. “The members of the Qin Family do not go to the Imperial School, so you do not have to worry about being recognized there. Just in case, I got you some identity information.”

Taking the green book, Aofeng learned his true aim and felt warm. This man was both considerate and gentle, considering everything for her and preparing.

She flipped open the book and saw the bright red “Lei Aofeng” name …

“Haha, since you cannot be Qin, of course you should be like me, I am your brother! Do not thank me, I do not mind!” Lei Yufeng patted his cheset and said grandly.

Aofeng’s eyes rolled and her shoulders jerked. Any gratefulness was blown away by this person’s grandness.

“I will accept this but no need for the identity. I have my own plans.” Aofeng blinked at Lei Yufeng and called Xiao Bing out of her shoulder. Then she ordered it to armorize. A milky white mask covered her upper half face.

“Ah, you are using Zhui Yun’s identity?” Lei Yufeng looked at the other’s classic appearance and was shocked. After interacting with Aofeng, he knew that “Zhui Yun” was Aofeng.

Zhui Yun was famed, but that was because everyone knew Zhui Yun had offended Radiance Magus Church in that battle. Aofeng went using Zhui Yun’s identity, and didn’t fear Radiance Magus Church making trouble?

“Don’t worry, I have my own plans. You know I do not do rash things.” Aofeng smiled, her eyes shining with light. Since Chi could sweep all celestial rank, then that included magus scholar experts. Chi was proud but not one to exaggerate. Then what was there to fear from Radiance Magus Church who didn’t have a divine rank expert?

News needed time to spread. Radiance Magus Church and Chi’s enemies would not come quickly. When they found her, Chi would have finished evolving. Aofeng was forced to temporarily use Zhui Yun out of security to avoid exposing the true Qin Aofeng. This way, if something occurred, and Chi hadn’t finished his evolution, she could disappear.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you. Even in death, I will follow you!” Lei Yufeng continued to wave a hand grandly.

“Put this on.” Aofeng threw a white mask to him. After the fuss at Blue Jade Fragrance where there were many students, someone might recognize them.

Then the two masked monsters went on the road …

The streets were especially lively today, full of carriages and passersby, more than double the population of a month ago.

The two walked the entire morning to the populated core, but couldn’t manage to hail down any high level carriage. This place was filled with people, carriages of all sizes furiously sprinting towards the Imperial School. The recruitment of the best school on the continent had importance that surpassed Aofeng’s imagination.

Aofeng saw another carriage flash by without looking at them. She could only stare. “How about we fly over …”

Lei Yufeng sweated. Fly over to report? How could Aofeng think this? No student had “flown” over there in history. Wouldn’t that frighten the recruitment teachers to death?

Just as Aofeng was truly considering flying over, an elegant and grand carriage that gave off a faint fragrance stopped suddenly in front of them.

The curtain lifted dslightly. Sitting inside was a man with a slightly cold presence dressed in refined black armor. The upper half of his face was covered by a fine wooden mask, and the lines of his lower half face was elegant, but showed a paleness indicating illness. Just judging from the lower half of his face, this man would not be ugly.

“Reporting to Imperial School?” His lips curved beautifully, the deep eyes sweeping Aofeng and Lei Yufeng as he asked.

For some reason, Aofeng suddenly felt a hint of familiarity from this person.

“Yes, Brother, you as well? If convenient, could we have a ride?” Lei Yufeng did not detect Aofeng’s abnormality and asked.

“Get on, together.” The man smiled and nodded. He ordered the person ahead to open the cabin and welcome the pair.

“Go.” The carriage driver swung the whip and shouted. The horned horses moved and sprinted out again.

After getting on, the pair found there was a middle-aged man dressed in black robes who also had a wooden mask. This must be the reading partner of the man. Seeing the two board the carriage, the middle-aged man stilled slightly, a hint of light flashing imperceptibly through his eyes. He lowered his head silently.

“While we are all students of the Imperial School and have fate to meet each other, I usually do not help just anyone. But based on the fact we are all masked people, I want to be friends. I am called Yun Qinghong, you?” The man looked with amusement at Aofeng as though he was very interested in her as he leaned lazily against the window.

The words seemed to be explaining to Aofeng and showed the man’s intelligence. It immediately destroyed the puzzlement she felt towards this unfamiliar man suddenly showing goodwill to her. She thought inside, he has the surname “Yun”! Also, the name Qinghong was a comfortable and ethereal one.

But Lei Yufeng and Aofeng both sweated. They hadn’t imagined that being masked would have such a benefit!

Because of Yun Shitian, Aofeng was unusually sensitive to the “Yun” surname and felt at ease. She said with a smile, “Zhui Yun, I am called Zhui Yun.”

Yun Qinghong stilled, a hint of laughter in his eyes. “Zhui Yun ….? A good name!”

Editor’s note: Yun Shitian is Aofeng’s comrade from the prologue, the other member of the Sky Wind mercenary team.

Translator Ramblings: The “yun” in Yun Shitian, Zhui Yun and Yun Qinghong are all the same, meaning cloud, hence Yun Qinghong making this remark.

Section 4 Chapter 3 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 2


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