傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S05-C02 “A Dog Blocking The Road”

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Last chapter recap: Chi wakes up. Aofeng meets a masked stranger.


Chapter 2 – A Dog Blocking The Road

Yun Qinghong gave off an aura of laziness. He narrowed his deep eyes as though he could see through someone. He had a slightly devious smile that made people stare at his defined lips and be unable to look away. He did not like to sit. He liked to stretch out his legs and put them up. His long fingers would support his head that leaned to one side.

If Lei Yufeng was handsome and free, then he was rebellious and untamed.

“If I remember correctly, the youngest spirit magister of the continent a while ago, the hero of the Neversetting Sun Siege seemed to be called Zhui Yun and looked very similar to you. Is this a coincidence?” Yun Qinghong lazily asked.

Aofeng said, half true and half false, “If I say I am that Zhui Yun, will you believe it?”

The two’s gaze met together, both flashing with light. They smiled in understanding and didn’t discuss more on the topic.

Yun Qinghong’s personality was completely different from Yun Shitian so Aofeng only had a minor suspicion she then gave up on. While his exposed face was pale, this brother’s chest was flat and he had a wide figure. He was a man. No matter how worse off Shitian was, she wouldn’t have been reborn into a man?

He and Lei Yufeng chatted on the road and quickly got together. However, his gaze seemed to imperceptibly linger on Aofeng as though he saw a friend from long ago. Aofeng could feel heat from his gaze, but it was not malicious so she did not care.

The carriage drove at a high speed for two hours and stopped near an enormous plaza.

The four pulled open the curtain and descended the carriage. Loud noise came towards them. The enormous plaza was filled with people, thousands of young people lined up in long lines, each of them curving several times. The recruitment teachers were completely drowned and couldn’t be seen.

From afar, it was possible to see the words “Imperial School of Magisters” in light blue above the gates. It was like a giant dragon that had hibernated for a thousand years yearning to soar into the sky with a powerful and dominating presence.

The best school on Radiance Continent. Just the plaza at the gates could hold fifty thousand people, and the vast buildings that peeked through were magnificent!

The age limit for admission was twenty five. The school took a long time. One could wait until they were fifty to request graduation. After becoming a celestial magister, people’s longevity would double so the time used couldn’t be called long. However, the school only accepted a thousand people each year. The actual conditions were harsh and demanded highly of talent. Most of the people on the plaza were there just to join in on the fun.

Aofeng’s group was dressed strangely and immediately attracted gazes and attention when they descended the carriage.

“These people are so interesting, all wearing masks.” One man blinked in puzzlement and pointed at Aofeng. “Why does that person dress so much like the rumoured Zhui Yun Daren?”

Another person immediately said with disdain, “This kind of dress is especially fashionable recently. Another person delusional trying to become a spirit magister. They think that if they dress like that, they can be a spirit magister?”

“That is true …”

Ignoring those people’s pointing and whsipers, Aofeng frowned. “So many people, how long do we have to line up?”

“No way about it. The recruitment of the Imperial School is always so. Hm, look, there is a short line there, let’s go,” Yun Qinghong shrugged his shoulders and smiled. He suddenly found something and pointed into a remote corner nearby. Because of the many people, a new reporting station appeared there.

“Let’s be quick, the line will grow long soon, let’s take up spots.” Lei Yufeng urged and took the first step, Aofeng and the others following behind.

The four moved together. Surprisingly to Aofeng, Yun Qinghong appeared ill but his steps were not weak. He was not any slower than Lei Yufeng and her. His servant followed closely behind him and was also an expert.

Seeing Yun Qinghong and his fellow easily follow, Lei Yufeng and Aofeng exchanged a look of surprise and then looked at Yun Qinghong. The latter winked at them and smiled deviously.

As Aofeng and the others moved, many students also found that place and ran over. The crowd boiled, green magic flashing through the air, with bursts of inky green power. Many magisters even summoned their magus beasts to hurry towards that spot. Everyone displayed their variety of techniques.

No matter what method those people used, Aofeng”s group was always at the front. They appeared to be walking slowly but they were astoundingly fast. In a short while, they were near that station. If there were no surprises, the four would be the first to arrive.

The old person responsible for that station showed shock. There were even spirit magisters in the crowd behind them, but they were able to stay ahead without even using magic. How strong were they?

The old man narrowed his eyes and thought inside, this year’s new students were amazing!

Just as the four were about to reach the station, an enormous shadow suddenly appeared over their heads. Lei Yufeng and Yun Qinghong’s gazes changed at the same time, and shouted, “Careful above!” The group floated backwards. An enormous thing landed with a boom in front of them, causing the ground to tremble and dust to rise. The loud sound attracted the attention of everyone in the plaza.

Thousands of gazes turned over, and exclamations sounded.

“Heavens, such a big magus beast!”

“Giant dragon! It is a giant dragon! It is a dragonknight!”

“Falling from the sky, so spectacular, why is this dragonknight here, aren’t the court and the school two different entities?”

The imperial court and imperial school were two different entities. While the school had the imperial in front of it, it did not belong to the court. Even though many dragonknights were recruited from the imperial school, once they became dragonknights, they automatically graduated from the school, and were no longer students. Kai Ge was one such example.

“Five-star sacred beast, Lodo giant dragon, has the giant dragon bloodline and is purer than the lizard dragon and the spined earth dragon. It appears this person has significant status in the dragonknights.” Aofeng was examining this enormous being over ten meters long and six meters tall. At the side, Yun Qinghong was explanating to her in that lazy but rich voice. His eyes showed a faint hint of disdain, and a thread of shocking coldness that flashed by.

The feeling of having something drop down above their heads was terrible for experts. Even though they were not hit, it was akin to being ambushed.

The students blocked by the giant dragon had terrible expressions. This enormous animal blocked the path, and stayed there separating them from their hope.

But they didn’t dare to offend a dragonknight that belonged to the imperial court. They could only swallow their anger and wonder why this dragonknight was here.

“dragonknight Lin Lin is here to protect my friend to register. Please give me face, my friend will immediately arrive, and I will leave instantly once she finishes.” Under everyone’s puzzled gaze, the relatively handsome man dressed in light armor who looked in his twenties spoke up loudly. Even so, the man still had a proud expression as though he looked down on everyone.

“Mother, so arrogant!”

“What can we do? dragonknight, he can afford to be proud.”

Aofeng heard many people spit behind her. Even so, no one stood and spoke loudly. The old person at the station sat with his legs crossed without any intent to stop this dragonknight from his actions. As long as they did not openly offend the imperial school, the school would not interfere.

In this world, might as right. These new students couldn’t be considered members of the imperial school. Only one in a thousand would become students.

Other people feared him, but it didn’t mean that Aofeng was afraid of a mere dragonknight.

“Can that be called a dragon?” Aofeng disdainfully glanced over the enormous being and snorted. She said coldly, “Just a dog, and a dog blocking the way.”

Compared to the terrifying figure of the golden dragon, this Lodo giant dragon was like a small dog. This dragon was ten meters in length, and the gold dagon’s one wing alone was ten meters. Only people who were not experienced would be so shocked.

The cold voice was clear. The surrounding people didn’t dare make sounds due to this dragonknight so the words became especially clear.

Dog blocking the way? Hearing the words, the students behind her almost were frightened to death!

Was something wrong with this person’s mind? They dared to say that about a dragonknight’s steed. That was a celestial magister!

“damn, I thought the dragonknight was arrogant enough, here’s one worse.” A brawny man standing behind Aofeng said, his lips jerking.

The thinner man beside him broke out in a sweat. “Who is this boy? Why is he so arrogant!”

The dragonknight, who had been standing majestically on the giant dragon and enjoying the gazes of the crowd, heard the words and his face darkened. He looked angrily towards Aofeng and pointed at her with a lance. He said, “Boy, you dare insult this noble dragonknight? Take that back immediately or I will make you regret it!”

“You qualify to be called a dragonknight?” Aofeng’s eyes flashed, her tone puzzled. Then she said coldly, “If you can be called a dragonknight, then what about my reading partner?”

As she spoke, she pointed calmly at Lei Yufeng.

Lei Yufeng appeared very embarrassed. He scratched his head and chuckled at Lin Lin and the crowd. Then he looked with slight irritation at Aofeng, and said, “Ah, even if it is the truth, don’t praise me so, I will be embarrassed.”

The surrounding people sweated and were shocked by this strangely dressed “master and servant” pair.

Could you insult people like this? Compare a great dragonknight to a minor reading partner? It made it seem like the dragonknight was less than the reading partner, and this reading partner spoke as though this was the truth. Such a shameless person dared to say he was “embarrassed.” This was stunning!

Lin lin had never been insulted so greatly since becoming a dragonknight. His lips trembled in anger, his face purple. He also went into a range, and then a burst of hooves on the ground stopped him.

That was an extremely grand carriage. A middle-aged man with a large sword on his back held the reins in front of the carriage. All the people surrounding the carriage encountered a force that pushed them to the side. The carriage proceeded without obstruction. This was the only carriage that managed to drive here.

The dragonknight Lin Lin saw this carriage and his expression immediately changed. He leapt off the giant dragon and bowed in front of the carriage, saying loudly, “Welcome, Your Highness Princess, this one has been waiting here for a long time.”

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