傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S05-C03 “Old Friends”

Last chapter recap: The trio arrive at school and get into a tiff with a Dragonknight.

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Chapter Three – Old Friends

“Princess, I have reserved a path for you. there is no one here. Please descend the carriage.”

A perfect knightly bow. Lin Lin’s proud smile became extremely harmonious and he did appear to have some gentlemanly aura at the moment. However, his transformation was so sudden and fake that everyone cursed him inside. He had just been so proud and now he was bowing and scraping so “humbly.” They looked down on such a fake person. No one is here? You think we are air?

Even so, the handsome knight on the dragon still had a great effect on many young women. He was around twenty eight, and was already a celestial magister. His talent was good and first class in the country. So when Lin Lin respectfully came in front of the carriage, numerous women looked admiringly at the grand carriage.

What good fortune it was to be pursued by a dragon knight!

The powerful and young dragon knight was the lover of young women’s dreams. Marrying him would make people feel very safe.

The lazy man at the reception raised an eyebrow and then snickered. Attracting members of the imperial family to attend was a matter worthy of pride for the imperial school. The school did not accept people who had official roles at court. But there was nothing against imperial princes and princesses who were not in power.

The word “Princess” also exposed the identity of the carriage owner. In Karroll, there was only one princess that dragon knights would bow their heads to, the young princess of the Kaya Empire, her highness Mo Ling.

The sword master Roth who was yawning at the front of the carriage caused Aofeng to shift her gaze and understand who was in the carriage. Wasn’t this group of people the “personages” she encountered in the City of Neversetting Sun. As expected, they came to the imperial school!

Roth lazily examined Lin Lin. Before he spoke, the door opened with a creak

The person who first jumped out was not a beauty but a young man with a slightly dark gaze. Many of the people anticipating the “beautiful princess” were disappointed.

“Damn, there is nothing to see, I’m not interested in a man!” many people muttered.

That young man who jumped out ignored what other people thought. He stared hard with a dark gaze at the dragon knight, “Lin Lin, you think too much of yourself. With His Excellency Roth protecting us, we do not need your extra actions. Do not think we don’t know your intentions!”

Everyone understood through the youth’s targeted words.

So Lin Lin had not been sent by His Majesty the Emperor, but had run over himself to pursue the princess using all kinds of tactics. After Her Highness the Princess entered the school, he would rarely have a chance to interact with her so he had to come early today so the princess would remember him.

The fourth princess was the pearl of the Kaya Empire Empress. While she was still not of marriageable age, she was the target for all the young noblemen. No matter who the throne would be passed to, the status of a princess would not change. If one married her, they would have climbed onto a great tree.

Lin Lin said proudly, “Yu Fan, you are the one with ambitions. You follow Her Highness from morning till night like a mosquito. You do not let me pursue the princess. Does Her Highness like you?”

Yu Fan heard this and became furious. His face flushed, but he could not answer the question.

His pursuit of Mo Ling was not just a day or two. Almost all the higher levels of the empire knew. It was public knowledge he was unable to move her heart. So when someone exposed his shortcoming in public, it did not feel good.

Yu Fan said hatefully, “Even if Ling’er does not like this young master, she will not like you!”

Lin Lin said, full of confidence in himself, “You cannot say if the princess likes me or not.”

The two started to argue. One was a proud dragon knight, the other the son of a first rank duke of the court. Each had their own support and were not willing to take a step back. The students behind them were in pain. If this continued, when would they be able to register?

Sword master Roth’s laughter broke through the awkward situation. His bright eyes landed on Aofeng nearby. He said slowly, “Princess, an old friend has come. Will you not come out and see?”

Lin Lin thought that Roth was speaking of him and was overjoyed. He thought that he was dressed especially handsomely today. If the princess saw him, she would be attracted`

“Old friend?” A clear and mischievous voice came from the carriage. A curtain lifted from the open door, and showed a bright and beautiful face. Her large eyes seemed to be able to speak and immediately attracted a great crowd of desirous gazes.

This was the fourth princess! Such a beauty. So adorable right now. They could predict she would not be any less once she grew up than her mother, Empress Su Ya, now called the most beautiful of the empire.

Lin Lin saw the adorable Mo Ling as he wanted and waited with pride for her to look towards him. But Mo Ling didn’t even glance in his direction. Her gaze gathered at a certain spot in the crowd. Her beautiful eyes widened, and she gradually showed joy and excitement.

Mo Fan detected Mo Ling’s unusual response and started to look around. When he did, his gaze landed on the cold youth dressed in black robes and he could not look away.

From the carriage, a handsome youth of sixteen or so looked out in curiosity and also showed a smile of joyful surprise.

Some people had calm presences such that they could not be seen within the crowd. Some people had exceptional presence that they could be quickly recognized even when wearing a mask. Aofeng clearly belonged to the latter. The cold presence around her was not one that ordinary people could mimic so Mo Zhu and the others almost immediately recognized her.

“Brother Zhui Yun! Brother Zhui Yun! You really came!”

Mo Ling was like a happy sparrow and cried out loud, her eyes curving as she smiled brightly. She showed two adorable dimples and immediately leapt in Aofeng’s direction.

Seeing an old friend after half a year, Aofeng also had unspeakable emotions. She did not consider how her identity was exposed. She reached out and received Mo Ling who leapt at her, allowing this adorable girl to get a few squeezes in.

“It really is …” Mo Zhu, who was not skilled in expressing his emotions, showed undisguised emotion and gave a beautiful smile when he saw Aofeng.

“Taking attention from this young master again!” Yu Fang spat, his expression displeased. However, the hidden joy still spread. He did not care how enthusiastic Mo Ling was towards Aofeng. He respected Aofeng. As long as it wasn’t that proud dragon knight Lin Lin.

The unexpected development caused the crowd to sink into a brief silence in shock.

“Zhui Yun? Which Zhui Yun?” Lin Lin who had thought nothing of Aofeng finally looked properly at this black robed youth. His gaze showed strong danger and enmity. He had a very bad feeling.

Mo Ling looked back and said, rolling her eyes, “Which Zhui Yun can it be? Brother Zhui Yun and I met at Neversetting Sun, what do you think?”

Met at Neversetting Sun!

Everyone’s eyes widened. Was there a second Zhui Yun of Neversetting Sun? If other people said this, they might not believe it. But this was Her Highness. Would she joke in a situation like this?

The crowd roared!

“The legendary Zhui Yun Daren of the Neversetting Sun siege, the youngest spirit magister of the continent?”

“Damn, it really is him …”

“Zhui Yun Daren came to the imperial school, no wonder there was no recent news!”

Everyone’s shock and exclamations of compliments in addition to Mo Ling’s enthusiasm for Aofeng and her cold treatment of him caused Lin Lin’s mood to drop to the bottom! As a dragon knight, his great self-esteem received a serious attack. He balled his fists. His rage which had been interrupted by Mo Ling’s arrival spread furiously. Lin Lin’s face grew black. His lance pointed towards Aofeng among gasps from the crowd!

“Boy, I do not care who you are! You insulted a dragon knight. I demand recompensation right now. I, Lin Lin, formally challenge you to a duel! You dare accept my challenge?”

Lin Lin looked coldly at Aofeng with his head held up high. So what if this was a master beast tamer? At most, just a spirit magister! This person was too young right now and limited in experience without a wide network of people. The Dragonrider Corps was the pillar of the Kaya Empire and Lin Lin did not fear this person.

“We speak the truth, how is it an insult?” Facing the sharp lance, Aofeng snorted coldly and turned to say to Lei Yufeng, “Do you mind telling him what a true dragon knight is?”

Facing this kind of person, the best solution was to hit him at his proudest place and guarantee he would not be able to stand up again. Since her identity was publicized already, then she would be arrogant to the end!

“Haha, of course I do not object. Since this fellow doesn’t believe us, we need to give him a ‘deep understanding’.” Lei Yufeng laughed and took two steps forward. His gaze was frosty as his large hand grabbed the tip of the lance in a flash. “It is not a good habit to point at other people with weapons casually. If you want to fight Zhui Yun, first pass me, the reading partner.”

Lin Lin was stunned by Lei Yufeng’s sudden blow. His intuition as an expert told him this was not good. He gathered strength and wanted to take back his lance. But Lei Yufeng whipped and threw him out into the air along with the lance, catching him off-guard!

An expert!

Lin Lin was in celestial rank, and after this first exchange, he felt Lei Yufeng’s power. His expression was spectacular in shock. He had never dreamt that this strangely attired man was an expert that rivaled him. All of the things he said before hadn’t just been self-praise.

Yet at this step, his dignity as a dragon knight did not allow him to retreat!

Lin Lin flew back to his giant dragon in the sky with a black expression. He shouted down, “Brat, even if you are an expert, the giant dragon is not a being that ordinary magus beasts can defeat!”

“You want to compare giant dragons with me? Haha, did you forget who Zhui Yun is?” Lei Yufeng stared at him in surprise and then laughed. His feet left the ground as his shout reached Lin Lin’s ear. “Today, I will let you see what a true giant dragon is!”

Silver light flashed. In the air, an enormous figure that obscured the sky opened terrifyingly enormous wings without any caution.

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