Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 59 “Reassured”

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Chapter Fifty-Nine: Reassured

Spring arrived.

The Qin Dynasty stopped deliberately concealing the movements of its army. In reality, the war between the Qin Dynasty and the Chu Dynasty had started already.

“You will not convince people to not have Zhao Mo lead.”

In the Chu imperial palace, Consort Zhao Xiang sat and looked at Lin Zhujiu in front of her. She said, “I understand the rear is more important than the front line. But he is a talent most suitable for leading the army. The power of millions in the army, the power of the country cannot be handed into the hands of other people, much less let you lead.”

Lin Zhujiu did not look like back when he was in prison. He wore indigo robes now and was clean and refreshing.

“Of course we will not lead the army.” He looked at Consort Zhao Xiang and smiled slightly. “Because you will lead the army.”

Consort Zhao Xiang stilled and then frowned. “Let me lead, and have Zhao Mo stabilize the rear. But before the Gold Flame Dagger Army returns, based on your plan, there will be many defeats. The military spirit will not be stable and there will be more chaos.”

Lin Zhujiu said, “Regardless of the process, as long as you make a major victory by leading personally in a decisive battle, you will have unrivaled authority.”

Consort Zhao Xiang considered and said, “If so, then how about we do it more thoroughly.”

Lin Zhujiu looked curiously at her. “I do not understand what more thoroughly means.”

Consort Zhao Xiang said, “If it is very likely for some defeats, then have the people who oppose us appear in those battles.”

Lin Zhujiu stilled and then sighed. “It is undeniable that women are more decisive than men in doing things.”

“Do not let me lead, have me stay in the rear to help her kill, why?”

In a tent in a military camp of the Chu Dynasty, a general in black armor sneered. “Even if I agree and am reassured, will other people be assured?”

This general who was tall and thin, with good looking brows, was Zhao Mo, publicly recognized in the Chu Dynasty for being the best at fighting and leading armies. His family name was Zhao, but he was born in Yuanyang Commandery of the Chu Dynasty, and he had no relation to Consort Zhao Xiang.

In many years, he had been the source of confidence for many top generals in the Chu Dynasty. From a certain point of view, Consort Zhao Xiang needed his agreement for her orders. Now, he was clearly unwilling.

But when facing his confidants and sneering, he sensed a familiar presence come close. He was shocked, and he put away his smile. He stood and bowed to the person who lifted the tent flap, saying, “Teacher.”

This was a very old man whose hair was white.

Seeing this old person appear, the high ranking generals in the tent were shocked speechless.

The main reason Zhao Mo quickly entered the top ranks of the capital was because he was the best disciple of the Chu military’s “Military God” Li Fu.

This old person was Li Fu, who had retired for many years.

To their shock, this old man was not wearing ordinary clothing, but heavy armor.

“Teacher, if you lead the army, this student will be convinced.”

“I will not lead the front lines, I will stay behind at the rear and help you kill people.”


Hearing the unexpected answer, Zhao Mo suddenly looked up in confusion at his student.

Li Fu grinned at him, as rough as when he used to be in the army. “Why why?”

Zhao Mo hesitated slightly and then straightened, not concealing anything. “This disciple is worried.”

“Not about victory and defeat on the battlefield … the people of the Ba Mountain Sword Field were once the best people in the world at war,” he said, looking at Li Fu’s eyes and not waiting for the other to speak. “But the Chu right now, whose Chu is it?”

Li Fu looked at his best student and slowly his smile faded. He reprimanded simply, “Stupid!”

Zhao Mo stilled.

The generals in the tent stilled.

“Even you know her relationship to the Ba Mountain Sword Field, and in a certain way, counts as someone from Ba Mountain Sword Field, did the previous emperor not know?” Li Fu looked at Zhao Mo like he was an idiot. His voice was chilly. “Even now, you do not understand. The previous emperor passed the throne to Li Lingjun, was it because he believed Li Lingjun or Consort Zhao Xiang?”

Zhao Mo shook and could not speak.

“Since the previous emperor had no worries giving the Chu to her, what do you have to worry about?”

Li Fu sneered and said, “No woman in the world could seduce the previous emperor. What could reassure the previous emperor is only true love.”

“The previous emperor loved her, and she also loved the previous emperor. Only the truest feelings in the world could make the previous emperor put her in that kind of position. And not her birth, her cultivation, her power.”

Li Fu narrowed his eyes, looking at Zhao Mo and said slowly, “She would pay more for the previous emperor and this dynasty than you, so you do … not have to worry.”

“There was only ever forcing good women to be prostitutes, not forcing people to lead and fight!”

“I only know to admire fishes and flowers, shop in the streets and alleys, being idle is my greatest ability.”

“I want to see Consort Zhao Xiang!”

“Demon Consort … you dare treat me like this!”

In a courtyard surrounded by soldiers, shouts came, and gradually turned to shrill screams.

A fat middle-aged man in brocades was surrounded by a dozen flying swords, his white face covered in marks and wounds as he screamed.

“Stop shouting.”

A cool voice sounded in the hall.

The fat middle-aged man suddenly stopped. His eyes widened and he looked with joy at Zhao Mo who appeared in front of him. “Zhao Mo, it is good you came, help me …”

“I will not help you.”

Zhao Mo shook his head and interrupted. “You are not the only one going to the borders. Many people in the capital like you will also go.”

“What does this mean?”

The fat middle-aged man was stunned. He realized, and was furious, shouting, “Zhao Mo, you bow to the dress of the Demon Consort Zhao.”

Zhao Mo turned and ignored him.

The fat middle-aged man was more furious and cursed. “Zhao Mo, your mother is a servant, the demon consort’s mother is a prostitute from a brothel, no wonder you are together.”

“Kill him,” Zhao Mo said.

At his words, a high ranking general next to him turned around.

With a soft hiss, a mark appeared on the neck of the fat middle-aged man. The man stopped making sounds. He reached up, wanting to touch his neck, but he had lost all his power and could not touch at all.

“How can you … you dare to kill me…”

The fat middle-aged man stared at Zhao Mo with wide eyes. His throat gurgled and his head fell down.

“The more harsh the starting measures, the more the public is convinced. But as the example being made of to others, you are not self-aware.”

Zhao Mo did not turn around, just looked at the general next to him and said softly, “Just kill anyone who makes unusual movements.”

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