Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 58 “Peace Inside”

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Chapter Fifty-Eight: Peace Inside

Zheng Husha hung his head, his legs gradually were not able to hold his weight, and he slowly knelt on the ground. The thin and small sword had passed through his heart. Regardless of the cultivation of the cultivator, they should have died by now.

But Zheng Husha had not died yet. When the street was completely quiet, and all the turbulence of the primal energies of the universe settled, and the rain came here, he was still not dead.

This battle had disturbed countless people, but when the battle finished, no one dared to walk into the alley. This battle had disturbed countless people, but when the battle finished, no one dared to walk into the alley.

The rain water washed away the blood. The blood from the headless corpse he was facing was washed away, the flesh becoming as pale as catkins.

Finally, the sound of footsteps came from the silent alley. A yellow umbrella moved around the headless corpse and floated over.

There was a child in yellow robes holding the umbrella, and blocking the rain for a very old man. This old man had been the one that seemed to have jumped from the sky, but was flung away by Zheng Husha.

At this time, he did not have his previous power, and his spirits were low. He was coughing, covering his mouth with a handkerchief. As he coughed, there was bloody foam that came out between his lips like he was a person with a lung disease.

“Do you not feel it hard holding your breath to not die?” the old man walked to a position where Zheng Husha with his bowed head could see the tips of his feet, and said softly with a hit of real emotion.

“It is hard.” Zheng Husha could not raise his head. He looked at the tips of the old man’s feet, and said with slight bitterness, “But Fourth Uncle, if some things are not said, I will die with my eyes wide open.”

The old man was silent for a few moments. “In Changling, there are many people who die with their eyes open, and you are not the only one. You should know, I am here to talk to you because I know you restrained yourself when you attacked me.”

“But other than that, we are also of the same family. You are the person in charge, and the person I followed for a long time in my childhood.” The light in Zheng Husha’s eyes dimmed. “Zheng Xiu made a clever set up, just wasting the life of two cultivators to form this killing situation. And she controlled the sword right at the time that you distracted me. If I did not see that you were the one attacking, I would not have been so shocked, and I would not have been a beat slow to sense her sword.”

The yellow-robed old man’s brow furrowed, and he bowed his head, saying, “You speak the truth. I admit that it was a trick, and not very honorable.”

Zheng Husha did not care for his words, and then said, “Zheng Xiu was able to use such a sword, she must have finally received the Heaven Replenishing Divine Art… but Fourth Uncle, you must know, no matter what, I never wanted to kill her.”

The yellow-robed old man was silent for a moment, and then said, “You are too strong. If you do not die, if you do not agree to many things, then they cannot succeed.”

Zheng Husha did not argue, and struggled to say in a soft voice, “But I am dead, Zheng Bainiao and Zheng Jingcheng are dead. This is the result that you wanted to see? The powerful Jiaodong Commandery has become weak.”

The yellow-robed old man shook his head. This time, he did not hesitate, his expression firm and certain.

“Jiaodong Commandery did not become weak, and will be stronger.” He looked at Zheng Husha, and said, “There are two choices to truly connect Zheng Xiu and Jiaodong Commandery. One is your choice, and the other is our choice. Merge the power of Jiaodong Commandery with her will, and work together at the same place. Even more importantly, we think differently from you. We think she will be stronger than you.”

After a pause, he said, “After today, there will not be Zheng Xiu and Jiaodong Commandery, just Zheng Xiu.”

“Such a group of madmen.” Zheng Husha laughed. “She is mad, and you are mad. If in the end, you are all dead, and she is the only one to enjoy all this, you do not care?”

The yellow-robed man nodded, and answered seriously, “Those who wish to accomplish great things are all slightly mad.”

“From a certain view, Jiaodong Commandery suffered the loss of many powerful cultivators this time, but all of our power has come together. There will be no other opinions. This is the strongest Jiaodong Commandery has ever been.”

He looked at Zheng Husha whose last breath finally faded away, blood oozed out of his nose and mouth, and nodded in salute.

“You are finally dead. Dead at my hands, the person you taught. You should not be angry, but proud.”

In the quiet imperial palace, the empress Zheng Xiu who had been standing in front of the spirit spring all this time spoke slowly to herself as Zheng Husha’s presence faded in the distant streets. Her expression was still cold, but her eyes were full of color. This color was due to true joy.

Ever since she started to cultivate, there had been countless shadows above her head. These shadows planned out her life, above her will. The people that cast the shadows destroyed all the things that they were not willing to see.

Only after she entered Changling and became the empress did the shadows lessen. But because Zheng Husha had greater cultivation than her, he had speaking power in Jiaodong Commandery, and was the largest shadow hanging over her head.

Now, even the last shadow had disappeared.

Starting today, she was Jiaodong Commandery, and Jiaodong Commandery was her. Her will was Jiaodong Commandery’s will!

Huang Zhenwei stood at the highest point of the turret, and watched Zheng Husha die from a distance. Those cold faced soldiers had watched the entire process with him.

Other than the new power who stopped Zheng Bainiao from killing Shen Xuan, there were no more new powers in Changling. Zheng Husha’s death was a result of a family change.

Such a powerful cultivator was killed on the street at such a low cost. All those who saw this and learned it was a family matter would think not that Jiaodong Commandery had been weakened, but that the mistress of Changling was so powerful.

This was her display of power. She once again reminded people how cold and powerful she was.

Huang Zhenwei knew that in the past winter, she had suffered many blows, but no one had seen her react to attack back. Some people even thought that other than useless madness, she had no ability to fight back. But her counter attack had already started.

First gain peace within. Before the spring war started, she took complete control of Jiaodong Commandery.

Huang Zhenwei maintained his silence, but his breathing unconsciously grew disordered.

He seemed to sense a giant beast break free of its cage.

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  1. It would be so great if Zheng Xiu was the mc and this will be her rise to power where she first used and betrayed her lover wang(forgot his name) to get the empress position and in the final she overthrows the emperor and becomes the sole ruler or empress dowager.

    1. She’s not sympathetic enough. A story about a power hungry woman who betrays all to get ultimate power … usually as the anti-hero, they do not get good endings. It would be better if Wang Jingmeng and Yuanwu both were bad to her, but right now, both are in fact very good to her.

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