傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S05-C04 “This Reading Partner Is Too Powerful”

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Last chapter recap: Zhui Yun’s public reunion with the Snowstorm Mercenaries. Things get heated with Lin Lin.


Chapter 4 – This Reading Partner Is Too Powerful

An enormous being floated above the plaza filled with sixty thousand people. The shadow covered half of the sky and the sun, and gave a great shock to countless youths.

Originally, this incident had been contained around Aofeng in a circle of around a thousand people. The students in the distance had been talking, ignorant of what was happening. But once the battle spread into the sky, everyone in the plaza could see clearly.

The pairs of eyes gathered in the sky. Even some of the students in the school looked up in shock and pointed.

“Giant dragon … golden giant dragon …” The old man at reception saw this scene. He immediately became energized and jumped up as though a needle had been poked into his behind. He had a spectacular expression.

The terrifying presence of a divine beast caused the magus beasts that the students had summoned out to fall down as their limbs trembled. While Lei Yufeng wore a mask, his healthy and carefree figure was much more handsome than Lin Lin. In this moment, he replaced the Dragon Knight as the focus of attention.

Before the crowd could start to exclaim in shock, the next action of the enormous magus beast caused them to swallow all their shouts!

Candia opend his eyes that were larger than people’s heads and looked around dazedly. He looked around in confusion and blew white gas out of his nose. “Mmmph, Master, what did you call out this noble giant dragon for? I was just sleeping fine. Do not disrupt my beautiful dreams.”

As he spoke, the giant dragon lifted his neck proudly, looking as though he was in a temper at being woken up.

“Talk-talking …” A new student took a step back in fear and collided with another person who was gaping. The two fell to the ground and then screamed.

“Ah! Divine beast! I saw a divine beast!”

The gasps and screams spread through the entire plaza. Many students were excited at seeing a battle of such a level on the day that school started. The Dragon Knight’s previous actions had caused public anger, and many people started to cheer fearlessly for Lei Yufeng.

“Damn, a celestial magister with a divine beast golden giant dragon, this reading partner is too strong!”

“Gold giant Dragon Knight, damn, this is a true giant Dragon Knight!”

“What reading partner, he clearly is Zhui Yun Daren‘s follower!”

“Zhui Yun Daren must have tamed this golden giant dragon! He’s a master beast tamer!”

The students looked at Aofeng with completely transformed gazes. The words Aofeng had previously said turned from arrogant into logical.

A master beast tamer who could tame divine beasts only needed to speak for large numbers of people to go kill for them. If Aofeng wasn’t so young and did not have a developed network, even the Dragon Knight corps would have to move aside!

Many of the admissions teachers who came over were stunned. They had recruited a master beast tamer. Could there be such free blessings from the heavens!

“Brother Zhui Yun, this brother is also very strong!” Mo Ling’s eyes were filled with stars. She grabbed one of Aofeng’s arms as she shouted and jumped in excitement. In reality, she and Mo Ling had seen Lei Yufeng before. However, Lei Yufeng had changed greatly in the years away from home and was wearing a mask so no one recognized him.

“A nine-star divine beast, golden giant dragon, see, this is his true power …” Yun Qinghong’s lazy gaze finally changed slightly. He glanced at the middle-aged man behind him. The man’s eyes were filled with shock. Originally, he had seemed disdainful of the pair on the trip here, but now there was the light of respect.

Lei Yufeng laughed in the sky. He pointed at Lin Lin and his Luff Giant Dragon, saying, “Not that I wanted to wake you. That brother over there also has a noble giant dragon as a steed and looks down at you, saying that he is not something you can match. If you are not willing to chat with him, I will return you.”

“What? They dare to look down on this noble golden giant dragon?” Candia’s murderousness rose several levels immediately as though someone stepped on his tail. He looked over in anger, “A little luff worm who doesn’t even have pure branch dragon blood qualifies as a giant dragon? You are too arrogant! This noble giant dragon will flatten you!”

Lin Lin almost choked to death. This beast was clearly more arrogant than he was!

“There’s no need to flatten him, it would not be good if you killed.” Lei Yufeng said “generously,” “Just breathe a ‘little’ bit of ‘dragon’s breath’ at them to show your pure dragon bloodline?”

“Right, yes yes, this is a good idea, as expected of the master of Candia,” the golden giant dragon nodded repeatedly.

Ordinary giant dragons could not breath the dragon’s breath, not even Kai Ge’s silver dragon and the komodo dragons. Giant dragons with pure bloodlines were divine beasts at birth, and being able to use the dragon’s breath was their natural advantage.

At such words, the listeners all sweated. A “tiny” bit of dragon’s breath? Do you want people to live? The breath of dragons was the most terrifying move of a giant dragon. It could melt even the armor of celestial rank magisters. Using the dragon’s breath was to kill or cripple the enemy! This fellow looked quite docile but his personality was as strong as his strength.

“Do not! I … I … I admit …” Lin Lin finally could not persist any longer and wanted to admit his defeat in panic. But before he finished speaking, the hot dragon’s breath of Candia already reached him.


Lin Lin had not expected Lei Yufeng and Candia to attack on a word. He only had the time to order the luff giant dragon to armorize to shield. He gave off a horrific scream and fell from the sky. He gave off terrifying black smoke and was singed all over. His relatively handsome face was burned and disfigured.

Burning a Dragon Knight in the capital of the Kaya Empire was a great fright!

“He … he really killed Lin Lin!” Yu Fan looked in shock at this scene. They were not low in status, but he would not dare do such a beastly thing. Even if one had the strength, they had to consider the consequences of provoking the Dragon Knights.

“Uh-oh, you are in trouble. That Lin Lin is the younger brother of the main captain of the Dragon Knights. The Dragon Knights patrolling this area will quickly discover him.” Mo Zhu jumped off the carriages worriedly and said as he ran to Aofeng.

“So what? I will fight anyone who points at Zhui Yun with a weapon regardless of who they are,” Lei Yufeng said hatefully. He put away Candia and flew to the ground. He was truly angered when Lin Lin pointed at Aofeng with his lance causing him to be more vicious than usual.

As he finished speaking, another enormous being quickly flew over in the sky. This was a spined earth dragon with a middle-aged man holding a lance on its back. He may have come over due to the power vibrations in this area. When he came close, his eyes almost popped out of his head.

“Heavens, Your Excellency Lin Lin! This … this …” The man who had been burnt black was unrecognizable from his face, but his lance and name tag as a Dragon Knight had not been damaged. The man recognized Lin Lin from those items that had fallen beside the unconscious Lin Lin.

“Who dares wound a Dragon Knight? Come out!” The middle-aged man’s angry shout echoed in the plaza. No one in the Kaya Empire had dared to challenge the dignity of the Dragon Knights for centuries. Today, someone stepped hard on it. As a member of the Dragon Knights, how could he not be angry?

Everyone felt their hearts shudder and looked worried at Aofeng. This was the capital of Kaya. It was not wise to oppose the Dragon Knights at this place.

“Me!” Aofeng took a step forward. She grabbed Lei Yufeng’s shoulder and said before him, “I had my reading partner wound him.”

“No, the person …” Lei Yufeng frowned and said urgently. Before he could say the rest, Aofeng glared at him. He was moved, and knew that Aofeng was taking responsibility for this matter alone to avoid any divide between the court and the Dragon Knights in the future when his identity was leaked.

“Your … reading partner? What joke is this!” The man had an incredulous expression as he said angrily.

“So laughable. Does Zhui Yun need to joke?” Yun Qinghong’s lazy laughed sounded as he stared disdainfully at the middle-aged man.

“Zhui Yun?” The middle-aged Dragon Knight jumped in fright at this name which had been too famous recently. One could not avoid knowing. But hadn’t that Zhui Yun vanished without a trace. Why did he suddenly appear here?

He doubted the truth of the boy’s words. But looking at the fearful expression of the surrounding people and the lack of opposing voices, he had to temporarily believe this truth.

The middle-aged man immediately felt a headache. A master beast tamer. Even if the Dragon Knights had the advantage in the capital, he did not dare to use force. He could only say, “If that is so, then please come with me. A Dragon Knight has been injured. I patrol this area and must explain to the corps. I guarantee we will not harm you.”

“And if I say no?” Aofeng asked coldly. “Apologies, I’ve never had the habit of casually going with someone.”

The middle-aged man was stunned. His pride as a Dragon Knight could not let him accept being spoken to by a teenager in this manner. He changed tones and said coldly with a frown, “Maybe I cannot take you by myself. But you should know of the consequences. No one has a good outcome after opposing the entire Dragon Knight corps in Karroll!”

“If I am the one to say no?”

At this time, a warm and gentle voice like a spring sounded clearly. The voice was filled with unquestionable authority and came from the main gates of the Imperial School.

A handsome man dressed in long sky-blue robes slowly walked over from the main gates. His shoulder-length hair danced in the wind, his blue eyes were like the vast ocean. The color was so attractive that many people saw this blue-eyed man immediately at a glance and gave sighs of astonishment.

“Headmaster!” Many teachers hurriedly bowed.

“Headmaster? Isn’t that the strongest of the empire, His Excellency Lan Xiu?”

“It really is His Excellency Lan Xiu! Heavens, so handsome …”

The crowd boiled over again. Many people had come to the Imperial School to see Headmaster Lan Xiu once. In their eyes, Lan Xiu was divine, and countless young people revered him.

“Your Excellency Lan Xiu?” The Dragon Knight changed expression and said seriously, “We respect you. However Zhui Yun cannot be considered a student of the Imperial School. Could you give us face? This matter relates to the young brother of the captain, I fear …”

“No need to speak. No matter what, I will defend this person.” Lan Xiu smiled, a gentle gaze focused on Aofeng. “Because even before this, this person is my student, my only student.”

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Chapter 3 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Section 6 Chapter 1


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