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Last chapter recap: Lin Lin gets hip checked into the ground by the giant hockey dragon, Aofeng quarrels with the next dragonknight and Lan Xiu shows up.


Section 6: Battle Between Celestial Rank Students

Chapter 1 – I Want to be Your Knight


An ordinary world which stunned a great group of people.

Ordinary students were nothing, but that extra word made the meaning completely different. Principal Lan Xiu’s student and ordinary students were completely different!

Everyone held their breath and looked on with heated gazes.

They had never heard that the strongest of the Kaya Empire, Lan Xiu, had a student. Many people who came to learn under him had been refused. People couldn’t help but be shocked at a very young student suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

“A student of Principal Lan Xiu?” Mo Zhu and the others felt they almost couldn’t breath. Roth leaned against the carriage door, narrowed his eyes, and shook his head with a grimace. This boy had many different opportunities and was growing more freakish. He didn’t know how strong the other would grow. He even felt that the other would not be any weaker than him.

“Damn, he gets everything good!” Yu Fan glared at Aofeng. The youngest spirit magister of the continent, a master beast tamer and Principal Lan Xiu’s student. Could he be any more freakish?

“This …” The middle-aged man was dumbfounded. Lan Xiu, with his status, would not lie and wanted to protect this person under the pressure of the Dragon Knights. The importance of this “student” to him could be imagined. No wonder this Zhui Yun was such a freak! So this was Lan Xiu’s student. Perhaps only a ferocious teacher could produce the youngest spirit magister on the continent?

The middle-aged man was extremely dispirited. His Excellency Lin Lin was really good at making trouble. Randomly making trouble and offending a student of Principal Lan Xiu. Would he be able to take the other away?

The answer was definitely not. No one would be able to take this person away under His Excellency Lan Xiu’s eyes. Even if Lan Xiu was absent, no one would dare do anything knowing this was Lan Xiu’s student, not to mention this person was a master beast tamer. The middle-aged Dragon Knight could only angrily pick up Lin Lin who was on his last breaths. He said a few polite words and flew away on the spined earth dragon’s back.

On the plaza, the crowd had cheered and clapped at Lan Xiu’s arrival. Seeing Lan Xiu scare away the Dragon Knight, their respect for Lan Xiu went up another level.

So what if he was a Dragon Knight? Didn’t he have to move aside in front of our principal? Those were the thoughts of many students.

Many people also looked revently at Aofeng. The youngest spirit magister on the continent, a master beast tamer, Principal Lan Xiu’s student. These three halos were so bright! Soon, the name “Zhui Yun” would become one that everyone would know …

“Finish your admission paperwork, and settle down. When everything is done, come quickly to find me.” Lan Xiu smiled warmly at Aofeng. As the principal, he could not be too partial to Aofeng in matters of the school, and the procedures would be as usual.

At present, not many teachers would dare show discontent towards Aofeng. Principal Lan Xiu’s only student. Other than the Battle Hall of the school, who else could compare to this person in the Imperial School in terms of status?

Lan Xiu had not changed at all since their separation in Qin City. Aofeng had grown stronger, and fiercer like an unsheathed sword. Lan Xiu could sense Aofeng had grown greatly and felt very gratified.

Aofeng was also very happy to see him. She nodded and watched as Lan Xiu went back inside the gates of the school before finally reaching the registration desk.

The teacher receiving her had a wonderful attitude, his eyes full of excitement. After a simple test and paperwork, the group entered the campus together.

The old Imperial School was a small city just like the Qin family base. The students usually resided here all year and rarely left. Aofeng, Lei Yufeng, Yun Qinghong, Mo Zhu and the others walked along a remote path surrounded by trees and chatted about their experiences after parting.

“I was wondering what great illness Father-Emperor had. We came back and found it was just a normal cold. Father-Emperor is really something. He should just say he misses Mother-Empress. Why did he have to make everyone nervous and fool us into coming back?” Mo Ling’er chatted like a sparrow around Aofeng and said, “We couldn’t go adventure with you and even missed the magic beast siege. Hee hee, we heard that the siege of Neversetting Sun City was thrilling!”

“Yes, we are all proud of knowing Zhui Yun,” Mo Zhu said from the side. His head was low as he stole glances at Aofeng. His handsome face blushed slightly in excitement at this reunion.

“There is not much in missing the adventure. I kept something good for you,” Aofeng laughed softly. Her right hand waved, and a bright red fruit appeared in her hand. The bright color reflected in the different pairs of eyes. Mo Zhu stilled and then looked over in shock, his eyes filled with disbelief.

“This… this is …” Everyone was stunned. They all guessed what this was, but they would not believe it until it was said.

“This is the fire dragon fruit.” Aofeng confirmed everyone’s thoughts and shoved it into Mo Zhu’s hand. “We obtained three at the time. I used one, the Crimson Forge mercenaries with me got one, and so one was left.”

“Zhui Yun, I just mentioned it once, and you remembered …” Mo Zhu stared dazedly at the fruit in his hand. His eyes grew warm and wet. The fire dragon fruit was something priceless on the market, an item with no supply. Each year, there would only be a few that came out of the forest of Neversetting Sun. Even in the eyes of the court members, this was very valuable.

What moved Mo Zhu was not the value of this item but that the other had remembered something he had just casually mentioned and didn’t have high hopes for. While the other spoke of it easily, Mo Zhu could imagine the danger at the time. This was common knowledge that guardian sacred beasts lived around the spirit fruit, especially when there were three.

Zhui Yun always looked cold and aloof but never missed what was truly important.

“Zhui Yun,” Mo Zhu hung his head slightly and peeked at Aofeng. He whispered, “That … Zhui Yun, may … may I also be your knight?”

When Mo Zhu said this, he seemed to be given bravery by a magical kind of power. His handsome face flushed red, but he kept his head high. His clear gaze focused with determination on Aofeng’s face.

Everyone stilled, and they were all amazed.

His Highness Mo Zhu was an imperial prince! Was he mad? He would not live as a prince, and go become someone else’s knight for a mere fire dragon fruit?

“Hey, boy, do not be too impulsive. You think it is easy being a knight of this freak?” Lei Yufeng feared other people stealing his position and hurriedly said, “You will be stunned to death sooner or later if you are with this freak. Brother, I do not have an easy time.”

“I am not afraid,” Mo Zhu continued to keep his head high and murmured, “I … I also want to be your knight. I do not fear any obstacle. Zhui Yun, will you let me become your knight?”

Yun Qinghong, who had been lazily looking into the distance, seemed to think of something and came over as well. “Count me in as well. Being Zhui Yun’s knight is a peerless honor.”

“Is this good? Not good! We are friends. Do not mention the matter of knights.” Aofeng scolded coldly. What was wrong with these men, all of them wanting to be knights? Did they all want to die alone when they were old?

The men did not speak again but their determined gazes did not change at all. Lei Yufeng was smiling freely. Yun Qinghong lazily curved his lips. Mo Zhu lightly caressed the fire dragon fruit he held, and his thoughts grew more determined.

”Even though I am not strong enough now, I will grow stronger, do my best to grow, until I can stand by your side!”

The youth said to himself. He put away the crimson fruit. The dormitories were close by.

“We are here!” Mo Ling and Yu Fang pointed in excitement and said.

Campus life …

Aofeng suddenly felt relaxed. She had not experienced this feeling for a long time. With so many friends around her, and the protection of Teacher Lan Xiu, she did not need to worry about anything and could enjoy this joyful time.

“4010! 4012!” The group rushed hurriedly into the dormitories.

The depressed middle-aged knight was riding his giant dragon and flying quickly towards the Dragon Knights’ base. When he came to a slightly remote mountain, he suddenly found that his body felt exponentially heavier in an instant. The human, the dragon, and the burnt person fell heavily from the sky with cries of surprise!

The middle-aged Dragon Knight was shocked. He had not expected a situation like this and hurriedly climbed up. In the next moment, he was stunned by the eerie surroundings.

The uninhabited mountain under his feet just a moment ago had disappeared without a trace. He was in an eerie purple space, misty and endless. He was like a boat thrown ruthlessly abandoned in the ocean.

“What … what is going on?” The Dragon Knight felt his hairs stand up. He knew he encountered an expert. He forced himself to calm and bowed to the surroundings, “Which elder has set a trap here? This one is a Dragon Knight of the Kaya Empire and accidentally passed this place. Elder, please forgive this one if this one has disturbed you.”

His voice echoed eeriely in the hazy sky.

After a while, there was a ripple in the air. An eerie and beautiful man with purple hair and purple eyes suddenly appeared after the ripple. The other looked at him with a disdainful smile and said lazily, “You offended someone you should not have. You think you can leave? This goes against my master’s style. Boy, you must die today!”

The Dragon Knight felt cold at the man’s appearance. Such attire. At least it was a divine beast armorization?

“Who are you? Why are you at odds with the Dragon Knights? Do you not fear the Dragon Knights?”

“Hahaha! Dragon Knights?” The purple haired man seemed to hear the best joke in the world. He said disdainfully, “You really think animals like you can be called dragons? I will let you die with understanding!”

The man suddenly changed as he finished speaking. The purple haired man became a ball of eerie purple energy. In a few blinks of the eyes, the light grew to a terrifying size. The spined earth dragon was an ant in comparison to him, not to mention the middle-aged Dragon Knight.

Heavens! What was this?

The pale middle-aged man looked in terror at the enormous being who was several times larger than the Candia giant dragon. He didn’t even have the energy to move a finger.

Editor’s ramblings: Add two more to the harem. Mo Zhu is unsurprising, since he fell in love way back in 01-05-03, but Yun Qinghong is, considering they met just a few chapters ago.

Translator Ramblings: I find this knighthood thing not very accurate to the historical concept, since they can apparently swear to anyone … but this is the term the author used so … I’ll keep using it.

Section 5 Chapter 4 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 2


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