傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S06-C02 “The Hostility of the Geniuses”

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Last chapter recap: Mo Zhu and Yun Qinghong apply to join Aofeng’s harem. Nameless Dragon Knight gets ganked by a powerful magic beast.


Chapter 2 – The Hostility of the Geniuses

This purple haired man was not human!

“A human formed magic beast, an adult super-divine beast …” The middle-aged Dragon Knight felt that his mind could not comprehend this. He did not understand how he had offended such a terrifying enemy.

An enormous being looked down coolly at him from within this endless purple realm. Its gaze seemed to be looking at an ant on the ground as though it could easily kill a celestial magister.

This was a dragon!

The dragon was dark purple, and had complicated black lightning patterns all over its body. This was the sign of a dark type magic beast. Nine thick dragon heads separated from the center of its body. The purple scales were as sharp as blades, and gave off an intimidating light. The dragon had wings and its figure was not swollen like the giant dragons, but long and elegant like an eastern dragon. Its presence pressed in all directions. The spined earth dragon didn’t even dare raise its head.

“Super-divine beast?” The biggest head of the nine-headed purple dragon rose up. It smirked coldly. “Human, do not compare the minuscule super-divine beast with the Purple Dragon King of the Nether Realm. A super-divine beast is the highest existence in your eyes, but nothing in our eyes!”

The middle-aged Dragon Knight opened his mouth, wanting to say something. However, he was met with a cold and purple gust of dragon breath!

“No, ah! … …” His terrified voice echoed in the purple space. The man only had time to leave his last cry. “Why?”

The icy dragon breath immediately broke him down. The two men and the dragon turned to dust. A gust of wind blew through the space, and no more traces remained. As the signs of life disappeared, the purple realm dissipated. The eerily handsome purple haired man landed on the mountain peak and said coolly, “When you reincarnate, remember to not fly over my master’s head!”

Pausing, the purple dragon said, “Also, do not order around the woman my master cares about.”

Having said this, he felt the two unlucky men would not be able to hear this. The purple dragon shrugged his soldiers. His figure disappeared into the air…

The morning in the Imperial Magister School was beautiful. The bright sunlight edged this ancient school in gold.

The spirited students were like the rising sun, talking and smiling with the people they passed by. The new students were especially excited after a night in the dormitories. Many people didn’t sleep well and came to the cafeteria with bags under their eyes.

A grand structure stood at the end of an old wooded path. Many students praised the campus environment as they walked over. They stopped when they saw the young men in front of them.

A youth dressed in black robes who wore a clean white mask walked at the front of a group coming out of the cafeteria. The youth ignored the large group of admiring students and was talking casually with a man wearing a wood mask and dressed in refined black armor.

The students became excited and conversed heatedly.

“It’s Zhui Yun Daren!”

“Which Zhui Yun? Principal Lan Xiu’s student? The one called the youngest spirit magister of the continent, and also a master beast tamer?”

“How many are there, just this one! I am so envious. Even the reading partner is so powerful. Look, look, that is the celestial magister reading partner. He looks young from the exposed half of his face. He easily defeated a Dragon Knight. Such a man.”

The campus was like this. Many things would spread quickly. After a night, the events that occurred yesterday at the campus gates reached everyone’s ears. Aofeng became a celebrity of the campus.

There was no way around it. Any of her statuses would create a furor if publicized. When they all gathered on her, the glory almost turned her into a deity.

People pointed constantly. The discussion buzzed like mosquitoes around her. Aofeng raised her eyebrows slightly. She glanced around coldly. Really, this was just the first day of school, and she created such a sensation already. Her name had spread among the senior students.

She could not blame the news for spreading quickly. Each year, the Imperial School’s admissions was busy. They had been so attention catching in the presence of tens of thousands of people. No one could stop the rumors, especially when Principal Lan Xiu, who rarely appeared, showed up at the end.

“Hee hee, Brother Zhui Yun is so good. Everyone is looking at you,” Mo Ling said and laughed. Yu Fan and the others looked smug and also shared in the glory. It was a pity that Su Jian was studying at the swordsman school and was unable to meet Aofeng.

Aofeng glared coldly and said, “Taunting monkeys? What is there to see!”

Cold and proud, she disliked noisy scenes like this. She ignored everyone’s gaze and looked forward. But this action attracted more admiration from some women.

“Heavens, so cool!”


“Go to class in the student area. We will just walk around the school. Only students are allowed in that area, and we will not follow,” Roth, who had stood behind Mo Zhu and the others, said with a smile.

The Imperial School was like a small city. It had all kinds of businesspeople, and beautiful scenery to tour when one was free.

“I will visit the business area, and buy food for when you return,” Lei Yufeng patted Aofeng’s shoulder and said. This was just for the daytime. Aofeng would return to the dormitories at night.

“Do not forget to bring a portion for me. We are roommates.” Yun Qinghong smiled with a cunning gaze. The dormitory rooms were two students to a room, and four including reading partners. He appeared to have good luck and managed to be roommates with Aofeng.

He and Lei Yufeng became friends quickly. Lei Yufeng laughed and said, “I will never forget you.”

Everyone separated. The classes were divided according to talent into the celestial, earth, and human areas.

Yun Qinghong and Aofeng were in celestial, Mo Zhu and Yu Fan in earth, and Mo Ling was in the man level. The young girl had not yet become a senior magister, and in a gathering place of geniuses, she was in the lower half. The school carried out the unchanging rule of the Luska world. Power was right. She was a princess and noble, but the school would not make exceptions.

As they walked along the wide path, the number of passersby decreased. Later on, the path was almost desolate.

The people who passed by looked at Aofeng and Yun Qinghong with strange expressions but none of the exaggerated pointing. In their eyes, Aofeng had many different titles, but was not worthwhile of their praise.

So what if this was the youngest spirit magister on the continent?

Those that could enter the celestial school district were all the geniuses among geniuses on the continent. Every person was at least a spirit magister. Aofeng only became a spirit magister a few months ago at Neversetting Sun. In terms of strength, Aofeng was the weakest in the celestial school district. No one could rival her in terms of talent and age. But in true combat, who cared about your potential? Didn’t everything depend on the power that could be expressed?

There were many senior students, and only about ten new students. The ten walked behind Aofeng and Yun Qinghong, staring at the pair’s back with glittering eyes. Their stare was not friendly. Aofeng and Yun Qinghong felt blades at their backs.

Aofeng glanced back and her eyebrow rose. “We are being targeted …”

“This is normal. You must know, the Imperial School only accepts students under the age of twenty five. Even in the four great magister families, the number of people who can become spirit magister before twenty five is low. They are all geniuses who grew up in the light, but now their halos have been taken from them and put on you. This does not feel good.” Yun Qinghong laughed, his voice filled with irresistible magnetism. If Aofeng did not have a strong mind, she would have been lost in the tempting voice.

“Also, yesterday when we were fighting for a space, we left these people behind. They most likely cannot accept it.”

Even though she was Principal Lan Xiu’s student, she was just a spirit magister. If Aofeng wasn’t also a master beast tamer and had the influence that came with the title, someone would have challenged her already. The young and best geniuses were all proud and unwilling to respect anyone else.

These people all thought the same thing, the student of a nine-sword magus scholar, the strongest of the empire? I want to see how much stronger you are than me!

“Hmph, young and spirited.” Aofeng indifferently twisted her lips.

Yun Qinghong looked amusedly at her, “You can speak of others? Did you forget who pointed at a Dragon Knight yesterday and called him a ‘a dog blocking the road’?”

“Uh …” Aofeng laughed and shook her head. Yes, she was probably the youngest and most spirited. So what if she would cause trouble. I am born arrogant!

“Not just them. Have you heard of the Battle Hall of the Imperial School?” Yun Qinghong glanced at the enormous European style structure ahead and slowly said, “The Battle Hall has around fifty people, all of them celestial magister level experts. Just like the enforcers of the Qin family and the Dragon Knights of the Kaya Empire, this is the genius organization of the school. Every member wants to receive Principal Lan Xiu’s teachings. How do you think they will respond hearing a young brat has become the principal’s student?”

“Considerable trouble …” Aofeng’s eyelid twitched. How else could they react? Of course they would feel upset and all swear to defeat her. If they proved they were stronger, they were telling Teacher Lan Xiu that we are not any worse than your student, and you should also take us on.

Aofeng was depressed at being targeted by a group of people before even meeting them …

“Do not worry, I will be with you.” The low voice was unusually gentle in this moment. A warm hand gripped her hanging hand. Aofeng glanced up in shock and saw Yun Qinghong’s comforting gaze. “I guarantee that even if all fifty fight at once, they cannot win against us.”

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