Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 71 “Return”

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Chapter Seventy-One: Return

The weather was good, and the sunlight came through the curtains to land on Mo Ying’s face in the tent. His was a face full of determination, and a presence actually very similar to Liang Lian. He and Liang Lian, this group of young and strong generals in the army, had a lot in common because they both grew up during the time of the Ba Mountain Sword Field.

Back then, the generals of the Ba Mountain Sword Field were not as desperate as the Zhao Sword Furnace, but they possessed a firm belief that the generals of no other dynasty could match. Cold, strong, brave, fearless … These were the presences common to Ba Mountain Sword Field cultivators at this time.

During their growth, Mo Ying and Liang Lian had very similar opportunities. Liang Lian had once been an ordinary carriage driver, and Mo Ying had only been an ordinary pharmacist. On the battlefield, he was not even a medical official, and just responsible for making some basic clotting medicines. The two of them had only become powerful cultivators because they came into contact with the experts of Ba Mountain Sword Field.

What was most similar was that both of them betrayed the Ba Mountain Sword Field to quickly gain high status. Liang Lian had been in control of about half of the forces around Changling, just a step away from becoming a marquis. As to Mo Ying, he followed Marquis Wei, and was the marquis’ most valued subordinate, just ranking lower than the marquis.

The only difference was Liang Lian had always been in Changling before this, while Mo Ying had been leading the army on the borders. Mo Ying had received the true teachings of Ba Mountain Sword Field, his battle experience and cultivation higher than Liang Lian.

Even Liang Lian had schemed to become one of the fourteen marquises of the Qin Dynasty. This military power, even stronger than Liang Lian, naturally had the chance to become the marquis. For many years, Mo Ying was willing to stay under Marquis Wei and lead troops for him. Only he knew the true reason.

The sunlight was warm, but the wind was cold. Mo Ying put down the military reports he had read countless times. He took a sip of the warm tea by the coal stove. When he looked down, he saw specks of yellow scattered in a corner of the tent. Many yellow wildflowers had grown. Now he truly felt some warmth.

When one relaxed, they would become tired more easily. He felt tired, sighed softly and rubbed his temples. He was getting a bit old, and not as energetic as a decade ago, but such fatigue only lasted a short moment.

The yellow in his sight disappeared, the yellow flowers turning a pale white like a person turning grey. The cold breeze became icy, quickly turning the water in the air to frost, and oddly, even squeezing the water out of the grasses and flowers to freeze on the surface.

Such a domineering and violent energy attack could only come from the killing intent of a powerful cultivator. Many wrinkles appeared on Mo Ying’s strong face. He put down his warm teacup and when he raised his hands again, a short sword appeared on his table.

This short sword was only a third as long as the ordinary Qin swords. Its blade was very similar in color to the green shoots of grass. There were fine white seal scripts over the blade and the hilt, like clusters of white flowers growing among the grass. This sword had been sealed for a long time. At this time, with no energy channeled in, the color was very dim.

Mo Ying looked at this sword for a breath and then looked up. A sharp sword essence formed in the air in front of him. With a woosh, the thick tent was cut apart at the top, and the flaps fell to the ground.

Sunlight poured into his sight, and a couple walked in the camp gate.

His camp was in the core of the Qin army command center. There were countless sentries and guards in the surroundings, but to everyone’s shock, until the couple appeared suddenly in the sunlight and walked in, no cultivator in the camp had found them.

The woman was tall and wore ordinary indigo robes. There seemed to be wind and snow that shrouded her face so no one could see her features clearly. The man walking alongside her had an ordinary Changling black robe but wore a black cloth over his face.

The short sword shook in front of Mo Ying. The moment he saw this female cultivator, he was sure of her identity.

As the general of an army, when he found uninvited guests, he should be giving orders. But he remained motionless and silent.


A threatening shout sounded in the camp.

Most of the people in the camp did not know the identity of the incomers, but this was the time when two dynasties were at war. Everyone would find it strange when two odd cultivators appeared at the camp gates.

The couple did not seem to hear this shout, and kept walking at their original speed.

“Release! ”

Without any hesitation, another harsh shout came, accompanied by the sounds of air tearing.

Hundreds of flaming arrows rained over, burning the primal energies of the universe around the gate. But what was the greatest threat was the flying sword hidden behind one of the arrows.

This flying sword flew in a cunning manner steadily in the vortex behind an arrow. It did not make any sound, and did not even affect the arrow in front of it. This was powerful flying sword control, even surpassing the limits of cultivation. At many times, the master of this flying sword could kill cultivators of higher cultivation than them.

When the flying sword fell silently with these arrows and were just tens of feet away from the two cultivators, the two cultivators did not react at all. But in the next moment, some flying pieces of ice appeared around the woman. The ice flashed with deep gray and blue-black color in the sunlight.

Pew pew pew …

There was a rattle of soft sounds. The arrows truly falling towards the woman and the cultivator next to her shattered. The flying sword, hidden behind an arrow that seemed silent but contained great primal energies, shattered as well.

The powerful flying sword and these arrows did not seem any different to this woman.

In the thoughts of ordinary people, if one arrow was a falling stone, then a flying sword like this was a small mountain.

How could there be no difference between a stone or a small mountain falling towards a person?

At this moment, time seemed to stop. The military camp was deathly silent.

There was a loud crack. The camp gates, made from heavy and thick wood, were opened, and the wood scattered to the ground like shattered ice.

The couple walked in through the large hole.

In the next moment, furious shouts rose. All the soldiers knew once powerful cultivators came deep into the camp, some powerful seal weapons could not be used because of accidental injuries to their own.

Five cultivators immediately headed out, forcing out their vital energy without any restraint. Five different energies sprayed towards these two like waterfalls.

The woman did not look around and stretched out a hand simply, making a slashing move.

The wild wind suddenly stopped and everything froze.

The entire camp grew silent again. Everyone saw a patch of blue-black so deep it was unimaginable, like it came out of an abyss, being thrown at the bright sky.

This deep color came from the lifebond sword in the woman’s hand.

In the next moment, the five cultivators were sliced in two, and when they fell to the ground, there was the sound of ice shattering.

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