Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 72 “Heir”

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Chapter Seventy-Two: Heir

This sword was so casual, and the kill so quick that everyone in the military that witnessed this move had no time to feel terror. They just unconsciously understood the other was so strong they could not be stopped from coming into the camp. Then another wild gust of cold wind blew in the camp.

The cold wind made it impossible for the soldiers standing near the gates to stand still, and even the tents secured to the ground with metal rods flew away.

The woman who held a lifebond sword that could even freeze people’s swords had advanced hundreds of feet in this breath!

The military armament and seal weapons falling towards her fell behind her. The soldiers closest to her and to her sides still had outstretched hands, but were covered in frost just like the armament and seal weapons, frozen to the ground.

The cold wind blew forward, the sword essence targeted at the main tent where Mo Ying was in. On the way there, not many could stand still, but there were some who could.

A dozen or so cultivators appeared from different corners of the camp and stood in the cold wind ahead of her. These cultivators seemed to stand in a seemingly scattered manner, but the power coming off them seemed to cut through the surrounding primal energies of the universe and form a special formation.

Some armies and sects had formations that cultivators could work together to perform, merging in the power of lower ranking cultivators in order to fend off more powerful cultivators. These dozen cultivators who formed the formation were not weak. even more importantly, in an army like this, they just had to trap the other in an area, and the military would have more killing moves waiting for the cultivators who came in.

These cultivators came mostly from different sects. Looking at the sword whose color was so deep it was unimaginable, they knew that this was the legendary Eldest Miss Gongsun, and this sword was the famous Nine Hell King Sword, infamous for being the most violent sword in the world. So they channeled all of their vital energy.

Even Zhangsun Qianxue felt the power of this formation. She paused in her footsteps, and the road ahead seemed to grow long.

One cultivator was not among these dozen cultivators. He stood behind a seal weapon, and his perception locked onto Zhangsun Qianxue who had slowed down. The seal weapon in front of him was the height of two men added together, and had a base inscribed with many profound seal scripts. This was a standing metal doll. The metal person stretched out the right finger, pointing forward like it was pointing the way.

“Do not move.”

Just as his vital energy started to surge to activate this large seap weapon, he heard this sincere voice.

The cultivator who had walked in with Eldest Miss Gongsun into the camp had appeared behind him at some unknown time. This young cultivator in black robes was naturally Ding Ning.

Hearing this voice, the military cultivator turned slightly. Ding Ning shook his head again and said softly, “Do not move.”

This military cultivator’s body was slightly stiff. He clearly knew that the other said to not move and activate this military seal weapon. He also sensed the strong warning in the other’s words. But he did not want to give up on this chance. After hesitating a moment, his wild vital energy flowed out of his right sleeve, not into the seal weapon’s base, but into a flying sword inside his sleeve.

With a bang, the sleeve of this military cultivator shattered to pieces. A grey sword shot out of the flying cloth towards Ding Ning’s chest.

Ding Ning frowned slightly. He lifted his right arm, and pointed at the moving sword.

There was another shrill howl among the deafening roars. A sword essence came out of his fingertip, passing through the compressed layers of air, and accurately hit the other flying sword.

This was only just a sword energy with some lifebond presence. More accurately, it was just a sword energy from the lifebond sword.

The military cultivator’s tense face seemed to blacken. Because he was connected to his sword, his skin rippled, and folds seemed to spread on his face. His pupils contracted, filled with disbelief.

Just a sword essence from the other’s lifebond sword, but the moment the energy appeared, his body instinctively shuddered. This had nothing to do with cultivation, but the instant perception of the other’s flying sword.

What kind of sword could make his body shudder instinctively just because of the presence?

In the next moment, more shock came as he could not control his sword! The sword energy came from an unimaginably powerful sword, but in terms of its own strength, it could not suppress his flying sword completely. Yet, his flying sword was sent flying by that sword essence and as it trembled violently, it could not be controlled.

Ding Ning’s body was slightly bowed as he avoided the three arrows coming at him from the rear. He left behind afterimages as he passed through the cold wind in front of the military cultivator.

This cultivator stopped breathing for a moment, and with a grunt, a flower-like sword energy came from the fingers of his right hand heading towards Ding Ning’s feet.

Ding Ning was still frowning but looked very calm. He did not even blink as he flicked with his right hand, and a sword energy shot through the flower. The petals flew, and the sword energies seemed to crack like porcelain, streams of white energy flying by Ding Ning’s face.

The sword energy that Ding Ning had flicked stabbed into this military cultivator’s chest. The cultivator seemed to be struck by a heavy wood post, and flew backwards. A bloody spray erupted from his chest. But when he hit the ground hard and felt the power flowing out of him, the military cultivator found he was still alive.

He was just injured heavily, but not dead.


Mo Ying’s gaze fell onto this seriously injured but alive cultivator.

Compared to the battle of Zhangsun Qianxue against the dozen cultivators, this battle seemed insignificant, but when Ding Ning knocked away the military cultivator’s flying sword with a sword energy, his attention focused on this battle.

Only a cultivator of his level could sense what had happened in that short moment. What decided the fate of this battle was in defeating the moves. The young cultivator dressed in Changling’s most ordinary black robes had defeated the other’s flying sword with one move, and then also the other’s flower with another. Both swords seemed to have found the other’s sword form’s weakness. With all sword forms mastered, no move was undefeatable. Such a cultivator had only ever been just one person many years ago in Ba Mountain Sword Field.

Now, he saw the shadow of that person on this young person in black. So this young person who easily defeated the other, seriously wounding but not killing, should be that person’s heir.

The heir to the Nine Death Silkworm had finally appeared.

“So it is true.”

He smiled with slight bitterness and stood up, picking up the sword on the table in front of him. He gazed at Ding Ning in the distance and said to himself, “What has to come will come after all.”

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