Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 74 “Warm Spring”

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Chapter Seventy-Four: Warm Spring

The camp was absolutely silent. All the cultivators were certain Ding Ning had not reached realm seven, especially those fighting Zhangsun Qianxue. They were certain Ding Ning’s presence was very young. In other words, he had not been in realm six for long.

The difference between realm six and seven was even more terrifying than the differences between lower realms.Realm seven was Mountain Moving Realm, was grandmaster, was the enemy of ten thousand.There were also differences among realm sevens. For example, Liang Lian had been defeated by Xue Wangxu’s blow, Zhao Zhan had died by Ye Celeng, and Bai Shanshui and Zhao Si could win against most realm sevens in the world. Some of the realm seven grandmasters who had attended the Deer Mountain Conference had the ability to kill multiple realm sevens.

Mo Ying was a realm seven. And he had received the true teachings of Ba Mountain Sword Field, and was not a realm seven of an ordinary sect.

Simply speaking, vital energy was the primal energies of the universe purified through different cultivation methods, and sword manuals were different ways of using vital energy to kill people. There were high and low among the vital energy methods, and also in the methods of killing people. There were also differences among realm sevens, and Mo Ying was among the top. A realm six saying they would win against a realm seven was a false statement, much less a high level realm seven.

But when Ding Ning said such words at this time, no one wound it laughable. Because he was Nine Death Silkworm. He represented Wang Jingmeng’s legend. In the past, Wang Jingmeng had several examples of winning against those stronger than him.

Mo Ying pressed with reason and righteousness. Ding Ning returned with reason and righteousness and responded like this. And with the pressure from the fact the legendary Nine Death Silkworm had turned from myth to real life, he was even more significant.

Mo Ying’s pupils contracted. He looked at Ding Ning with some appreciation. “You will collect?”

Ding Ning did not repeat his words. He looked calmly at the sword that Mo Ying held and said, “This sword is an item of the Ba Mountain Sword Field. Today, since I represent Ba Mountain Sword Field in exiling you, then you have to first return this sword to me.”

Mo Ying bowed his head slightly. He looked at the short sword in his hand and was silent for a moment. He said, “The army is attacking, the center of the army is empty. Eldest Miss Gongsun is here. The two of you have the confidence to kill me, but now, you come to collect. If you want to get back this sword of Ba Mountain Sword Field, it is fair.”

After saying this, he looked up. A gentle presence came out of his hand, and flew up carrying this sword to Ding Ning.

Ding Ning reached out and received the short sword.

“Since you told some secrets of the sword manual to Zheng Xiu, you felt afraid of being controlled so you did not have the confidence to use this sword, much less forge it into your lifebond sword. As a result, this sword is so dim. In your hands, this sword is useless.”

Ding Ning looked with complicated feelings at the sword. When his voice sounded, the sound of silkworms munching on mulberry leaves emerged from his body. Heavy breathing formed a flood in the camp!

There were no powerful primal energy fluctuations, but a pale white light came from Ding Ning’s right arm.

The pale white light was faint but suddenly grew tangible. Many rays came out of Ding Ning’s skin under his robe, through the clothing, and entered the dim short sword. The sound of silkworms feeding grew clearer. Everyone could see the tangible rays of energy. Limited by their sight, they could not see the details. But even the non-cultivator soldiers in the camp could sense, just by the sound, these rays were made from countless minuscule little silkworms.

The dozen cultivators who had formed the formation had fear in their gazes, they felt agitated.

In the past Changling, everyone knew the legendary Nine Death Silkworm had ended up in Wang Jingmeng’s hands, but he had never displayed it. As a result, no one knew the secrets lying within. Many even speculated with certainty that Wang Jingmeng had never cultivated the Nine Death Silkworm.

This was the first time Nine Death Silkworm was appearing openly in public. Even just seeing it was enough to make the feelings of these cultivators fluctuate.

The pale white rays clearly were different in quality compared to normal vital energy as they flooded into the dim short green sword’s seal scripts. The blade seemed so excited it was trembling, but Ding Ning’s hand was extremely steady.

When the white seal scripts on the blade were filled by the white rays, the dim color faded like snow melting. The short green sword immediately shone with stunning light, the energy coming off the sword a bright yellow, forming blossoming bold yellow flowers.

The bright color lit up everyone’s sight. Even Ding Ning, dressed in dark robes, looked very dazzling under it.

“This sword is called Warm Spring.” Ding Ning looked at this bright and hot sword, slowly putting it across his chest. There were colors in his gaze. To him, this sword was a reunion, as such his feelings were not calm either.

When Ding Ning took the sword, the sound of silkworms feeding drifted from within his body, Mo Ying’s expression grew unusually cold. Putting the sword across the chest horizontally meant an invitation for battle. This meant that this battle could start.

The other was realm six, but that person’s heir, and he cultivated the Nine Death Silkworm. The other being excited now was a very good chance to attack so he acted without any hesitation.

With a buzz, a powerful lifebond presence burst out of his sword, and a long shadow appeared. Mo Ying cultivated the sword, but the lifebond item that appeared in his hand was a spear. It was a long black spear that spewed black smoke which had red flames floating within like flowers blooming in hell.

“Demon Dragon Spear.” Zhangsun Qianxue’s gaze flashed and she frowned.

This was a weapon of the old aristocratic Zhanggui Family. It had come from the ruins of a sect from the You Dynasty. Disregarding the meaning, the weapon would not be any weaker than the famous swords of Ba Mountain Sword Field in terms of the energy it could gather.

Mo Ying held the spear with both hands, fine beads of blood flying between his fingers. his vital energy had not moved violently for many years. The skin of his hands were unused to this, and had split. His expression was solemn. Just as this long spear appeared in his hands, a wild presence crashed towards Ding Ning.

The sound of mountains moving erupted through the sky. This was the natural sound created when Mountain Moving Realm grandmasters attacked with an ocean of primal energies. At the same time, the wild presence formed a true mountain and slammed down.

Large amounts of invisible primal energies of the universe mixed with the black smoke and fire spewing from the spear to form the shadow of a mountain. It locked down any place Ding Ning could use to dodge. The power of this mountain surpassed Mo Ying’s cultivation limit as Mo Ying’s spear was like a crowbar, and it could be used to lever with strength one never had.

Ding Ning’s clothing flapped loudly. The enormous shadow was about to tear his clothing and body apart and crush into powder. His feelings were very turbulent right now, but he was not terrified. He followed his heart and passed his turbulent emotions into the sword.

The sword form was one of reunion. A reunion after many years, with love and hate, and the power of life and death. His emotions were very complicated. The rays that were flowing on the sword started to vibrate.

The bold sword he was gripping started to vibrate violently.

Translator Ramblings: Between Mo Ying and Liang Lian, I’m not sure which one is the most dislikeable.

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