Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 73 “I Will Collect”

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Chapter Seventy-Three: I Will Collect

The dozen cultivators were standing in the wind and snow in front of Zhangsun Qianxue. Their figures were gradually obscured by stronger wind and snow, but her steps slowed even more.

The power released by these cultivators formed indigo pillars that stretched into the sky but strangely connected together. Zhangsun Qianxue did not use her casual slash like before. She sensed the movements of these cultivators, and stabbed at the cultivator with the weakest presence.

The coldness faded, and the air in this space seemed to suddenly warm up. All the coldness gathered in her sword, and stabbed towards this cultivator.

The cultivators shouted together, the indigo pillars connected together like dragons suddenly forming indigo fire. The pieces of ice gathered quickly in the direction Zhangsun Qianxue pointed, forming an icicle tens of feet long as it stabbed towards that cultivator. The indigo fires flew out of the pillars like moths to a flame.

The indigo flying fire disappeared. Pieces of ice sprayed off the icicle, and it shrank, gradually disappearing by the time it was several feet away from that cultivator. Zhangsun Qianxue’s eyes seemed to burn with red flame, but her expression did not change as she took another step.

The cultivators in the formation seemed to shudder in unison and took several dozen steps back. The cultivator she was pointing at with her sword now had several sounds on him, many red lines.

Mo Ying knew the power of the formation created by these cultivators. In reality, these cultivators from different sects had followed him all this time, and had evolved this formation more than a dozen years, just to prevent assassinations from the experts of Ba Mountain Sword Field. So he knew the power and realm represented by Zhangsun Qianxue’s attack. After hiding for many years, this Eldest Miss Gongsun dared to cultivate with this violent sword no one in the world dared do. She had not been consumed by the fiendish energy of this sword, and successfully entered the ranks of the strongest people of the world.

But his gaze quickly left Zhangsun Qianxue. He looked at the young cultivator in black robes and said, “I know you do not want to kill many people.”

His words were not a military order, but it was the first time he spoke since Zhangsun Qianxue and Ding Ning came into the camp. So at the first words from the commander in chief, the camp went silent.

“Since you do not want to kill more people, we can talk.” His gaze pierced through the flying debris to land calmly on Ding Ning. He said, “If I am correct, you are the heir of the Nine Death Silkworm, and have come to settle the old debts of the Ba Mountain Sword Field.”

The entire camp grew silent. All the soldiers, including the dozen cultivators who could be killed by Zhangsun Qianxue at any moment, stopped completely.

This was like time had frozen in the camp, all because of the three words “Nine Death Silkworm.” In Changling, and even in the entire Qin Dynasty, there were no words more magical and shocking.

“All right,” Ding Ning said simply.

Zhangsun Qianxue stopped walking forward. Everybody in the camp stopped. Every gaze gathered on Ding Ning. Many people uncontrollably started to shake, including the cultivators in the formation.

“Those who move, will die.”

Mo Ying looked at Zhangsun Qianxue who had stopped walking but still held the Nine Hell King Sword.

All his subordinates understood the meaning. This was not just an order, but also a reminder. In the camp, except for him and the cultivators in formation, no one else could stop Zhangsun Qianxue’s sword.

“I owe Ba Mountain Sword Field.” Mo Ying looked at the only person moving, Ding Ning who was walking towards him, and said. His expression turned cold. “I was originally just a pharmacist in the military. After coming into contact with cultivators on the front lines, I gradually learned some cultivator tactics. Later, when transporting medicine, I accidentally encountered Master Yan. She felt I had talent, and taught me the sword. I owe her this gift of a new life, and owe the Ba Mountain Sword Field.”

At this, he looked into Ding Ning’s eyes and made sure he heard his words. Then he said, “But a student does not have to make the same choices as the master. Even if I returned to Ba Mountain Sword Field, it would not have helped. Master Yan would still die, and Ba Mountain Sword Field would still be destroyed. Also, i did not think that Master Yan was correct.”

“I am a cultivator, and learned from the Ba Mountain Sword Field. But first, I was a soldier. In my view, it was settled that the Holy One would ascend the throne, and the change of the Ba Mountain Sword Field was of no benefit to the Qin Dynasty.”

Mo Ying looked at Ding Ning who was listening intently without speaking. He slowly looked up at the sky and said, “What I did was just like what Ba Mountain Sword Field wanted to do in the past. I did not want to die for nothing. I want to see the Qin Dynasty grow stronger. So in these years, I did not return to Changling to fight for power, and stayed as a general on the border.”

“Was everything Ba Mountain Sword Field and your master did correct?” Mo Ying said heavily, “Do all the people who do not follow the thoughts of Ba Mountain Sword Field have to die?”

His words were powerful.

In reality, right now, many cultivation places in Changling, including some generals, had sympathy for the Ba Mountain Sword Field. They admired Wang Jingmeng, and felt that Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu’s betrayal back then was shameful.

But these feelings were based on reason and righteousness. Ba Mountain Sword Field’s revenge had to be based on reason and righteousness. No one was strong enough to kill everyone in the world. If you were not accepted by the world, no revenge could succeed.

Mo Ying’s words were more powerful than the formation created by the dozen cultivators.

“You speak sense. People who do not follow the thoughts of the Ba Mountain Sword Field do not have to die.”

To everyone’s surprise, Ding Ning nodded and spoke. Even Zhangsun Qianxue was surprised and stilled.

“But Ba Mountain Sword Field will take back what is of Ba Mountain Sword Field.” Ding Ning looked at the dazed Mo Ying and continued. “You do not admit your relationship to your teacher, but you got her things, and told them to the enemy. This is betraying your master. You should be exiled out of the sect. Taking back the sword and sword manuals she taught you, and destroying your cultivation is justified.”

Ding Ning’s voice slowly echoed in the quiet camp. No one had objections. Even the death warriors most faithful to Mo Ying could not raise any objections.

Being exiled from the sect and destroying cultivation was the lightest punishment. But for a powerful grandmaster like Mo Ying, what did destroying cultivation mean?

Mo Ying took a deep breath and narrowed his eyes. He looked at Zhangsun Qianxue and said in a cool voice, “The Eldest Miss Gongsun does not count as a member of the past Ba Mountain Sword Field. Only people from Ba Mountain Sword Field can collect what is of Ba Mountain Sword Field.”

Ding Ning smiled faintly. “Then I will collect.”

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