Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 76 “Debut”

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Chapter Seventy-Six: Debut

Blood dropped into the dust by Mo Ying’s feet like early plum blossoms. He looked down as the two mixed together, holding the spear with one hand in silence. The wound on his forehead was not enough to affect his fight, but it did affect his state of mind.

The dozen cultivators blocking Zhangsun Qianxue were the strongest of the camp next to him. Even facing an opponent like her, they were fearless and absolutely calm. Yet seeing the wound appear on this forehead, these cultivators were shocked, and some people’s lips involuntarily trembled.

Sword form.

When vital energy cultivation was far below Mo Ying’s, the other used a sword form to create such a wound on his brow.

The sword essence was too perfect. The sword form was exquisite and profound, but the black robed youth was at an extreme in the display and understanding of this sword form, enough for them, as swordsmen, to revere him.

Many of Changling’s old records had been burned after Emperor Yuanwu ascended the throne. But they could not help but think back to the records of Wang Jingmeng fighting a Zhao swordsman at the Zhao Ping Lake. Back then, Wang Jingmeng only showed one move, just one for the other to see, and the other admitted defeat. The emperor of swords caused all swords in the world to worship.

Now the Nine Death Silkworm had officially appeared under the sun, it caused “that person” who had died to slowly come back to reality.

The countless little silkworms in Ding Ning’s body were released completely for the first time, unspeakably joyful and restless. The fine sounds clearly reached Mo Ying’s ears. The boldly colored sword sort was spinning around Ding Ning’s body, creating blinding streaks of light, showing off arrogance.

Sensing Ding Ning’s calm presence, Mo Ying slowly said, “You want to show your power.”

His voice spread through the camp. Everyone immediately understood his meaning.

Many years ago, there had been news of the Nine Death Silkworm in Changling. Only Wang Jingmeng knew of it and had it. It’s emergence into the world meant his heir.

In these years, the Nine Death Silkworm had hidden, wandering between legend and reality so people could not distinguish the truth. But since he had to appear, whether as an invincible cultivation method of the Nine Death Silkworm or the heir to that person who had been an invincible legend of the Ba Mountain Sword Field, he could not appear at an ordinary time and place. Fighting above his level against someone like Mo Ying was the best debut.

Back then, many people had stood on the other side from the Ba Mountain Sword Field because that person was dead, and they thought he had no heirs. Now, they were certain there was an heir, and was just as powerful as that person had been. Many people may change their minds.

“Win against me, announce the official return of the Nine Death Silkworm, start to take back what belongs to Ba Mountain Sword Field … Have the people of the world know. That is the deeper meaning of this battle.” Mo Ying slowly looked up at Ding Ning who did not respond. He shook his head. “But you have to win against me first. I do not believe sword forms can surpass cultivation.”

When he said this, the tip of his spear flicked off the ground. His body seemed to be levered by this Demon Dragon Spear, and he flew with the spear towards Ding Ning. There was no release of vital energy. The surroundings boomed, and the moving primal energies of the universe all rolled into his body and the spear he held. He merged into one with the spear, and crashed at Ding Ning in a commanding manner.

There were no moves. Just a collision and crushing. When everything was very simple, it was harder to defeat.

Seeing him attack, Ding Ning knew the dangers involved, but his eyes did not change at all. He had predicted that Mo Ying would attack like this.

Because he was not who Mo Ying and the people in the camp thought he was.

He had experience that Mo Ying and the others would find unimaginable, and had faced similar scenes before. So he had prepared for this already.

Zzt zzt zzt zzt …

The flying swords drew bright streaks of light in the air around him and then shone. The thin layers of sword light were tightly attached, and spun together like thousands of little swords spinning in unison.

The sword lights spun around his body and shrouded his figure completely. All the sword lights were spinning in one direction. At this moment, it was like an enormous top or a stone mill. The spear tip bursting with red flame stabbed hard onto the spinning sword light.

The sword light wrapped around Ding Ning’s body and retreated, but the tip could not enter! It continued to grind against the sword tip, the black smoke and red flames of the tip scattering, and even creating golden sparks!

“Stone-Grinding Sword!”

One person in the cultivators of the formation could not control himself and shouted.

Mo Ying pressed his lips together. His Demon Dragon Spear was starting to vibrate. Not because of the turbulence in his emotions, but due to real friction.

The Stone-Grinding Sword was like the Nine Death Silkworm, a symbol of Wang Jingmeng. It had been praised as the best defensive sword manual in the world, and also the one that could wear a person down to death. In the past, when Wang Jingmeng faced powerful opponents with high cultivation, he used this sword manual to wear many of them down to death. In the entire Ba Mountain Sword Field, only he had mastered this sword manual, because this sword manual concerned the fine control of countless sword lights, like inscribing countless seal scrips in an instant.

Today, the Stone-Grinding Sword appeared again, and his simple Demon Dragon Spear attack could not advance. This move did not just defeat his move, but also broke his confidence.

Within the sword lights and flying fire, blood made its way up Ding Ning’s throat, but he viciously swallowed down the blood. At the same time, the fingers on his left hand moved like he was pulling invisible strings. Many silk like sword lights appeared behind Mo Ying and attacked multiple meridian points.

Mo Ying suddenly sensed them, and cried. His spear was still pushing but he was flying backwards. Hiss, hiss hiss, blood sprayed out of his feet. There were a few more wounds.

Ding Ning looked up. At this moment, his eyes showed great anger. The flying sword spinning around him accelerated, no longer like a flying sword, but a giant stick flying horizontally through the air to chase behind Mo Ying who was a black dot in the sky.

This move was called “Heaven Wrath.”

His attack was purely power. His vital energy all surged out, controlling the primal energies of the universe that flooded in from all directions. The countless little silkworms in his body moved furiously and spat out their power. Rays made from the silkworms erupted towards the sky like silk threads reaching into the air.

“How is this possible!”

The cultivators in the camp looked up at the sky, their mouths wide but unable to breathe, looking like suffocating fishes. They could not understand why Ding Ning would use such a sword form. There were many ways of giving chase, but his attack was pure power. No matter how strong a realm six was, how could he benefit against a realm seven’s power?

Mo Ying’s mouth was convulsing slightly. The sword threads had cut through many muscles in his feet, and the great pain caused his mind to have a momentary dizziness. Sensing the sword chasing from below, he turned this pain he had not experienced for so long into a furious howl. With a thunderous roar, he held the spear with two hands, and smashed it down.

The pitch black spear bent, and then straightened, the enormous power hitting the flying sword coming up by his feet with an enormous roar.

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