Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 77 “Sword Sacrifice”

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Chapter Seventy-Seven: Sword Sacrifice

A pitch black energy bloomed like a dragon, the energy coming off the spear formed a blinding ring of light where it met the flying sword, and then the energy expanded outwards.

Ding Ning slumped suddenly, and grunted. As the ground sank down, a layer of bloody mist sprayed onto his skin. The bones in his body were almost cracking, and his body almost disintegrated. Yet the countless little silkworms moving through his body were extremely hardy and consumed most of the energy that flooded into his body, and even took on most of the shock, supporting his body.

In the sky above his head, below the rapidly expanding ring of light, the bold bright flying sword had been driven several hundred feet away, but as he grunted, it was given new power and started to accelerate! This sword’s acceleration seemed to be a frenzy, because it accelerated so quickly the tail of the sword started to waver, and make terrifying sounds in the air.

Mo Ying’s spear was still coming down. There was faint scorn at the corners of his mouth. In his view, this attack would end with Ding Ning’s severe injury. But when the movement of this sword appeared in his perception, his eyes started to twitch.

Ding Ning was faster than him!

His vital energy was still in turbulence, and his spear still going down, but Ding Ning’s second attack had already come, so fast that he had no time to think clearly, and not enough to be angry and shocked. He could only withdraw his spear. Only by withdrawing his spear could he block the other’s sword.

The Demon Dragon Spear suddenly collapsed, turning to a thick black energy that pulled back up before taking tangible form again and attacking!

A loud buzz rang out through the sky.

Ding Ning’s flying sword did not truly fly at him, but the air above him. It flew straight, and so fast that it surpassed the sound. This buzz sounded in the air when the flying sword stopped accelerating.

Mo Ying’s spear missed, his body seemed to be emptied out, bending forward, and then he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Ding Ning’s move was a false one, forcing him to pull his spear back. The forcible retraction of his great power collided with the power coming out of his body, like two cultivators of equal strength fighting in his body.

There was a sonic boom in the air along with a string of shock waves visible to the naked eye.

Mo Ying’s body fell down, and he spat out more blood.

The dozen cultivators in the camp who were part of the formation stopped breathing. They knew that Ding Ning had suffered serious injury when he took on the attack, but clearly, Mo Ying was more injured, and right now, he could not attack even though Ding Ning’s flying sword was in the sky!

This was using an injury to trade for another injury.

Bu Ding Ning was the one who still won.

Ding Ning raised his eyebrows and took a deep breath. Even though he had similar experiences, fighting above his level was like walking on a cliff, with many unpredicted dangers. Only now did this battle truly reach his time.

As he took this breath, his eyes suddenly turned deep red. The chaotic energy and some of the blood flowing backwards in his body were drawn together by his threads of vital energy and started to burn!


His body sank again like it had been hammered. Some of the power of the Nine Death Silkworm deep inside him was forced out, and merged together with the burning energy. His black robe turned white like a pale wave had flowed out of him.

An enormous sword essence appeared in the sky. The bold and bright Warm Spring sword turning into a burning sun. The enormous camp was turned snow white by the bright light, so bright and white that people could not see any shadows.

Mo Ying shouted and closed his eyes. His hands did not tremble, but the spear stabbed multiple times, the tip of the spear like a storm, as it faced the burning sword coming at him.

This was one of Ba Mountain Sword Field’s secret swords, “Luminous Sun.”

The sword energies formed many mirrors, gathering the power of the sunlight. The dazzling light was only the outer appearance, and the true threat came from the terrifying heat contained in the light rays of the sword essence.

But when he attacked with his spear, the sword in his senses suddenly disappeared. His perception was completely dark. After the extreme light, the contact usually caused the deepest darkness.

Ding Ning’s magnificent “Luminous Sun” was a decoy move.

Mo Ying’s heart beat rapidly. As his blood channels expanded, for the first time, the threat of death forced out the potential in his body. At this moment, he sensed the faint shadow. The jade palace in his energy sea gave off a pure flow of vital energy that flowed out through his hands. He turned the tail of the spear like he was holding a spoon and smashed it towards this faint shadow.

At this time, he heard a sound that should not appear.

It was the sound of an enormous mountain moving through the air. This sound was the symbol of Mountain Moving Realm, the echo that would occur when an ocean of primal energies of the universe gathered through and collided as they fell.

But other than him and Ding Ning, no other cultivator in the camp was moving. This was an amount of energy that only a realm seven could move. If not him, then who?

This moment was very swift.

Just as this thought appeared in his head, the tail of his spear hit the faint shadow hidden behind the light. But other than him and Ding Ning, no other cultivator in the camp was moving.

“Cicada Slough!”

The name of this sword move drowned out any other thought in Mo Ying’s mind. In the next moment, he felt his body sink, and then he instinctively looked towards the energy sea. There was a wave of energy charging out of his abdomen, shining with bloody red light. Then he heard a pop from his back, a cold essence pierced through his flesh and flew out of his back.

The Demon Dragon Spear in his hand suddenly grew heavier than a mountain. With a bang, it landed on the ground in front of him, and created a gust of dust. Mo Ying was dazed. He felt that his body was empty.

So the sword after the “Luminous Sun” was not the killer move, there was also a “Cicada Slough!”

But not realm seven, so how could the last attack have the power of a realm seven?

That last attack … when the name appeared in his mind, he started to feel pain and coldness. He screamed. The scream was extremely strange, so much that he felt he was not the one shouting.

Ding Ning stood with his hands behind his back. Because of the loss of blood and vital energy, Mo Ying’s flesh had sunken in. His face appeared very old, and his cheeks had sunken, looking like two shadows.

Ding Ning felt pleasure. His gaze landed on the bright bold sword flying freely.

“I have taken back Ba Mountain Sword Field’s things,” he slowly said.

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