Apocalypse Lord Chapter 4 “Moving”

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Chapter 4 Moving

Yun Ling’s building was in the north of the city. This was far from the center of the city, and not so noisy and prosperous, but it had all the living needs.

She had two homes to her name. She lived in one, and rented out the other. She usually did not have much spending, and the rent was enough for her to live very well.

Pity that the apocalypse came like this, and her peaceful life was suddenly broken.

Just as Yun Ling entered the gates of the community, a goblin jumped out of the corner, and swung a big stick at her.

Raise the shield, counter attack, all in one go.

[Name: Round Shield]

Quality: Normal

Equip Effect: -2 damage received.

Yun Ling looked. With each blow from the goblin, about 7-8 HP points would drop.

Because she had the S-rank skill “Thorn Sting,” each time she was attacked, she would reflect 4 points of damage. If she hit with her round shield, she would create extra damage.

After fighting for multiple rounds, the goblin fell to the ground. At the same time, 4 copper coins, and a ball of silk thread floated in the air.

Yun Ling inspected her personal attribute window, and found HP: 202/240, XP: 4/100.

“It will take killing 25 monsters to level up?” She sighed as she walked. “It seems the difficulty has increased.”

In the community, the doors were tightly closed. No one was willing to come out right now.

Yun Ling, when returning home, found another goblin in the hallway.

Reflect and shield attack. She quickly killed it. Other than 2 copper coins, she got nothing.

“Has the drop rate been lowered?” Yun Ling complained as she opened the door to her home.

The items in the room were intact and arranged neatly, just as when she had left. Yun Ling found a travel backpack, and shoved the oatmeal, biscuits, snacks and bottled water in. Soon after, the backpack was filled. Yun Ling put on the backpack, locked her door, and moved the supplies back to the territory warehouse.

When she returned to Rising Cloud Camp, the other three people had left. Yun Ling did not care where they had gone. After cleaning out the backpack, she returned to her residence building.

Rice, flour, frozen food, clothing, shoes, towels, soap, pots, pans, cooking oil, seasoning, bedding, blankets, candles, lighters, bandages, anti-inflammatory medicines…regardless of whether it was useful, she would first move it over.

After making eight trips, the useful items were all moved away. It took two hours. In total, she killed a dozen goblins. Yun Ling decided to return to the camp to rest. After several battles, she only had about eighty HP, and her stamina was used up. She urgently needed to rest.

Yun Ling seemed relieved of a great burden once the bedding was put into the warehouse. She started to ponder, should she increase her strength points after she leveled up? Three strength points. It was too slow to work.

“Woosh—woosh—” Wei Qing propped himself up with a longsword. He panted heavily and had a confused look. He didn’t know what was going on, but when he noticed it, everything had changed.

The cards floated in the air against the law of gravity.

There were green-skin monsters everywhere chasing and killing humans.

Touching the card meant learning skills and getting equipment.

Fortunately, he got the blue premium equipment “Steel Knife”, and also learned the C-rank skill “Flame Knife”. He killed three monsters along the way.

Wei Qing thought that he could escape, but no matter where he went, he would always meet new monsters at the next intersection.

The monsters would never be finished, and his stamina continued to decline. He was so tired he almost could not walk. The world was so large, he did not know where the pure lands were.

For a moment, Wei Qing wanted to give up.

As he aimlessly walked, the system suddenly notified, [You have found “Rising Cloud Camp.” ]

[Will you spend 5 copper coins to become a temporary resident of this territory? (24 hours)]

[Will you spend 100 copper coins to become an official resident of this territory? (Permanent)]

……In all, he only had 8 copper coins in his pocket. If he became a temporary resident.

Wei Qing speechlessly pressed “No.”

He looked around, and saw a young girl sitting next to the bonfire. She was taking a bite of a biscuit, and then a sip of water, eating happily.

Wei Qing could not help but swallow.

The change had happened so suddenly he did not have time to eat lunch. It was four in the afternoon now. He was very hungry, and felt weak.

“I am Wei Qing. Sister, could you give me some food and water?” Wei Qing carefully approached, and said in a negotiating tone.

Yun Ling turned to examine him.

He had a weapon that shone with blue light, messy hair, and clothing covered with blood. He appeared to have experienced a great battle.

“I am Yun Ling,” Yun Ling said, “you can trade, use copper coins and drop items in exchange for food or drinking water.”

Wei Qing took out a ball of silk thread and two pieces of linen cloth from his pocket. “What can this be exchanged for?”

Yun Ling scanned them. “One bag of biscuits.”

“How many copper coins for a bottle of water?” Wei Qing asked.

Yun Ling thought. “I’ll take 3 copper coins.”

The prices were unknown. She did not know how much was suitable. In any case, in troubled times, food and drinking water were always in demand.

“Okay.” Wei Qing licked his dried lips, and agreed happily.

Right now, he did not fear people demanding a high price, just that they were not willing to give up food and drinking water.

Wei Qing handed over the silk thread, linen cloth and copper coins. Yun Ling took out an unopened bottle of water from her bag, and also a bag of chocolate biscuits.

Wei Qing took them, and gobbled the biscuits before draining half the water. He immediately felt much better.

“Sister, where did you get this? Can you tell me?” He asked curiously.

Yun Ling responded, “I live nearby, and got them from home.”

Wei Qing found it strange. “There are so many monsters out here, why do you not hide in your home?”

“Not enough hoarded food. I came out to find food,” Yun Ling said. “Based on the present situation, home is not safe. But if I hide in the camp, the monsters will not come in.”

Were the camps the safe areas in the game? Wei Qing’s thoughts became active.

“What about you? How come you came here?” Yun Ling asked.

“Do not mention it.” Wei Qing had a helpless expression. “In the morning, I had an interview, and it was delayed a lot. I wanted to deal with lunch, but before I ate, I met a group of monsters.”

He had been chased all around, and almost did not have any time to rest.

“What are your plans now?” Yun Ling asked.

“Take one step at a time.” Wei Qing grimaced. “Maybe, I will starve to death tomorrow.”

Yun Ling said, “I plan to stay a long time in the camp. If you have extra drop material, you can trade with me.”

Wei Qing heard this. “What is the use in silk thread and linen cloth?”

Yun Ling said vaguely, “I do not know. I have to experiment.”

Wei Qing agreed after a moment of hesitation. “In any case, I have nowhere to go. It is not bad to stay.”

In the safe area, at least, he could get a good sleep at night.

After resting for a while, Yun Ling stood up. “I am going out.”

“Do you want me to come along?” Wei Qing stood up.

“No need.” Yun Ling waved her hand. “I am used to being alone.”

The other was determined and Wei Qing did not persist.

But inside, he could not help but mutter, a young girl is daring enough to move alone. Is she fearless because she is ignorant, or is she bold and skilled?

After thinking for a while, he did not have a clue, and he cursed in anger, “Trash game! Can’t even see other player’s ID, level and attributes. It will go bankrupt sooner or later!”

What to do when you finish all your food?

After drinking all your water, where would you go to get more?

The question of survival was right in front of her. The situation was serious.

Yun Ling calculated. The food in her home could last about half a month. If she kept some to trade with Wei Qing, it would be even a shorter time.

Only by stockpiling before most people could react could she last longer.

She thought back and found there were convenience stores, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, bakeries, dumpling shops… there were many resource points. So when her HP just went back to full, she took her backpack and started to wander around.

She first went to the convenience store.

The store was small, but had a complete set of goods. There was bread, biscuits, instant noodles, boxed milk, jugs of mineral water, and large amounts of beverages.

Starting from the camp, it would take three minutes of walking to reach her destination.

Yun Ling stood at the doorway and looked.

The door was tightly closed. There was no one in the room. She did not know if they had gone to take refuge.

“Help!! Save us!!”

Before Yun Ling could think what to do for her next step, an angry shout came from the noodle restaurant nearby, tinged with the sound of crying.

Yun Ling gripped her round shield, and moved cautiously.

Bam. In the room, a goblin swung its stick, but hit a table.

A man held a wood chair in front of him, not letting the monster get close. Behind him, the woman carried a child and curled up in the corner of the room.

When Yun Ling entered, she saw a scene like this.

The goblin was grinning, and was going to swing its stick again. But just as it lifted its stick, a round shield hit its head, and it was stunned, with gold stars coming out of its eyes.

“Move back.” At the same time, Yun Ling moved in front of the family of three, and used the round shield to push the goblin away.

The man was shocked, and stood with his wife and child.

The goblin shook its head, and then leapt viciously at Yun Ling.

Yun Ling did not dodge, and used her round shield to block the attack of the wood stick.

Reflecting damage was a very good skill.

The goblin attacked Yun Ling, and both lost HP.

Yun Ling attacked the goblin, and the goblin lost HP.

Regardless of who attacked who, as Yun Ling’s opponent, they would always be injured.

Soon after, the goblin was killed by this despicable method.

The monster died. The copper coins and wood material appeared. Yun Ling put the drop items in her backpack and then asked, “Are you okay?”

“Thank, thank you.” Thinking back to the frightening scene, the woman’s legs trembled, and she was not able to calm down.

“Miss, what do we call you?” The man asked.

“Yun Ling.” Yun Ling answered.

“Hello, I am Chen Hang, this is my wife Chen Ling,” the man carefully asked, “may I ask, what is going on outside?”

Yun Ling gave a simple explanation.

Chen Hang gaped, shocked and stunned. “There are more than one monster? All over the streets? Like an online game. If you have weapons and skills, you can kill the monsters?”

He was not willing to believe it, but at the same time, everything that had happened forced him to believe it.

As he hesitated, the corpse of the goblin gradually disappeared.

In gaming terms, the time was up, and there was a refresh.

“It is four in the afternoon now, how come you know nothing?” Yun Ling asked.

Chen Hang explained, “It was chaotic outside at noon, people were screaming everywhere. I did not open for business, and just locked the door. Later, I saw that it was very calm for a long type outside, and it was fine, so I opened the door…”

But, just as he relaxed a little, the monster came to his door.

Translator Ramblings: I can’t tell if 3 copper coins is price-gouging or not.

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