Apocalypse Lord Chapter 5 “Nightfall 1”

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Chapter 5 Nightfall 1

Yun Ling told Chen Hang, “There are many monsters, and they will not be cleared out quickly.”

Also, even if they were cleared out, the game could add more again.

No one could predict what the future would be.

Hearing the bad news, Chen Hang could not speak for a while.

“Little girl, you have a place to go? How about living here with us?” Chen Hang invited. “The first floor is the noodle shop, the second the bedrooms. There is a lot of rice and flour in the storage, enough to eat for a few months!”

Yun Ling shook her head and refused. “I have somewhere to live. I came out to find food.”

Hearing this, Chen Hang hurriedly said, “Wait here, I will go to the storage to get a bag each of rice and flour, it is a gift of thanks.”

Yun Ling wanted to say something, but Chen Hang went upstairs.

“Take it.” Chen Ling urged, “You rescued my entire family, I do not know how to thank you. The rice and noodles are just a bit of our goodwill. Please accept it.”

Yun Ling thought, actually, I wanted to ask if you can just give me two bags of rice rather than the flour… …

But upon second thought, it was good to just have some, and one should not be picky. So she did not mention it.

After a while, Chen Hang came back down, a bag in each hand. “Is your place far? How about I help you carry it over?”

Yun Ling looked deeply at him. “Nearby, three minutes by walking.”

Chen Hang was even more enthusiastic. “You are a girl, and you have to carry the shield as well. It is not convenient for you to carry the rice and flour. Let’s go, I will see you back!”

Yun Ling did not refuse, and led the way.

When leaving, Chen Hang told his wife to lock the doors and windows, and not open them for anyone. Then he carried the rice and grains, idly asking questions as they walked.

For example, what were the skills like.

For example, what was the use in things that monsters dropped.

For example, how to live better.

At the start of the game, he closed the door, stayed inside, and protected his wife and child. It was safe, but this meant that he had no knowledge of the present situation. It was rare to encounter a veteran player, and he used the excuse of helping to cram in general knowledge.

Back when Chen Hang mentioned coming to help, Yun Ling guessed his intention.

Thinking that she had Strength 3, and it would tire her to carry the food, she did not refuse and let Chen Hang follow.

The two chatted as they walked, and soon returned to the camp.

“You live here?” Chen Hang was stunned.

In his mind, this place was empty, and had nothing. How could a person live here?

“This is a camp that appeared at the start of the game, akin to a safe area,” Yun Ling said. “While the living conditions are not good, I can have a good sleep.”

If she slept in the bedroom, after she was asleep, and a monster came to make an ambush … Chen Hang felt cold creep up his back and could not help but shudder.

“Give it to me.” Yun Ling stretched out her hand.

“Where to put it? I’ll carry it over for you.” Chen Hang thought since he had carried this entire way, he would not lack the last few steps.

Yun Ling said, “Give it to me, you cannot enter.”

Chen Hang, “… …”

He gave over the bag of rice and flour.

Yun Ling took them and went to the warehouse.

Chen Hang wanted to follow but received a system notification of entry not permitted.

He tried to break through but was stopped by an invisible barrier. No matter what he did, he could not enter.

Just like in a game! Chen Hang was shocked inside.

Yun Ling put the grains away and walked out of the warehouse. “I am going to search for food. I will see you back first.”

On the way back, Chen Hang became distinctly silent.

Two goblins came charging over, swinging their sticks. Yun Ling saw that her HP was full and did not hide.

Half a minute later, the battle finished.

Yun Ling put away the copper coins and linen cloth.

Chen Hang had a bitter tone. “… … If I also have skills and weapons, will I be able to kill monsters like you?”

“Possibly.” Yun Ling thought she was not good at fighting.

The two did not talk afterwards.

Yun Ling saw him back to the noodle shop. Before leaving, she warned solemnly, “In the game’s early stages, it is fine to just lock the door. After two days, even if the doors are closed, the monsters will smash through them.”

“White cards are low level, but if you do not take them, other people will. By then, you will not be able to learn even if you want to.”

Chen Hang was shocked and felt a thread of coldness.

“Let’s go.” Yun Ling waved her hand and farewell.

Chen Hang saw Yun Ling off and sighed. “It is not good to keep on hiding. I need to find a way to kill monsters and level up.”

After parting with Chen Hang, Yun Ling looked up at the sky.

“Almost five.” She warned herself.

Time was limited. She could not go to places far away. So Yun Ling roamed aimlessly, killing monsters and searching for equipment cards.

Thirty minutes later, she found a blue card in a corner.

[Name: Honor Badge]

Quality: Premium

Equip Effect: Each time you kill a monster, you get 2 copper coins, and restore 5 HP.

Note: Each player can only hold one income type equipment.

Increase income and also recover HP. What was there to hesitate about? Yun Ling immediately chose to equip it.

The saying was that good things came in pairs. After getting the badge, an equipment dropped after fighting a monster.

[Name: Goblin Ring]

Quality: Normal

Equip Effect: +2 Strength.

Yun Ling was pleased. “Now, it will be much easier to move things.”

At this point, she had the round shield, the cloth shoes, the Honor Badge, and the Goblin Ring. Four of her six equipment slots were being used.

Yun Ling saw the sky was dark and did not dare to linger, taking the drops and hurrying back.

Rising Cloud Camp.

Wei Qing touched the 14 copper coins, two pieces of linen cloth and a piece of wood in his pocket. He calculated what kind of dinner he could trade for.

Chicken drumsticks were not likely.

How about some pieces of bread? Eat half tonight, and the rest tomorrow morning?

Wei Qing thought repeatedly. Before he could decide, a notification suddenly jumped in front of him, [It is dark. Non-residents cannot stay in the camp. Please leave in 5 minutes. ]

Wei Qing, “… …”

They had to pay to stay the night in the camp. Was there any reason in the world?

As a player with self-respect, of course he paid to stay!

His 14 copper coins immediately turned to 9, and he had to keep 5 to pay for rent tomorrow. Wei Qing was worried. He might not get enough to eat today.

He only worried about his food. Others were so poor they could not help but shout, “Pay 5 copper coins for 24 hours of being a temporary resident? Why don’t they just steal!”

Someone said, “I killed two monsters, and only got 5 copper coins. This is my hard-earned money!”

“No matter if you pay or not, I won’t pay,” another player said stubbornly.

Just as 6 o’clock passed, the people who did not pay felt their sight blur and they were transported out of the camp.

The players in the camp, “… …”

The players outside the camp, “… …”

“The game design is like this. Can you out-stubborn the system?” Some people gave up and paid the 5 copper coins. They then received the temporary resident status, and were allowed into the camp.

Some were furious. “What stupid place is this! I won’t stay here!”

Then they left in anger.

When Yun Ling was returning, she managed to pass by this person.

“From 8 o’clock in the morning to 6 o’clock in the evening, this is daytime. All other times are nighttime,” she warned all the players present. “It is better to not go out at night.”

Someone asked, “What if we go out then?”

Yun Ling said, “The monsters have night vision. They may hide in the shadows and make sneak attacks.”

During the beta, night was the offline time. No one would risk their lives moving outside the camps. Those that were confident and thought they were the exception all died in the end.

Night vision!

Those that had played online games all knew how annoying the ability was.

They did not have good vision, but their opponents had great vision and were able to see everything clearly. They would lose without even fighting.

Two people who had wanted to save money heard that the monsters had night vision, and immediately paid and returned to camp — if they spent copper, they could save up again, but if they lost their lives, they had nothing!

One person only had 4 copper coins, and went almost mad. “Who can lend me 1 copper coin? I will return double tomorrow!”

He shouted for a while but everyone ignored him.

First, everyone had a hard time, and there were not many with extra coins. Second … who knew if he would pay back double tomorrow, or would he run away, or get killed by monsters?

If they were good people now, what happened if they did not have enough copper tomorrow and were stuck outside of the camp?

“Just 1 copper coin! Just 1 copper coin, help me!” that person begged.

Six o’clock passed and the night came.

Instantly, the surroundings were pitch black. Visibility decreased to less than half a meter.

That person stood alone outside the camp and felt very unsafe.

“Do you have any drop items?” Yun Ling asked.

“Yes, yes!” That person hurriedly took out a piece of wood and a ball of silk thread from his bag. “I’ll give all these to you, just give me 1 copper coin!”

Yun Ling took the materials and handed over the coin.

After paying the fee, that person rushed into the camp and felt he had saved a life …

In the evening, the bonfire lit up on its own. Yun Ling added wood to the fire, and made sure there was enough fuel to last the entire night.

Wei Qing asked hesitantly, “It seems you are very good at this?”

“I played similar games.” Yun Ling went into the warehouse to unload the items.

The bonfire lit the entire camp.

The players gathered in twos or three, or sat alone in the corners, eating bread as they thought about things.

A moment later, Yun Ling came out of the warehouse. “What materials do you have? What do you want to trade for?”

Wei Qing took out the linen cloth and wood plus 3 copper coins. He tried to bargain, “The same as in the afternoon. One bottle of water, one bag of biscuits.”

“Okay.” Yun Ling handed him the biscuits and water.

Wei Qing sighed in relief. He took the biscuits and shoved them into his mouth — he had not eaten at noon, and hadn’t been full after the biscuits this afternoon. He was very hungry now.

if one did not set up to display status, only the individual could see their attributes. Due to this, people did not have to worry about others peeping. Yun Ling ate dinner as she inspected her attribute window.

The window showed —

[Population Capacity: 200]

[Existing Residents: 18 (Temporary Residents 17)]

In other words, other than Yun Ling, there were 17 temporary residents in the camp.

This meant that the territory would have 85 copper coins of income today.

Yun Ling ate some biscuits to fill her stomach. Then she stood up and loudly announced, “Buying linen cloth! 1 piece of linen cloth for 1 copper coin. Those interested, come quickly!”

Someone came close, but not to trade, but for inquiry. “What is the use in linen cloth?”

Yun Ling answered, “I do not know, I need materials to experiment.”

That person did not believe it. “You do not know the exact use but you are willing to pay to buy?”

“Yes, willing,” Yun Ling said calmly.

That person stared at Yun Ling for a while and then retreated.

Yun Ling was not in a hurry. This person was not willing, but there always were willing people.

As expected, after waiting patiently for five minutes, people came to trade with her.

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