傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S06-C03 “Celestial School District”

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Last chapter recap: Aofeng has a target on, and Yun Qinghong promises to have, her back


Chapter 3 – Celestial School District

When the lazy man suddenly grew serious, the strange smile on his lips and the reassuring confidence seemed to steal people’s souls away.

Aofeng’s heart skipped a beat without warning. She lost focus for a moment. She had to admit that this man who gave off a mature charisma was a fatal attraction to any woman!

Aofeng was unused to this feeling as though someone had broken free of her control. She undetectably pulled her hand back and made a sound of acknowledgement.

Yun Qinghong did not mind and laughed softly. He resumed his indolence, affection in his deep and lazy eyes as he walked side by side with her.

They walked on the limestone path and entered a small side door. The surroundings suddenly widened around them.

An enormous rectangular training field the size of a soccer field 1 appeared in view. Just as she walked in, Aofeng felt a flash of light. She couldn’t help but open her mouth slightly and inhale in shock.

The ten people behind them walked in and were all stunned. They even forgot their hostility towards Aofeng.

This entire field was paved with transparent obsidian, and the flowing blue liquid below gave off power.

Four enormous blue obsidian pillars stood around the field. They were tall enough they could be seen from a great distance and were filled with blue fluid. They seemed to form a boundary around the training field so that the power would not spill out.

At the center of the field, there was an enormous and beautiful diagram carved with deep lines. Aofeng looked closely and found this was the covenant pattern that would appear when magisters summoned their beasts. This pattern had seven thick points and symbolized the rank above a magus scholar, a rank six magister. At this time, the rank seven star pattern had three silver swords in the seventh point. Aofeng felt that this might represent the strongest that had appeared from the Imperial School.

Cultivating in this place would lead to better results! No wonder the Imperial School produced so many celestial magisters to rival the four magister families who had their own special skills. The celestial school district was the holy land for magisters to cultivate!

“Such style! They used liquid valtz to pave the entire plaza!” Yun Qinghong wore a wood mask so his expression could not be seen but his eyes showed slight surprise. Not many things could cause him to change expression and this showed just how shocking this field was.

“Valtz?” Aofeng’s brow moved and she looked curiously at him.

Yun Qinghong looked around, and his defined lips rose slightly. He explained, “Valtz is a kind of crystal marrow from the best part of the obsidian crystal. It has terrifying effects on cultivation. Highly concentrated valtz can make a senior magister rise several sword levels if they consume just a drop, without any side effects. It is even better than spirit fruits. You can use as much as you want. Because of this, valtz is extremely valuable.”

“There is something as good as this …” Aofeng blinked and became interested. “If someone uses this to build an expert, would they not even have to cultivate?”

“There is nothing that is absolutely fair in the world. Experts built using valtz and spirit fruits exist. They are born in the top families, and do not need to cultivate. But these people are rare. One drop of pure valtz liquid is worth one billion obsidian. How many people do you think can afford this?” Yun Qinghong shrugged as he gave a stunning figure that made Aofeng jump in fright.

Currency would only be recognized by the people if it had enough value. Luska worshiped strength above all. So as the currency, obsidian had some slight effects on increasing cultivation. But valtz was different. It had more obvious effects but was even more valuable.

A tiny drop would cost a billion obsidian. Even a celestial rank expert would have a hard time buying one drop. Building an expert using this thing was not realistic. Consuming just one drop was great fortune.

Aofeng looked around and said in amazement, “How much money was put into making this field? Aren’t they afraid of being robbed?”

“The Imperial School has many experts. No one would be able to steal it, and they would not be able to consume it even if they succeeded. Diluted valtz is extremely toxic. It has no use except when it is wrapped up in obsidian like this to form an enormous field.” Yun Qinghong smiled and looked at the blue pillars. “Each of the pillars have at least a hundred valtz droplets. The floor is made from thousands of diluted drops. The Imperial School is really grand.”

Aofeng nodded after her shock passed. She stepped onto the field with Yun Qinghong.

Passing over the deep boundary, Aofeng felt as though her mind was cleansed by pure water and grew more energized and refreshed. Her shamanic power flowed faster around her. She rejoiced at her own wisdom. This field was of great benefit to experts of celestial rank and above, and more magical than the celestial rank breakthrough spells of the four magister families.

There were only a thousand people in the celestial school district, and they were all gathered here to welcome new students. Aofeng looked around as she walked. Most of the people were in their twenties and thirties. A rare few had white in their hair and were older than forty. The age range in the school was large, and Aofeng and the other new students were the youngest.

As they walked in, the people who were around, sitting or cultivating, opened their bright eyes and whispered to each other.

“That new person, Principal Lan Xiu’s student, the youngest spirit magister of the continent.”

“So young? I do not see any strength. I heard that those people in the Battle Hall are raging after hearing the news yesterday. When they welcome the new students, I fear this young one will encounter some hardship.”

“Tsk tsk, a slender figure, can it withstand a kick from Ye Sha?”

Aofeng’s hearing was keen and she could hear the words of other people clearly. As expected, not many here respected her. They all wanted to see her brought down.

“Ye Sha, is he the strongest person in Battle Hall?” Aofeng rubbed her chin and thought.

As her thoughts spun, her heart jumped, and a dark fiendish energy suddenly rolled across the entire field. People could not avoid frowning. Aofeng felt pressured by this cold presence and hurriedly focused. Her expression grew grave, her eyes flickered. Just based on this vicious fiendish energy, this person was not an idle one.

She followed everyone’s gaze. At another door to the field, another energized group appeared. While they had not arrived, a force had pushed aside the crowds. A tall youth with cold features and a dangerous aura led a group of people from the inner hall.

The youth was tall, wide and unusually healthy. He had a thick scar on his face that seemed to have been made by a sharp weapon. The scar stretched from one cheek to another across his nose. His handsome face was damaged by this scar. However, the scar added a hint of wildness to him. His long hair was tied up at his waist, and he had another kind of masculine beauty.

Compared to him, Lei Yufeng was a young and white face.

“They are here! It’s Ye Sha!” Whispers came from the crowd. Everyone’s gaze held reverence.

The passageway made by the crowd led straight over to Aofeng. Fifty pairs of eyes focused on Aofeng. They were amused like cats playing with mice.

What attracted Aofeng’s attention were the seven people at the front.

Five males, two females. Other than Ye Sha who appeared to be in his late twenties, everyone else was in their thirties. Ye Sha was at the center, and the other six people were to the left and right of him. All of them had calm expressions. When the people at the rear stopped, they still advanced, and a fierce pressure rushed at Aofeng and the new students!

An initial show of strength!

Without any words, they impatiently started to pressure the new students in a wild and crude manner.

The teachers had not arrived. Even if they were present, they would not stop this kind of intimidation. The youths who were just accepted were usually proud. Only experts from the Battle Hall could wear away their unparalleled pride so they would focus on cultivation. This would always occur. These seven students were the strongest seven of the Battle Hall.

Yun Qinghong looked with flashing eyes at Ye Sha. His smile grew deeper. “A seven-sword celestial magister, this boy is not bad.”

“Not bad?” Aofeng, who heard his low murmur, stared. She was greatly affected. A seven-sword celestial magister was near the top, and he just said he was “not bad.”

Aofeng knew that Yun Qinghong was mysterious and very powerful. But when she heard him judge a seven-sword celestial magister like this, she couldn’t help but wonder how strong was he? How did he manage to determine Ye Sha’s magister level?

“Careful, they are here,” Yun Qinghong warned Aofeng. At the same time, a brick wall of pressure arrived.

The pressure was unusually vast in presence and formed a hard wind that caused Aofeng’s black robes and long hair to fly up and reveal the fighting robes she wore underneath. With several muffled grunts, several new students behind Aofeng took multiple steps back. Their faces were pale and their eyes filled with shock.

At this moment, these students realized how powerful the experts of the Imperial School were. They did not have any more pride as they retreated to the side.

“Hm?” Ye Sha’s brow rose up. He looked at the two people at the center, and couldn’t help but make a sound. Shock flashed through his eyes.

The older students, who were spectating despite the pressure, also became surprised as their eyes widened.

“No way, those two did not even step back.”

The chaotic wind blew against them, but Aofeng and Yun Qinghong did not move a step in the wind. It was a delusion to think that pressure of this degree could force them back.

“Do not be polite, give them something to see.” Yun Qinghong lazily raised a hand. A sharp light flashed through his slightly narrowed eyes. At his fingertips, light blue light suddenly flashed out …

Aofeng’s desire to win was undisguised in her eyes. She laughed coldly. She also raised her hand and flickered her fingers.

Editor’s ramblings: Welcome to the cultivator economy, where you can spend trillions of obsidian on a training field. In comparison, a loaf of bread costs a few coppers. I’m not sure the conversion rate from copper to obsidian is ever given, but 100 gold is 1 gem coin and 100 gem coins is 1 obsidian, so this training field is worth tens of quadrillions of gold.

Translator Ramblings: Smash has kindly made an up to date glossary that’s now on the glossary page. In terms of money, I think the money escalation really got away from the author, but economics is not the focus of the story … so I guess we just have to go with it.

Chapter 2 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 4


  1. From the editor: A regulation soccer field for international play is between 64 and 75 meters wide and 100 to 110 meters long. (210-245 feet by 330-360 feet.) 
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      1. Yun Qinghong looked with flashing eyes at Yun Qinghong. His smile grew deeper. “A seven-sword celestial magister, this boy is not bad.”

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