Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 9 “Miracle Army”

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**Chapter Nine: Miracle Army **

At the start, no one paid attention because the woman did not walk fast and was dressed normally. But when she appeared at the edge of the group of the people at the lake, and moved past the strong men and cultivators, moving away from the crowd, she first attracted attention from the Chu people by the shore. Their gazes first turned back from the epic battle to look at her.

“Miss, come back!”

Some of the women who were very scared were the first to shout, but this did not stop her steps.

She moved away from the crowd at the edge of the lake, and walked slowly with firm steps. Her figure appeared more and more lonely, her shadow drew out under the bloody sun but gave off an intimidating vibe.

People started to realize what she was going to do, and their breathing and bodies started to grow heavy.

Ji Xingbai was the only cultivator who knew her real identity. Seeing her walk, he first thought of his family members. He knew, if he walked with her towards that battlefield, he likely would never see the family he missed so much again. But looking at her back, his feet started to uncontrollably move.

He became the second person to leave the crowd at the edge of the lake.

Heretofore, Consort Zhao Xiang was unknown among these Chu people, but he was different. At many times, he had been thought of as the person who saved these Chu people.

When he walked out of the crowd and followed the woman in front of him picking his pace towards the battlefield, more and more people started to leave the crowd and walk towards the battlefield. These people seemed to have invisible chains that pulled more and more people out of the crowd and away from the relatively safe shore.

“So what if it is death!”

Someone sighed as they walked out of the crowd.

Such words were like a pebble that broke the silence.

“So what if I die!”

More and more voices sounded, and then became shouts!

“All in!”


“Get revenge for our dead brothers and relatives!”

The furious shouts erupted like a volcano. They were not just the healthy, young or cultivators, even the unarmed women and the weak in the crowd started to walk behind the people ahead, and then they started to run.

Seventy thousand Chu people dressed in different ways and extremely frail, but at this time, as they started to run, the water of this shallow lake started to shake with their footsteps. Beads of water broke free from the surface and jumped up.


“What revenge?”

There was a Qin reserve cavalry who had been on a hill all this time and looking down at the Chu people. As the people left the lake shore and started to run, a general in this cavalry troop sneered.

For such a large battle, these seventy thousand Chu people had been accounted for by the Qin military, especially as the Qin cavalry reserve had participated in the killing of the Chu troop who had brought food. He never doubted that the Chu people who had seen that troop die would have their spirits roused and would join the fight. But was there any use in their spirits?

Among these seventy thousand Chu people, the young and the healthy were only a fifth or so, and most of them had never trained for battle before. Even if there were some cultivators, these people did not have the combat power of the thousand elite cavalry who had come to their deaths.

The seventy thousand people had a great presence as they moved forward, but how long could their bravery last? When their bravery faded, the people would be lambs fleeing on the plains.

“Kill her.” This general looked coldly at the woman at the front.

The first to walk out would naturally pay with the price of death.

As he coldly spoke and dropped his left hand, dozens of green seal weapons behind him gave strange hums. The primal energies of the universe moved through the seal scripts like venomous snakes, and then surged out as green flames, attaching to the arrows shooting out of the seal weapons, flying into the sky and then dropping.

A rain of green fire fell from the sky, and covered the woman walking at the front.

The muddy earth was burned until they cracked, and then burned red by the heat until they turned to magma. The heat and the flames erupting from the ground formed a hell. An air bubble came out of the magma and exploded.

The advancing Chu people suddenly stopped. Looking at the sea of fire that had abruptly appeared in front of them, many people’s minds were blank.

The Qin general who had sent the order smiled, his eyes narrowing. But in the next moment, his expression froze.

On the hot ground, among the light, a figure was steadily moving forward. When the hot steam lifted, almost all the Chu people could see the figure of the woman.

She did not seem to be affected at all. The woman walked through the magma and fire. Even her clothing was not harmed.

Many Chu people gaped, but they could not understand their own emotions and could not make any sound.

She was facing the cavalry on the hill. The pupils of the Qin general and all the soldiers contracted, and they felt a wave of cold.

At this time, other than moving forward, she made another move. She slowly and patiently untied a bag she was carrying. There was a robe in the bag, and then she put on the bag.

This piece of clothing had rich color, and in the dim world where the bloody mist covered the sun, it still shone with blinding light, so everyone was slightly dazzled when they first saw it. Even more importantly, the decoration pattern of the clothing was a flying phoenix. This was a true phoenix robe. When tied at the slender waist, it was eye-catching.

At this moment, almost all the shocking beauty in the world seemed to gather on this woman with the colors of the clothing.

This was the empress robe of the Chu Dynasty. Only the legendary demon consort of the Chu Dynasty, the present empress dowager, could possess and wear such clothing, could have such a presence that changed the world, and such beauty and majesty.

“She is the empress dowager!”

“The Holy Empress Dowager, she…”

In the next instant, these seventy thousand Chu people went berserk. In history, there were many incidents of rulers going to war in person, but never had such one gone into such danger, not being protected by the army, but walking fearlessly alone at the front towards the enemy army.

The seventy thousand Chu people were in a frenzy. After a still moment, they started to furiously sprint.

Many of the Chu soldiers on the bloody battlefield in the distance started to notice the abnormality over here, and heard the burning shouts. Then they saw the color. Then the Chu soldiers went mad. It was like avalanches were occurring all over the battlefield, the mad shouts echoing through the formation.


Their sight was covered by a layer of bloody red. The Qin general on the hill gave a beastly shout after a moment. Before waiting for the troops behind him to move, he charged. The red horse under him was wrapped up in the primal energies of the universe coming off him, and seemed to fly, burning like the dusk clouds.

A rush.

The cavalry behind him also went mad, charging down towards the beautiful color.

This Qin general and the cavalry behind him all knew the cultivation of this Demon Consort Zhao. Men of the nobles who had tried to overthrow her had been beat down by her hands, but they also knew, even if their cavalry troop could not kill her, if the army behind them could kill this woman, then the war would stop.

With a harsh shout, the general charging at the front jumped with his combat horse. His vital energy and blood started to burn. He even pulled out the blood of the horse under him to gather into the seal scripts of the long sword in his hand. The bloody colored sword in his hand became a bloody cloud hundreds of feet wide and charged viciously toward Consort Zhao Xiang’s chest.

But in this moment, Consort Zhao Xiang disappeared from his sight. Then, he saw her hand appear on his forehead.

“It is useless. Even with this miracle army, even if you can make your way into the flank, it is not enough to change the result of the battle,” before his forehead cracked open, he spat and said to the woman.

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