Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 10 “Chu Weapons”

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Chapter Ten: Chu Weapons

The bloody cloud dozens of feet wide and the headless corpse of the general landed behind Consort Zhao Xiang.

Consort Zhao Xiang’s fist had no blood on it at all, as clean as white jade. She just kept steadily walking forward, towards the furiously charging cavalry.

Three flying swords came howling down, attacking her forehead, chest, and back. As the flying swords came, so did four cultivators at the front. They jumped off the horses, the primal energies of the universe around them burning like flames and they were almost as fast as the three incoming flying swords. The three flying swords and the four cultivators formed a powerful formation, sealing off all paths of retreat.

Facing the attacks from the three flying swords and the four cultivators, Consort Zhao Xiang’s steady steps did not change. However, the power surging off the ground from under her feet changed greatly, and caused her body to speed up.

There were no extra movements. She just crashed forward. Her body collided with the flying sword, and then crashed into the four cultivators in front of her.


The sword broke and the bone and flesh was destroyed. The three flying swords were all snapped in half, the bodies of the four cultivators turning to pieces of bone and flesh that flew outwards.

Consort Zhao Xiang’s body passed through the bloody mist and kept on walking at her previous pace. Her face did not change at all, as though all this had nothing to do with her. Her skin appeared especially white and tender in the light of the bright phoenix robe, glowing and fragile like jelly. No one could relate this to the strongest metal alloy in the world.

“So it is really her!”

But the scene in this instant caused many cultivators who had still had doubts to dismiss them. Because all of the cultivators with some knowledge in the world knew that Consort Zhao Xiang cultivated the “Celestial Heavy Metal Body.” This method had once been thought of as very stupid and useless, just one for someone to get beat down, but she cultivated it to the extreme. Her body was her most terrifying weapon. She cultivated her body.

Seeing the three flying swords snap when they hit her, and the four cultivators get crushed into flesh and bone, the Chu people behind her seemed to wake up.

“Holy Empress Dowager!”

The shouts that came at this time were like an avalanche.

All of the Chu people who had stopped previously because of their shock started to run again. Their bodies were in a state of hot bloodedness where they forgot their tiredness and pain. Their feet stepped on the ground of cooling magma, the soles of their shoes burning, but they did not seem to feel the smoke coming from beneath their feet.

The Chu army who was in a hard battle also shouted. At this moment, the tens of thousands of Chu soldiers and the seventy thousand “Chu refugees” seemed to merge into one.

Consort Zhao Xiang crushed the incoming cavalry. Her fists attacked casually. As she moved, she was like an enormous scythe, easily cutting the troops apart from the middle and creating two waves of blood from the center.

Pang pang pang pang ….

More sounds of blood and flesh being torn erupted.

As the Chu people behind her flooded in, many Chu people fell down, but the elite Qin cavalry troop disappeared and drowned in the flood of people.

Consort Zhao Xiang looked up. Her expression finally changed and showed a hint of pride. Then she raised her head and shouted, “Wei Wujiu! Old Wei, do you dare to fight me!”

Her cultivation method was different from all other cultivators in the world. Her body was her lifebond item, and her body was peerlessly strong. When she shouted at the top of her lungs, her voice was enormous, and roared in the world like thunder. It even felt like it drowned out all the sounds of the battlefield.

Other than the volume, her spirit was also vast. Her spirit was one of looking down on the world. She even dismissed the countless Qin soldiers below.

“This woman is mad.”

At the rear of the Qin troops, on a hill not far from where she was now, a troop slowly appeared. At the very front was an old and thin horse. On the old horse was Wei Wujiu, who she called Old Wei.

After cursing, Wei Wujiu looked down, and seemed to say to himself scornfully, “This is a battle between armies. Do you think this is a conflict between gangsters just playing house?”

The roar was like thunder, and carried far.

No one responded.

A scornful smile appeared faintly on Consort Zhao Xiang’s lips. Then she shouted again, “Wei Wujiu, Old Wei! Do you dare to fight!”

“Wei Wujiu! Old Wei! Do you dare to fight!”

“Wei Wujiu! Old Wei! Do you dare to fight!”

Her three shouts echoed into the mountains. Her voice mixed together, and it sounded like there were countless people pointing and shouting at the battlefield. As she shouted, she did not stop walking. Her figure drew away from the seventy thousand Chu people madly running after her, and even Ji Xingbai was far behind.

No one accepted the challenge.

A great movement occurred in the Qin flank army she was facing. An enormous troop left the flank, and headed towards the lone woman like a giant tentacle.

Ji Xingbai paled.

Many of the small things on the ground in front of him started to jump off the ground due to the vibrations of the ground, and even small beads of blood were shaken off. Other than heavy things hitting the ground, the cause of the vibration was the vibration of energy.

This was an enormous group of seal chariots. The energy contained in the chariots had been completely activated, and pulsed out freely from the seal scripts, and forming shadows of dragons and tigers around the chariots. These chariots seemed to be shrouded in dragons and tigers. They did not seem to be moving on the ground but flying in the air.

The Qin chariots had been better than the other dynasties, and were made to fight against the powerful weapons of powerful cultivators. The battle was already so intense, but in the flank, there was such a strong troop that had been hidden so well. It was shocking.

But what caused Ji Xingbai to feel cold all over was that there were iron chains behind these chariots pulling on multiple statues of celestials. Those were Chu weapons, the strongest Chu weapons of the Chu army.

The appearance of these celestials were slightly different from the Chu’s strongest seal weapon “Flying Heaven” but were very similar. Even more importantly, even from far away, even with his cultivation, the primal energies of the universe coming off these celestials were almost the same as “Flying Heaven.”

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