傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S06-C04 “A Violent Confrontation”

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Chapter 4 – A Violent Confrontation

Blue energy flashed. Under everyone’s eyes, Qin Aofeng and Yun Qinghong worked together to create a blue wall of energy in front of them. This blocked the pressure from Ye Sha and the others, and also broke the thick energy wave and reflected it back at the fifty experts from Battle Hall!

Provocation! This was a naked provocation!

The wind reversed direction. Everyone’s hair that had been blown up in the wind suddenly blew back. Some people’s faces were covered by their hair, but their eyes were wide!

The blue light was unusually bright and reflected in their eyes. Their amusement completely faded and left behind only shock!

Ye Sha and the six who were at the front felt the attack most deeply and were the most shocked. They thought the new students were nothing and some pressure would cause them to retreat so they had not taken it seriously. The original intention was intimidation. There was no need to injure anyone. If Aofeng had not been in this group, and they had not felt enmity against her, they would not have released such great pressure.

No one would have thought the two new boys did not retreat under this great pressure, and even managed to release the light blue energy of celestial rank experts!

Everyone was almost driven mad by this strange scene. One man pointed at the light blue shield with a trembling figure and stammered, “Sha-sha … shamanic power …”

Then exclamations started to rise and fall. “Celestial magister! These two are both celestial magisters!”

“Is this right? A few months ago, he became a spirit magister, and now a celestial magister?” A relatively older student shouted. Then he cursed in fury and grief, “Damn it, is he human?”

The Imperial School had a long history, and there were people who joined when they were celestial magisters. But Aofeng was young. What amazed people was not that she was a celestial magister, but the terrifying growth rate.

A fifteen-year-old spirit magister was enough to terrify many people. From then to now it has been only half a year. In such a short amount of time, Aofeng managed to jump to a celestial magister. Was this anything other than freakish? Her title became something of the past. Starting today, she would have an even bigger and brighter halo!

The youngest celestial magister of the continent!

“Block them, quick!” Ye Sha quickly reacted. His sense of danger made him skilled in reacting to unexpected circumstances due to the dangers he frequently encountered. His strong and long arms went forward as he increased the amount of shamanic power he exuded.

The other six were a beat slower than him. After a momentary pause, they increased their output and light blue shamanic power flooded out.

The two bursts of light blue power, like two ocean waves, collided heavily in the air. They quickly disappeared, and a ripple appeared. The spectating students felt as though giant stones had rolled over them. They had to channel magic in order to tolerate this. At the center, the wild wind became a terrifying cyclone.

“Retreat!” The spectators were almost frightened to death. If they were caught in the cyclone and were just spirit magisters, they would be half-dead!

The noisy crowd desperately retreated back. On the field, the two factions still fought each other. No one was willing to take a step back. One side represented the honor of the older students. If Aofeng and Yun Qinghong defeated them, what authority would the Battle Hall experts have? On the other side, Aofeng and Yun Qinghong were young and spirited. They would not retreat or stand down.

At this moment, it was impossible to stop!

“How are these two so strong?” Time passed in seconds. Ye Sha stared at the pair in front of him and grew more amazed. The more time passed, the more disadvantageous it was for the pair. However, after so long, they did not show any signs of running out of strength and could still face the group of seven.

A female magister next to him couldn’t resist saying, “This is outrageous …”

What did it mean when the two of them were able to match the seven strongest experts of Battle Hall, especially when Ye Sha was a seven-sword celestial magister?

The Battle Hall seven had grave expressions but Aofeng was relaxed. Due to the density of spirit energy, the Magus Divinity Power Source sped up inside her energy center and constantly pulled in power from the outside without slowing down. The power she used up would quickly be replenished, and her meridians expanded as she expelled and absorbed power to her great surprise.

Of course, she would not be able to stand against these seven experts alone. Next to her, Yun Qinghong stood tall, his black eyes slightly narrowed and his lips slightly curved as though he was not using much energy at all. Thick terrifying power poured off him, and he seemed to casually block most of the pressure.

Aofeng’s eyes flashed as she glanced at him. She did not know how strong he was, but from this struggle and his opinion of Ye Sha, she was certain Yun Qinghong was stronger than him.

In other words, above a seven-sword celestial magister!

The cyclone in the center had reached a terrifying size. A sky-high twister slowly formed under everyone’s shocked gazes.

“Mother, so wild!”

“This cannot continue! We will die!” people shouted in fear. They all retreated to the borders of the field, but the aftermath of the wild wind came in a destructive manner. Many people accidentally got some deep wounds on their faces. The roaring power attracted all the tears in the celestial student district.

The two groups at the center of the storm had not expected a situation like this. They stopped their energy struggle, and focused on making sure they would not be wounded by the twister. When the power reached a certain peak, the obsidian crystal pillars in the surroundings lit up. The enormous rank seven star pattern shone brightly and absorbed all the loose power!

In the blink of an eye, the terrifying twister disappeared, and did not cause any damage.

“Lucky that a star diagram was laid out in the celestial school district. Otherwise, that power would turn the nearby districts into ruins.” Some of the Battle Hall experts patted their chests in relief as they watched from the distance.

After the wind passed, the students opened their eyes and looked at the two sides at the center.

Only Aofeng, Yun Qinghong, and the group of seven led by Ye Sha stood in the middle of the enormous plaza.

The two sides were still staring at each other. No one had taken a step back. This showed a terrifying truth. In this struggle, the two insane people managed to reach a standstill with the seven experts of the Battle Hall!

Two against seven! This was two new students against seven top Battle Hall experts!

“No wonder Principal Lan Xiu took a student. Terrifying.” The new students behind Yun Qinghong and Aofeng who had originally been eager gaped at the pair with shock. Heavens, they had wanted to fight these two freaks. They felt fear just thinking about it now.

Luckily they had not. Otherwise, they could predict terrible outcomes for themselves.

“You are strong.” Ye Sha panged. His fiendish aura retreated slightly. He stared coldly at Aofeng and said, “But I do not think I lost to you. If not for him, and we were fighting one on one, you would not even last a minute!”

As a seven-sword celestial magister, Ye Sha had keen eyes. From the struggle, he could feel that Aofeng’s strength was just supplementary. The one that they truly fought was that seemingly harmless and lazy man. After this struggle, his group all felt slightly weak, but this man didn’t even breathe heavily!

Ye Sha understood he was not as good as this man. He accepted this.

Yun Qinghong did not show any signs of effort. But this time, he only stood next to Aofeng and smiled casually. He did not say a thing. He understood Aofeng’s personality and would not stand up at this moment.

“You have to try to see if I can withstand it for a minute.” Aofeng tightened her robe and said coldly. “Real combat is not a competition of magic. Your magister rank may be much higher than mine, but you may not be able to defeat me.”

“You want to say that magus beasts are also a part of strength?” Ye Sha said coldly. “I know that you may have a powerful divine beast, but there are always better. You are not the only one with a powerful magus beast! You are strong, you can be proud, but not arrogant!”

As he spoke, a silver five point celestial star of a seven-sword celestial magister appeared under his feet. A blue figure expanded with the sounds of waves. A long fish-like magus beast flew behind Ye Sha, its sharp teeth intimidating. This was the king of the seas, a shark!

“Celestial Blue Shark, nine-star divine beast, as expected of the top genius of the Imperial School. With this, even ordinary combat teams from Central Cloud City will not be able to …” A hint of worry flashed through Yun Qinghong’s eyes. He glanced at Aofeng. If possible, he did not want to harm Aofeng’s self-esteem and pride. But if there was true danger, he would not just stand and watch.

Ye Sha stared at Aofeng. He was not boasting in saying he was very strong in both magister strength and magus beasts. As the strongest genius of the Imperial School, he was behind Qin Aotian only because of the age difference.

He thought that Aofeng should understand and retreat, but what came in return was a cold laugh.

“A nine-star divine beast is amazing!” Aofeng took a few steps forward, and showed a devious mirth in her eyes. “However, you miss one point. I once heard an unfortunate friend say, those with more beasts can bully those with less!”

As she finished speaking, an enormous five point celestial star appeared under Aofeng’s feet. Then light shone in the sky, the silver light almost blinding people.

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