Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 14 “Marquis”

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Chapter Fourteen: Marquis

“This is not fair!”

One of the swordsmen following the four grandmasters shouted furiously. His flying sword drew a white line in the air and pointed at Xiang Yan’s chest.

This attack had no finesse at all, and did not even represent his cultivation, just his feelings and attitude at this moment. Being able to cut off the heads of four grandmasters in one slash. This appeared majestic, but it was at the price of sacrificing multiple teams of cultivators. In his view, Xiang Yan holding the dagger axe to display his power was just a lowly trick.

But when his furious shout was sounding, there were metallic rattles coming from the charging Gold Dagger Army soldiers. In the next moment, thousands of golden winds burst out from the Gold Dagger soldier formations and cut through the vacuum, and even formed an enormous golden wall that was falling down.

The terrifying metal rattling came from the gold dagger axes the soldiers were holding. The tip of the dagger axe shot off the weapon like a flying sword, and with the power of the vital energy and the internal mechanism, it was faster than ordinary flying swords.

When these dagger axe tips flew away from the rest of the weapon, their tails were still connected by thin silver chains. The silver chains had a cold air, and they were made from the silver snow metal produced by the Qianjiang Commandery, south of Chu.

Pang pang pang pang …

People below realm seven could not stop these thousands of golden light. There were many sounds of flesh being pierced. The dozens of cultivators who had followed the four grandmasters were pierced through by the dagger axes. The golden light passed through their bodies and created torrents of blood. The tips of the dagger axes pierced the bodies and then were quickly drawn back by the cold iron chains, once again creating sprays of blood.

“On the battlefield, there is only victory and defeat, no fairness,” one ordinary Gold Dagger soldier passed by this Qin cultivator who had been pierced through dozens of times and said coldly.

In a brief flash, four realm seven grandmasters had been beheaded, and dozens of cultivators were instantly killed.


The Chu army seemed to wake up, and gave unprecedented cheers and shouts.

Ever since Consort Zhao Xiang and this Gold Dagger army had appeared, there had been thunderous cheering coming from the Chu army several times, each time louder than the last. The world even felt like they would be destroyed by the vibrations.

Many Qin generals had ashen faces. They could see that the Gold Dagger army was near their limits, and they were just holding on by their resolve. But this was the case for large battles. What determined victory was momentum and resolve, and not the actual strength.

Now, the Chu army was berserk.

The key to victory was not Consort Zhao Xiang and the Gold Dagger army, but the main Chu army who had gone completely mad.


Wei Wujiu looked silently in the direction of Consort Zhao Xiang and the Gold Dagger army. Next, the flank of the Qin army there would be broken. But he had yet to give orders.

When the four grandmasters were killed and their heads landed on the gold dagger axe in front of Xiang Yan before falling to the ground like ordinary debris, a strange light appeared in his dark eyes. It seemed like a piece of wood that had been silently in the mud was burning.

He thought for a long while, and then started to walk in the direction of the remaining seventy thousand Chu people. More accurately, he was walking in the direction of Consort Zhao Xiang.

At this time, the troop following him knew his identity, and so when he started to walk, his troop was shocked.

One cultivator dressed like a strategist just like him quickly followed.

“Marquis, do not be impulsive. Both Consort Zhao Xiang and Xiang Yan’s actions are bait. They know that you are the general, and that you have never lost in a situation like this, so they are deliberately doing this.”

This cultivator could easily keep up with Wei Wujiu’s footsteps, meaning that his own cultivation was not far from the other. And being able to say such words at this time meant that this cultivator was one of Wei Wujiu’s closest confidants.

Looking at Wei Wujiu who did not immediately respond, this cultivator added, “They are deliberately humiliating… They want to lure you over. You are a marquis now, and the chief general of the army. There are countless people and lives tied up with you. You cannot think yourself an ordinary cultivator any longer.”

“You are correct.”

Wei Wujiu suddenly laughed and said, “But you spoke of defeat. Since victory and defeat has not been determined, how have I lost? Since she is there, I will naturally try to kill her.”

After a pause, he looked at the shocked cultivator next to him and said, “Right now, the other side are in high spirits, but when the flank breaks and before the Chu army and she meets, there is still an opportunity to kill her. If I do not dare to even try this, there will not be a place for the Wei Marquessate establishment in Changling after today.”

“An accomplishment built on ten thousand bones.” Wei Wujiu looked at the position where the four grandmasters had fallen, and said slowly in a cold voice, “What built up my military merit and the Wei Marquessate Establishment was not just the heads of the enemies, but also of my brothers.”

“So even Old Wei cannot sit still? Yes, most of his people have died.” On the hellish battlefield, an old person sighed, and then laughed proudly.

“Marquis,” the generals around him understood what he was going to do, and said in unison.

“I am old bones, it is the same no matter where I die. Being able to die here is the best, I will protect the Fang Marquessate Establishment and keep them safe.”

This old person straightened and started to walk, his figure speeding up until he was almost a blur. When a cultivator’s killing intent reached a certain strength, they would cause change in the flow of the primal energies of the universe. They could even change the shape of the clouds in the sky, and this was easier for other powerful cultivators to sense.

Even before these two people from the Qin thirteen marquises appeared in sight, Consort Zhao Xiang seemed to sense it. She frowned but also smiled, saying softly to herself, “It remains to be seen if you are able to kill me.”


The cultivator who was following Wei Wujiu could not control his killing intent and emotions. The vibrations of his presence caused a resonance in distant primal energies. As thunder roared, the primal energies gathered, and a bolt of purple lightning appeared in the sky which did not dissipate.

This enormous sound was a fuse which caused a chain explosion. The roars kept resounding in the sky, like giant mountains slighting and exploding with more stunning lights.

Each marquessate establishment naturally had terrifying power. When the marquises were going onto the battlefield, the experts under their command naturally all came out.

At this time, there were thirteen oceans of primal energy moving through the sky like giant mountains.

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