Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 13 “Gold Dagger”

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Chapter Thirteen: Gold Dagger

Sword energies split the wind. Multiple Qin grandmasters pushed their vital energy to their limits, moving oceans of primal energies of the universe from all directions to gather in their own sword essences. The energies in front of them were cut away, and formed a near vacuum. Even the dozens of cultivators chasing them got a lack of resistance and their sword light grew faster.

From the distance, it looked like multiple large meteors dragging along smaller meteors, creating a spectacular scene on the hellish battlefield.

“General, thank you for your teachings in these years. I will not be able to serve you in the future,” facing the wild wind, a Gold Dagger general next to Xiang Yan said respectfully. His hair tie was cut by the wind, and bloody marks appeared on his face.

“All Chu people will remember this battle,” Xiang Yan nodded and said.


Cold shouts rose from around him. Dozens of soldiers, including the general, suddenly sped up, turning into golden light that left the formation and faced the incoming Qin grandmasters first.

A dragon roar suddenly rang through the air.

When this dragon roar sounded in the sky-high above, among the many Qin grandmasters, the piercing sound of metal chains snapping came from the wide sleeves of an indigo robed swordsman. It was like an enormous and vicious beast had broken free of its fetters and liberated.

This indigo swordsman, with a face as white as jade, was looking calmly at Xiang Yan who was walking closer on the wind. He was the fastest among all the Qin grandmasters, and he faced the Gold Dagger general who had spoken to Xiang Yan first.

But these dozens of golden lights never existed in his sight. A dry presence surged out as the dragon roar sounded in the sky and his sleeve split. A yellow lifebond sword appeared in his hand, the color like a weathered wall in the desert. His lifebond sword seemed to be sweeping forward, but the light coming off the sword produced many special changes. It was like a piece of the sky went missing and was put into his lifebond sword.

A very dry presence emerged. On the path ahead of his sword, the ground soaked in blood lost all moisture, cracking and then turning into crimson sand.

This was a very powerful and unique sword essence. So when the sword essence formed, many cultivators on the battlefield were certain that it came from a grandmaster of Yang Mind Sect.

In the history of Changling, Yang Mind Sect once was the mortal enemy of One Sky Pavilion. Just like Mind Chamber Sect, it had once been one of the most powerful sects of Changling in the past.

Ye Celeng primarily cultivated the swordsmanship of One Sky Pavilion, her strongest being “One Sky Water” and the “Fire Making Earth” was the enemy of that skill, the greatest bane of this sword manual of One Sky Sect.

In the view of the outside world, Yang Mind Sect had gone into decline long ago, and did not have much news in the recent ten years, no more grandmasters left. But when the pure “Fire Making Earth” appeared, all of the cultivators that once thought this knew they were wrong.

If a once powerful sect did not produce grandmasters for many years when their sword manuals had not been lost, this was just because of chance, because some disciples were unable to have a breakthrough with their talent and understanding. Such a sect may not produce a realm seven, but if one did appear, they would leave their mark on the history books.

Facing these Gold Dagger soldiers who had not yet reached realm seven, this grandmaster of Yang Mind Sect had his own pride, so he only attacked Xiang Yan. In his view, these cultivators who were swinging their swords at him would die as the sword passed, even as a side effect.

The ground turned to dust inch by inch. The skin of the Gold Dagger general ahead of his lifebond sword quickly lost water, cracking. But before the blood could seep out of his skin, it was dried into a dark red powder that flew away in the wind.

Yet the hands of this general were very steady. His gold dagger axe shone with gold light and slashed towards the lifebond sword of this Yang Mind Sect cultivator with a muffled sound.

The dagger axe used by the Gold Dagger army was a strange weapon for the Qin, the weapon like a sword, but the dagger axe had a curved blade that with a slash and a hook, it would catch the enemy’s weapon.

This Gold Dagger general did so right now.

When his weapon slashed against the Yang Mind Sect grandmaster’s lifebond sword, it twisted and hooked onto the blade. Yet this grandmaster’s mind was clear, he was unaffected and his sword essence continued.

The vast power twisted along the dagger axe, the hands of this general turning to dust like they were burned. Then the power swept up his arms and down his entire body. His arms and entire body seemed like they would turn into flying sand at this moment.

But at this moment, the grandmaster suddenly felt uneasy. The gold daggers of the four soldiers behind this general stabbed into the body of their general at the same time, their similar vital energy and power passing through the channels of the general like a dam bursting, and slamming into the general’s lifebond dagger axe.

Five waves of power merged into one and rushed against his lifebond sword. His lifebond sword hummed, and then stopped for a moment! With just this momentary pause, his body seemed to hit a wall in his charge.

There was a loud boom, and a shock.

The bodies of the Gold Dagger general and the four soldiers were torn apart by the power, but in this moment, he saw a golden light that was able to match him fly out of the dissipating bodies of these five soldiers and fall towards him.

This moment was when his sword essence was stopped and the most weak. He sensed what would happen next and was full of grief.


He heard the sound of flesh tearing apart from his neck. In the next moment, he saw the solemn Xiang Yan pass him by. This Yang Mind Sect grandmaster felt his body turn light. His head flew into the sky.

In this moment when he still was conscious, he sensed something he could not imagine in his perception. Around him, there were three heads also flying up as well.

Xiang Yan’s dagger axe swept the space within dozens of feet. His attack did not just behead one person and even three other grandmasters’s heads flew! Those three grandmasters had the same experience as him, and had just been stopped by a team of soldiers for a moment!

What kind of tactic was this?

What kind of army was this?

These small teams were able to trap a grandmaster’s sword temporarily?

Before his consciousness disappeared, he just felt shock and confusion.

But the entire battlefield seemed to freeze in this instant. No one could not recall that brief moment as a more shocking scene filled their sight, and caused their hearts to hurt.

Xiang Yan’s body stopped. His long dagger axe was held flat in the air, and caught the four falling heads.

The heads of four Qin grandmasters were steady on his dagger axe and looking forward.

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