Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 16 “That Inconspicuous Person”

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Chapter Sixteen: That Inconspicuous Person

Many in the Chu Dynasty called Consort Zhao Xiang Demon Consort Zhao. This was because her looks and smile were too charming. At this time, her smile was enough to drain the color from the most beautiful flowers in the world, but these Qin grandmasters shuddered.

She was the empress dowager, but in reality, she was the ruler of the Chu Dynasty. All of the weapons of the Chu Dynasty were for her to use. Just now, she used one item and managed to seriously wound a Qin grandmaster. How many terrifying Chu weapons like this did she have?

The shadow of the indigo mountain disappeared in front of her, but there were still many energies falling through the air like indigo tree leaves, cutting the air, and making crackling sounds.

This kind of sharp and powerful essence even blew to Wei Wujiu who was hundreds of feet away. Looking down at the many tears in his clothing, he said, “This is the Door Sealing Token, one of the five great lone weapons of the Chu Dynasty. Also, among the numerous lone weapons, not all of them can be used to fight against enemies. Do not tell me that you have many of the Chu weapons like this.”

“If they are known to outsiders, they do not count as killer weapons.” Consort Zhao Xiang looked at Wei Wujiu and said scornfully, “You speak so well, so why not you come first to try and see what else I have?”

Wei Wujiu sneered. “Since the Door Sealing Token is in your hands, then the Meru Formation is naturally here.”

Consort Zhao Xiang sighed and said with some regret, “An old person is an old person, you think clearly. But you can gamble. Maybe the Meru Formation is not here, or maybe it does not have the power it is said to have.”

“You have such an idea.”

Listening to the talk between Consort Zhao Xiang and Wei Wujiu, the numerous Qin grandmasters around them felt cold, and even felt a cold sweat break out on their backs.

Based on some limited records in the cultivation books, the Meru Formation of the Chu Dynasty was a self-destructive seal weapon. The seal weapon was special in that the more powerful the attack was, the more powerful the explosion was.

From a certain meaning, Consort Zhao Xiang, a cultivator with a strong physical body, and such a seal weapon were a perfect match. If there were more grandmasters attacking her, she could activate this seal weapon with more power. Her body could be enough to endure the power of the seal weapon but not theirs.

Perhaps from the start, she had been waiting for them to gather in the surroundings, and then use the legendary Chu weapon.

“I want to know, if it is not close combat, will such a weapon like the Meru Formation be useful,” Wei Wujiu looked at the provocative Consort Zhao Xiang and said coldly.

When he said such words, a white bone-like light came from in front of him with a powerful lifebond presence. A pale white sword floated in front of him.

This sword seemed to be made from white bones, and gave off an ancient presence.

“Using the sword is better than using the seal weapon because it can change according to your thoughts. How can even the strongest of seal weapons do what you want outside the body? The sword can be frequently used, but how about these seal weapons?”

Wei Wujiu looked at Consort Zhao Xiang, and then slowly said, “The Chu will be defeated by the Qin, this is inevitable.”

A clean wind swept in front of him. His sword flew out, the white energy dense and there seemed to be hundreds of white sword shadows flying in the air.

The other Qin grandmasters immediately understood.

There were sounds of air tearing, twelve sword lights flying like serpents to Consort Zhao Xiang and Xiang Yan.

Each grandmaster chose a different route after the Lifesource Realm. Many people did not use the flying sword as the main tactic against the enemy, because if a sword was not in the hand, they could not perfectly endure more vital energy and primal energies, and would be flooded in an instant. Other than this, for cultivators above realm seven, the distance in the air was greatly shortened, and some people were even faster than flying swords.

Yet most Qin grandmasters had swords as lifebond items. They did not primarily use the sword after reaching realm seven, but in their cultivation process, they had used the flying sword for a long time. They naturally knew how to use the flying sword. Even more importantly, even if they were using the flying sword against the enemy, when a dozen cultivators were working together, the power of their flying swords was still terrifying.

These flying swords even cut through the original primal energies of the universe laws in this area. They came like an umbrella, putting Consort Zhao Xiang and Xiang Yan into its own world.

These swords were the swords of grandmasters, and when they flew around each other, their swords did not affect each other, and even caused the sword essences of other swords to grow stronger.

Such a scene, in Consort Zhao Xiang and Xiang Yan’s eyes even had a feeling of beauty.

There were only a few people in the world who would be able to see so many powerful grandmasters attacking together with their swords.

Looking at this scene, Consort Zhao Xiang’s lips curved up slightly. She said dismissively in a soft voice, “They do not dare to even get close, how can they kill me?”

“Follow me,” she said softly to Xiang Yan.

Then her figure disappeared from the spot. She charged forward, to where Wei Wujiu and Fang Qilin were. A unique seal weapon appeared in her hand. It looked like a yellowed and weathered piece of old wood, but on this piece of old wood, there were many seal scripts, like ants were climbing over it.

In this moment, these seal scripts lit up, giving off doled golden light. It was like countless ants were madly climbing on the seal weapon, piling together, and then growing wings to fly into the sky.

The golden seal scripts flew into the sky, each small script giving off a destructive presence that caused even realm sevens to shudder.

“Such a mad woman.” Wei Wujiu looked at Consort Zhao Xiang whose phoenix robe seemed like it was burning, and shook his head.

None of the other seal weapons of the legends had such a presence. This seal weapon that was like an old piece of wood was the Meru Formation.

She wanted to charge in among them, and then activate the seal weapon. She cultivated herself, and when she was charging at full power, it was hard for even flying swords to stop her.

But could such a charge stop their spread out power?

When he was shaking his head, a vicious presence hard to describe with words climbed on his face, like a metal like light gilded his face.

He did not dodge.

He just took a deep breath, and called back his flying sword. His vital energy was forced out of his body. In this instant, his entire body seemed to be expanding outwards. Even if he and she were both seriously wounded at the same time, in the next moment, this supreme existence of the Chu Dynasty could not avoid the fate of being killed.

The other Qin grandmasters sensed his intentions, and with numerous shouts, even the cultivator who had been following him all this time flew out.

These cultivators were not pedantic people. If they were able to reach their goal, they did not care about the process, much less that this was Wei Wujiu’s own choice.

A golden light followed behind Consort Zhao Xiang. At this moment, many people were shocked at Xiang Yan’s speed. This general of the Golden Dagger army was not much slower than Consort Zhao Xiang.

If there was an unknown factor, then the general of the Gold Dagger army was the greatest factor in the eyes of the Qin grandmasters.

Zhang Kuangdao, who was standing beside Lian Bo, had a cultivation near the bottom of the thirteen Qin grandmasters, and was the most inconspicuous.

And at this time, his figure stopped.

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