Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 17 “One Betrayer”

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Chapter Seventeen: One Betrayer

The reason that grandmasters were called so was because they had experienced countless battles, learned and understood deeply the details of how the primal energies flowed in the world, and broke through realm six to become realm seven, Mountain Moving.

Zhang Kuangdao was the most inconspicuous among these grand masters, but some of the subtle abnormalities were immediately sensed by the surrounding grandmasters.

Wei Wujiu turned his head and narrowed his eyes slightly. He saw a copper box in Zhang Kuangdao’s hand. The bottom of this copper box was a silver white crystal stone. Inside, were dozens of small swords that looked like raw iron.

In a blink of the eye, the vital energy inside Zhang Kuangdao surged out madly into the copper box. These dozens of silver swords gave off a vast and majestic presence as heavy as a mountain.

The small silver swords seemed to fly like tin mountains in the senses of these cultivators. In the air, or more accurately in the flowing primal energies of the universe, there was the presence of tin. The grandmasters within these energies seemed to be filled with tin in their bodies, especially their chests.

The dozens of small silver swords fell like mountains, and locked down the scattered retreat of these grandmasters.

Including Wei Wujiu, all of the Qin grandmasters who were shrouded in these sword presences were very furious. They finally understood where Consort Zhao Xiang’s true confidence came from.

To their great fury, it was not that Consort Zhao Xiang possessed powerful Chu weapons and could resolve this situation, but a betrayal from their own.

Zhang Kuangdao held the “Tin Mountain Sword Box.”

The cultivators were not unfamiliar with this seal weapon. Before the Deer Mountain Conference, during the trap targeting Zhao Si and Bai Shanshui, this seal weapon had appeared, and stopped Bai Shanshui in her steps.

Bai Shanshui had been stopped for a moment, but still defeated this Tin Mountain Sword Box. It was naturally not possible to stop so many experts with the Tin Mountain Sword Box like it had Bai Shanshui.

But other than this Tin Mountain Sword Box, there was another vast sword essence that came down.

This sword essence came from Lian Bo who was quickly flying backwards. His dark green sword was still flying in the air, but at this time, an indigo sword silently appeared in his hand.

The indigo long sword was entangled with clouds, and there was mist and heavy rain forming in the clouds.

He was the person closest to Zhang Kuangdao, and should have been the one most likely to stop the other. But his attack did not fall towards the other, but the Qin grandmasters who were trapped by the Tin Mountain Sword Box.

The power contained in the indigo sword even surpassed the lifebond sword he had nurtured for many years. The clouds and water on the sword splashed as his sword descended, like the clouds and rain from the distant Wu Mountains had been pulled over, and charged into this tight space like serpents.

There were multiple shouts. All of the Qin grandmasters trapped by the Tin Mountain Sword Box reacted. They did not target Zhang Kuangdao and Lian Bo, but used their strongest defense. They were all extraordinary cultivators, and grandmasters. They knew, from the look of Lian Bo’s sword, they had no time to attack and flee.

Consort Zhao Xiang arrived.


Consort Zhao Xiang appeared in the area locked down by the Tin Mountain Sword Box. She did not target a person, but fell hard to the ground like a meteor. She was faster than any person here. When she arrived, the Chu weapon in her hand had been completely activated.

Countless gold ants seemed to climb out, the golden seals forming a golden curtain of light. The sword energies of the Tin Mountain Sword Box, the sword energy of Lian Bo’s sword, and the power of the other Qin grandmasters who were defending collided in this space, hitting and cutting the golden curtain of light. In an instant, the golden light was shattered, and released more terrifying power.

A ball of golden sun formed in the space locked down by dozens of small silver swords.

Lian Bo’s sword essence, like countless serpents traveling through the cloud and rain, was shattered by the golden light and disappeared.


He first sprayed out a mouthful of blood. He was unable to keep a hold on his sword and was sent flying backwards.

Then, there were the dozens of the small silver swords sticking in the ground. Like a falling mountain, the small silver swords flew out in different directions.

There were strange sounds coming from Zhang Kuangdao’s hands that held the box. The scattered golden light hit him, and then his body gave off the sound of bones cracking. He was in a mist of blood that came out of his flesh.

There were strong explosions coming from within the golden light. Like enormous ships hitting the hard cliff, each attack caused it to feel like the mountain was shaking.

When the small silver swords were flying away, Xiang Yan had come to the golden burning sun where the explosion had occurred. His face was solemn, his golden dagger axe swinging forward dozens of times, cutting away all the golden light surging at him. His body managed to steady itself in the great shaking, and his hands were bloody.

The golden light only burst outwards for a short moment, and then dissipated, looking like a sun shrinking inwards. The space felt like it was burnt red coal. Even the primal energies of the universe seemed to have been burned to ash, stuck in the air, and then the layers peeling off.

A Qin grandmaster’s figure was the first to appear.

This was Pang Yugu of the Fang Marquessate Establishment. He came of good birth, and once cultivated in Spirit Void Sword Sect.

As the gold light passed, his figure appeared in the air. His clothing was not messy at all, and in his right hand, a lifebond sword was burning like a torch without going out.

Seeing this figure, Xiang Yan’s pupils contracted, and his expression turned even more solemn.

But in the next moment, the body of this Qin grandmaster had several explosions. Many bloody holes appeared on his arms, blood and energy coming out. His body fell back hard.

The golden light had retreated to Consort Zhao Xiang.

Consort Zhao Xiang appeared.

She was standing, but her jade-like hands were covered in many cracks with blood seeping out.

In this area, only two people were able to stand. Other than Consort Zhao Xiang, there was only Wei Wujiu.

Xiang Yan took a deep breath. While this result was very good for him, he was still startled and scared by this scene, feeling waves of coldness rice up inside him. He had never thought that this seal weapon could release such power.

Wei Wujiu’s robes were stained red. But most of it was not his blood, but the blood of the cultivator who had been following him all this time.

This cultivator under his command was definitely above average among these grandmasters, but right now, he was the most seriously wounded, so serious he was about to die.

Some betrayed, while others guarded with their lives.

“This is not the problem of the life and death of one person.”

Wei Wujiu held his subordinate with one hand. He did not look at Consort Zhao Xiang, but at Lian Bo and Zhang Kuangdao.

“We overlooked a problem… How could something like the Tin Mountain Sword Box appear in your hands because of a transaction with Li Lingjun… But you are from Wei, and you became a marquis of the Qin. I do not understand what you are still discontent about? I do not understand why you can ignore the favors the Qin Dynasty has done for you.”

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