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Chapter 5 – Bullying People

The enormous shadows of magus beasts appeared after one another. With each magus beast’s appearance, people’s hearts shook. The more they saw, the more amazed and shocked they were. By the end, many people were dumbstruck, unable to even shout. This proved their shock had reached the highest degree — speechlessness.

There were six magus beasts in the sky, and none of them were weaker than a sacred beast!

The four-winged silver wolf Liao Ya, the Thunder Leopard Ben Lei, the Three-Tailed Charm Fox Mei Jun who had entered the maturity stage after being affected by Aofeng’s levelling up, the Saber-Toothed Tiger King Si Jian, the Nightmare Warhorse Meng Yan, and the largest of them all, the Crimson Gold Behemoth Arthurus. They lined up behind Aofeng, their large figures like small mountains that connected together and blocked out the sun.

All of them were high ranking magic beasts. The Crimson Gold Behemoth Arthurus, Meng Yan, and Si Jian all gave off a halo of light. The crimson gold, brown, and dark red domains proved the ranking of the three magic beasts — divine beasts!

Ugh …

Yun Qinghong blinked. His lazy smile froze for an instant.

He shook his head and smiled helplessly. He hadn’t imagined that Aofeng had taken in so many powerful magic beasts in the few short months after the City of Neversetting Sun, and the strongest of them was a nine-star Crimson Gold Behemoth.

No wonder Aofeng dared to run around as Zhui Yun. Adding on the likely divine rank magic beast that appeared outside the fortress of Neversetting Sun, not many people weaker than a magus scholar could defeat Aofeng. Even facing a magus scholar, if Aofeng could not win, it would be easy to run.

Aofeng retreated rapidly after summoning her magus beasts and flew into the sky. She flew to the center of the group of magus beasts, surrounded by the three divine beasts so that Ye Sha, the seven-star celestial magister, could not easily attack her.

Looking at the black-robed youth surrounded tightly by the multiple sacred beasts and divine beasts, the members of the Battle Hall started to wake up. One man behind Ye Sha cursed, “Mother, such a freak! Even a powerful beast tamer should not be able to summon high ranking magus beasts in piles.”

Everyone had expressions of sympathy as they looked speechlessly at the six high ranking magic beasts. Ordinary people who were not like Yun Qinghong did not know the details of the Neversetting Sun siege. They just knew about a person named “Zhui Yun”, not about the magus beasts.

Beast tamers had more mental power than ordinary people. It was normal for a beast tamer to be able to form a covenant with one or two more magus beasts than other people at the same rank. But a celestial magister bonding with six magus beasts had freakish mental power even among beast tamers.

“A nine-star divine behemoth, a six-star dark type divine beast, and an ordinary divine beast …” Ye Sha’s stiff face grew even stiffer. He normally was battle-hungry and could live just for the joy of fighting. Now, for the first time, he felt terror of fighting.

Among the three divine beasts, the Crimson Gold Behemoth could match the Celestial Blue Shark. Even if Aofeng was several sword levels below him, the other had two more divine beasts and a group of sacred beasts. When one did not have the protection of magus beast armor when facing an attack from a divine beast, they would be greatly impacted if they were hit. But if he used armorization, he would face three divine beasts. One or two attacks might not be able to break through his defense. But over time, he would not have enough shamanic power, and they could just exhaust him to death.

He just had one magus beast. He only had two choices unlike Aofeng who could use any of the divine beasts as armor against his attacks. What was the point in him fighting!

Even the vicious Ye Sha felt an impulse to hit his head against the wall.

“Little Freak, you finally bear to call me out? I almost suffocated!” The Crimson Gold Behemoth Arthurus shouted at Aofeng when he appeared and complained, “You threw the noble behemoth into that small place. I could only tease those little guys for these months, and didn’t even have a good opponent. This isn’t as good as fighting Candia! I don’t want to ever go back into that space of yours!”

Meng Yan said depressedly, “Master, this inhuman beast only knows to abuse us. Find an opponent for him soon.”

“Damn, I am not human to begin with, what do I want humanity for?” Arthurus argued. “Also, Master is more of a beast than I am!”

Arthurus could not forget how Aofeng managed to beat him in a manner “worse than a beast.”

Aofeng rolled her eyes and glared at the Crimson Gold Behemoth. This arrogant beast was now her magus beast but still didn’t know to be more subdued. He was still as outrageous and even dared to mock his master.

But she also knew that they had been really suffocated these last days. The Inexhaustible Life Ring was too small for them. She planned to not put them back in this short time she would use the identity of Zhui Yun.

“Alright, Arthurus, you complain you have no opponent, look what is over there?” Aofeng pointed in Ye Sha’s direction. Behind Ye Sha, the Celestial Blue Shark stared warily at the Crimson Gold Behemoth.

“Hm! The lord of the ocean types, the Celestial Blue Shark?” Arthurus’s eyes lit up. His battle spirit grew. “Wow, this is a pureblooded magic beast of the same rank as this noble behemoth and the smelly dragon, Celestial Blue Shark! Tsk tsk, a good opponent, feel my punch!”

The Crimson Gold Behemoth gave an eardefeaning roar. His human-shaped body jumped through the air as he charged towards the Celestial Blue Shark. The latter was the lord of ocean types and also had high self-esteem. It said angrily, “Damned behemoth, I am not afraid of you!”

Its slippery body swayed, and the thick and bouncy skin received Arthurus’s punch. The muscles contracted and slipped. It managed to avoid the majority of the momentum. The punch did not affect it greatly. The shark nimbly charged towards Arthurus’s neck and went to bite at his fatal weakness.

This was not for fun. The teeth of the lord of ocean types were scarier than the horns of a giant dragon. Arthurus hurriedly threw another punch and pushed off the ground to retreat multiple steps. The Celestial Blue Shark was also wary of the behemoth’s great strength and also dodged the punch.

After this first round, the two sides roared angrily and charged towards each other.

Aofeng saw Arthurus engaging with the Celestial Blue Shark and waved a hand. “Si Jian, Meng Yan, go together!” She then took several steps back with the sacred beasts until they were outside the combat area. Under the protection of Liao Ya, Ben Lei, and Mei Jun, she idly watched the development of the fight.

The Battle Hall students below gaped at her actions.

“You can do something like this!”


Ye Sha said she could not last a minute at his hands, now she would counterattack.

Maybe Aofeng would not be able to last long against a seven-sword celestial magister but he had to be able to touch her first. She did not have to personally fight him so what did it mean if he was stronger than her?

“You are a bully!” Ye Sha cursed angrily as he faced the two divine beasts. The Celestial Blue Shark was engaged with Arthurus, and he could only face the fangs and claws of the two divine beasts with his own body.

Ye Sha knew the only way to defeat Aofeng was to attack directly. One would first capture the leader to capture the group. Aofeng was not strong. If he could catch Aofeng, the magus beasts would not dare to attack.

But this boy was too careful! If he went slightly close, the other would quickly retreat far to the side, and was more slippery than an earthworm. He could not divide his attention under the attacks of the two divine beasts without magus beast armor so how could he catch his opponent?

Ye Sha repeatedly attempted to get closer to Aofeng but had to retreat in failure. He was so angry he almost vomited blood. One ran and the other chased with two enormous divine beasts attacking the one giving chase. This scene was extremely strange.

After failing to capture Aofeng for the umpteenth time, Ye Sha’s expression grew more grave as his shamanic power decreased. He inhaled deeply and then shouted, “Stop! No more fighting!”

How was this a fight? This was just enduring torture!

The thunderous sound caused the people watching below to jump in fright. Aofeng ordered the magus beasts to pause. Once they did, she summoned back Arthurus and the other divine beasts. Her thin lips pressed together and she did not immediately start to mock others.

Aofeng did not think there was anything to be proud of in defeating Ye Sha. If these senior students did not provoke her, she would not have made trouble. If they targeted her, she would not retreat. Even if she acted, it was not so she could feel smug.

“I respect you. If we continue, I will lose.” Ye Sha nodded hard and said with slight depression. Ye Sha knew the result. While he was slightly displeased at being “dragged to death” by Aofeng’s shameless tactic, but just as Aofeng had said, no one cared what you did in a true battle. Individual strength was not everything. He really learned this today.

The quiet words still seemed abrupt in the empty sky, watched by thousands of people. The Battle Hall experts who were usually called geniuses could not endure this scene. They opened their mouths but couldn’t make a sound.

Ye Sha, the strongest of Battle Hall … lost!

He lost to a new student sixteen years old!

It seemed no one was able to think. The surroundings were deathly silent until an old voice broke the quiet, “Are you finished? You young people are so competitive. Alright, come down! Battle Hall members, gather. Teacher Xue Fei, you will take the new people to meet the old students. You two celestial magisters, come here as well.”

Aofeng shfited to look towards the source of the sound. At some unknown time, there was a row of eight experts giving off undisguised power. The teachers of the celestial school district were all here!

Editor’s ramblings: The moment you’ve all been waiting for, the return of the scoreboard! Eagle eyed readers might notice that the scores have changed a little bit. A few of the earlier fights that were counted don’t actually meet the requirements, which are as follows:

1.The fight must be against a named character.

2.The one fighting must be Aofeng and/or her magus beasts.

3.The opponent must be human.

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Translator Ramblings: The named opponent rule is pretty important …

Chapter 4 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Section 7 Chapter 1


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