Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 18 “My Turn To Kill You”

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Chapter Eighteen: My Turn To Kill You

Once Lian Bo had become a marquis, his birth, and much of his history was no longer a mystery.

From a certain point of view, all people who started as normal cultivators, and became a powerful marquis had had legendary experiences. These legends were widely spread, recorded in the history books or the books of the cultivation world, and changed into many different versions of stories.

Lian Bo’s birth was not a secret. He was once of the Wei, but the former Wei Dynasty had accidentally fallen for the trap of the Qin, relying too much on the Cloud Water Palace. As the Qin purposefully caused the Cloud Water Palace to dominate the Wei Dynasty, the sect he had been from had been ruthlessly sacrificed because they opposed the Cloud Water Palace.

His sect had been destroyed on the order of the Wei Emperor. He carried the great revenge of his sect, fleeing to Changling, becoming a general of the Qin. In the end, he led an army to fight his way into the Wei imperial palace. Even though he had not been able to kill the Wei emperor with his own hands, he had gotten revenge for his sect.

His growth and his revenge were inseparable from the help of the Qin people. Especially when Emperor Yuanwu did not care that he was from the Wei, and gave him the same respect, and made him one of the thirteen marquises of the Qin based on his military service. What kind of glory was this?

Any person who commented on this would say it was a great grace.

At the start, thirteen Qin grandmasters had worked together to kill Consort Zhao Xiang, but because of Lian Bo and Zhang Kuandao’s betrayal, eight grandmasters were trapped by sword formations of the Tin Mountain Sword Box. Right now, the strongest swordsman under Wei Wujiu’s command had died, and the others were seriously wounded.

While there were also two grandmasters outside, Consort Zhao Xiang still had Xiang Yan by her side.

The two Qin grandmasters who were outside the formation and not wounded in addition to Wei Wujiu himself facing Consort Zhao Xiang and Xiang Yan. Even if they could win, they may not be able to kill. At least, they would not be able to stop Consort Zhao Xiang from fleeing, much less that she may have other tactics.

In reality, whether or not Consort Zhao Xiang had other Chu weapons, if not for Lian Bo and Zhang Kuangdao’s betrayals, she would have undoubtedly died today.

This was a great battle enough to change the progress of history, but it was defeated at Lian Bo’s hands. How could Wei Wujiu not feel pain? He even felt great sorrow. He felt that Lian Bo had to give an explanation. He knew that Lian Bo would give an explanation.

Lian Bo fell to the ground, face pale. His expression was very complicated. Maybe because of his serious wounds, even his eyes were very dim.

“It is very simple.” He took a deep breath and faced Wei Wujiu’s gaze. “A long time ago, when I was cultivating in Wei, I met her. If not for her, I would not have been able to flee Wei, and would have died long ago.”

“Because I lived, I could continue to cultivate and fight.” He considered for a moment and then said, “I was able to become a Qin marquis mostly because of my cultivation and battles. I also contributed greatly for the Qin Dynasty in destroying the Wei. So in terms of grace, hers is greater than the Qin Dynasty’s.”

“Can you calculate it this way?” Wei Wujiu laughed harshly in anger. “Can grace be determined simply by order of precedence?”

“No, if something like grace is owed, it cannot be determined so simply.” Lian Bo laughed as well, his laugh was full of countless emotions. He slowly stood up. “If this is said to be shameless, then it is my matter. If I am dead, it has nothing to do with anyone else.”

Wei Wujiu and the two other uninjured Qin grandmasters suddenly felt cold. From Lian Bo’s words, they realized what was going to happen.

“Thank you,” Lian Bo had an even brighter smile as he said to Consort Zhao Xiang, “getting revenge is the happiest thing in the world. That day when I led the army into the Wei imperial palace, I was so happy I was willing to die right there. Later, I stayed in Changling and was made a marquis. I was slightly confused, not knowing what to do. I owed people, and felt weighted down.”

His words were not loud, but in the ears of Wei Wujiu and the other two grandmasters, they were like thunder. The three were wary, and their vital energy started to flow furiously.

Zzt zzt zzt zzt …

Before the sound landed, Lian Bo’s body seemed to be pierced by countless sharp swords. The remaining vital energy and primal energies of the universe in his body shot out of his meridian points. Then his body rose upwards and fell instantly.

But a joyful sword essence had formed in his hand and slashed out. There were balls of wetness in the air, gathering in his sword essence. This sword light was like an enormous carp that leapt at Wei Wujiu.

Wei Wujiu was speechless.

This sword contained Lian Bo’s life energy, the sword essence so strong that it surpassed Lian Bo at his peak.

At this moment, he could only defend. The lifebond sword that had returned to his hand gave off many gray frost tracks. Frosty transparent walls seemed to form in the air.


His body was still standing steady, but his hands started to tremble. Many of the frost had blown back on his body. Bone deep wounds appeared, the blood flowing out like bubbling spring water.

Two killing essences were falling towards Consort Zhao Xiang. The two grandmasters no longer cared about Wei Wujiu, just wanting to use this instant to kill Consort Zhao Xiang.

But at this time, Consort Zhao Xiang looked up, and smiled, baring her teeth at Wei Wujiu. Her expression was unusually solemn. “Now it is my turn to try to kill you.”


A figure stumbled along with the sword essence.

Xiang Yan used his dagger axe to force this Qin grandmaster back, but once again, blood beaded in his palms.

At this time, a snowy white sword light fell towards Consort Zhao Xiang’s waist.

This sword essence was pure and focused, and this grandmaster came from the Autumn Mountain Sword School. His name was Qi Ruosheng. He was a legend in Changling as well. He was not astoundingly talented, and his comprehension was much worse than his fellow disciples. The Autumn Mountain Sword School was only second class in Changling. But he had focused on the relatively simple sect sword manual, and became the only realm seven cultivator of the Autumn Mountain Sword School. Because of his focus, his attack was terrifyingly steady.

Consort Zhao Xiang moved towards Wei Wujiu like the wind, and seemed to have no time to care for this attack.

Xiang Yan was done for after that attack. Seeing that he could not stop this attack, he did something that these Qin grandmasters did not expect. His body moved forward simply, like a shield, in front of this sword.

The snowy sword light stabbed into Xiang Yan tearing his clothing apart, but the sword tip did not make the sound of flesh tearing and bone breaking when the sword tip entered the flesh, just a muffled sound like hitting a iron wall!

The sword tip was unable to keep penetrating after going half a inch in! The sword energy went just half an inch further.

Xiang Yan’s face turned ashen. Blood, mixed with powerful vital energy and primal energies of the universe sprayed out of his mouth like fine bloody swords.

Qi Ruosheng screamed, his left hand moving in the sword art as the sword light swept away the blood energies. Due to his hurry, his own energies were suddenly shaken.

Wei Wujiu’s pupils shrank to pin points. He looked at the charging Consort Zhao Xiang. He did not choose to flee, but howled like a wild beast. He gathered all his vital energy into his lifebond sword. His lifebond sword shrank according to his thoughts, turning to a small sword the thickness of a finger, speeding up and stabbing at Consort Zhao Xiang’s heart.

There was a track of light left in the air, with the presence of destruction.

Consort Zhao Xiang looked at the sword light heading for her chest and did not change her path. Her seemingly small body gave off a world shaking power. She also gave an unimaginable scream.

With a boom, her fist hit at Wei Wujiu’s heart. In front of her fist, compressed by her power, a visible pillar of wind appeared!

Countless people on the battlefield shouted in shock. Everyone knew that she cultivated her body, but Wei Wujiu’s sword was focused on penetrating. How could her physical body resist it?

Sword and fist crossed. Was this going to be a destructive result?

The sword light fell on her body, illuminating her jade-like face. But her body just shook, and the sword light did not enter her body.


Her fist hit Wei Wujiu but did not manage to send him flying. Instead, her fist went through his body, and she picked up him on her arm!

Everybody on the battlefield stopped breathing for a moment, and even time seemed to stop.

Wei Wujiu’s feet had left the ground. His power had completely disappeared, but he had not died. He looked in disbelief at Consort Zhao Xiang’s chest, and saw a simple copper mirror flashing with dim yellow light.

“I told you, I am the empress dowager of the Chu Dynasty. The strongest of the Chu weapons in the world are naturally with me.”

Consort Zhao Xiang coughed up blood softly, but whispered proudly, “Pity you are too pedantic. Even the most cunning fox, if they cannot change their habits, will fall in the trap of the hunters.”

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