傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S07-C01 “Celestial Room”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng and Ye Sha duke it out. Kind of.

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Section Seven: Your Excellency Zhui Yun

Chapter 1 – Celestial Room

These people appeared to be either middle-aged or old, with most of them being on the older side. The teachers of the celestial school district were all celestial magisters seven-sword or higher. They could match the inner courtyard of the Qin Family. They even had three magus scholars among their members.

Due to their existence, even without Lan Xiu, who was the strongest in the Kaya Empire, the Imperial School could form a triumvirate of power with the imperial court and the Qin Family. Adding on Lan Xiu’s influence, if one had to rank the three major powers in Karroll, the Imperial School was the strongest.

The nine teachers were usually in seclusion and it was rare to see one, much less all of them together. Today, they had been forced out by the enormous noise Aofeng made when fighting.

When that twister rose, they all came close. As Aofeng and Ye Sha started to fight each other, they did not immediately appear.

A fight was very common in the celestial district. As long as there were no fatalities, the school never forbade fighting. A peaceful environment could not produce experts. Also, these old people were interested in this fight between this older and younger genius so they watched from the shadows.

But no one had expected the events to be so “spectacular” and that Ye Sha, the strongest of Battle Hall, would admit defeat first.

One old man with a goatee examined Aofeng interestedly. He brushed his beard and said with a smile, “Not bad, not bad, the new students this year aren’t bad. Principal Lan Xiu has a good student.”

Yun Qinghong had become low-key when they arrived. The teachers only saw Aofeng’s display of power, and did not pay particular attention to him. Even though he was also a celestial magister, he received much less attention under Aofeng’s bright light.

Aofeng nodded with slight coldness in acknowledgement.

“Ha, little guy, you are embarrassed.” The teachers laughed. Aofeng wore a mask and they couldn’t see her expression. But they took her silence to mean she was bashful at being praised.

The depressed Ye Sha looked back to see the black-robed youth’s aloof appearance.

He had just said the other was proud. Not it appeared he had been the one who was too proud. It was more appropriate for the other to say that there was always someone better. The other qualified to be proud but didn’t boast at all. Ye Sha felt much better when he thought of this. He started to admire Aofeng.

When the celestial magister rank students of the Battle Hall gathered, the old man in long blue robes, Lian Su, headed towards the Battle Hall inside the celestial school district.

Aofeng and Yun Qinghong walked together at the front, Ben Lei and Si Jian on her shoulders in the form of small cats. The silver wolf and the nightmare warhorse beside her. Mei Jun turned into a small fox and laid on Liao Ya’s back. Arthurus shrank ten-fold into the size of a human, a mimicry form he rarely used.

Because the behemoth was human-formed to begin with, Arthurus looked like a brawny large man. But he was covered in long golden fur and his features were slightly unique. Ordinarily, people would not think him human unless he broke through divine rank and could transform into a true human form.

People’s biases had been swept away by the display of power. Everyone reevaluated Aofeng who was covered in “small animals.” They no longer felt any dismissiveness.

They came to a spacious building covered in obsidian and valtz. Aofeng immediately saw the large words “Battle Hall.” This building had denser spirit energy than the plaza outside, and most likely more valtz in liquid state.

“The celestial school district actually doesn’t have many theory classes. In the celestial school district, cultivation is the main duty of the students. Celestial magisters can join Battle Hall and us old people can be lazy and not teach classes.” The old man with the goatee laughed. Maybe because they frequently interacted with students, these old people were much more casual and friendly compared to the elders of the Qin Family inner courtyard. Aofeng felt no pressure at all talking to them.

“What are those small rooms?” Aofeng pointed curiously at the seven thin corridors on the right side of the wall.

“Those are the celestial rooms that urge the students to advance. You will know the benefits soon.” Elder Lian Su said with a smile, “There is no pressure without competition. That is the same in the Imperial School. These seven rooms, from right to left, have an increase of double the spirit energy. The Battle Hall will have a tournament each month, and the top seven will qualify to enter these rooms. The left-most room, ‘Celestial One’, was originally Ye Sha’s place, but it clearly is yours for this month. Ye Sha, do you have any objections?”

Asking if he had any objections was actually asking him if he wanted to fight Aofeng again. Ye Sha and Aofeng exchanged a look and he shook his head, “I am less than them. I will give up the top two spots.”

“Two?” Elder Lian Su glanced in shock at Yun Qinghong. Aofeng had many magus beasts to force Ye Sha to retreat. But Ye Sha also respected this silent boy? He felt that Ye Sha respected the boy more than Aofeng.

The lazy man still had a devious smile lingering on his lips. His eyes were bright as he stared at Celestial One. Aofeng could feel that he was not calm, and her thoughts shifted.

With Yun Qinghong’s strength, he had no need to come to the school to study. Had he come for Celestial One?

When she thought of this, Aofeng said coolly, “Celestial One is Qinghong’s, not mine.”

Other than Ye Sha who had faced him directly, everyone else stilled, shock on their faces. Yun Qinghong was also slightly startled and said, “You …”

“The truth is so. I am not as strong as you. Do not thank me.” Aofeng said harshly.

Yun Qinghong was stunned. A deep smile appeared on the corners of his mouth. His black eyes narrowed as he laughed inwardly. The other was so awkward it was adorable, afraid other people would detect the good intentions. But if someone cared, how could they not feel it?

The man’s deep eyes were full of gentleness. He spoke in a low and enchanting voice by Aofeng’s ear, “I will not thank you. I will only give my life to you.”

He was pressed for time and pressured by the situation. He had to find a breakthrough as fast as possible. He could not refuse but he would remember Aofeng’s friendship.

Aofeng’s eyes widened as her heart shook. She could hear how serious the man’s words were. She became even more puzzled. She did not understand why Yun Qinghong was so good to her.

Ye Sha and Aofeng retreating stopped other people from making a challenge. The first three did not receive any challenges as though people looked up to them. A small challenge tournament was held for the last four spots before the ranking was confirmed and the keys given out.

“We will not talk more about other things. Do your best to reach magus scholar as soon as possible.” Teacher Lian Su patted Aofeng’s shoulder and said in a slightly grave tone, “Little Guy, showing off your talent is good, but there will be trouble that comes along with this. You have to be mentally prepared.”

“Teacher means invitations from different factions?” Aofeng’s eyes flashed and she said softly, “The school gathers students from the major factions. I have planned for this which is why I had no restraint.”

Elder Lian Su laughed out loud. “You looked like one with a stubborn temper. I hadn’t expected you to be so careful. Then this old man was worried for nothing. Go on, you will feel something different in the celestial rooms. I hope that you will be so freakish you will scare Lan Xiu to death.”

Who wouldn’t be happy to produce an excellent student? These old people did not have the pressure to compete like the people of the Qin Family inner courtyard. They amused themselves all day with teasing the young people, each of them more childish than the last.

Aofeng couldn’t help but shrug and laugh. She had never felt so relaxed.

She walked through a narrow walkway and opened the magic medium lock made from green stone. She opened Celestial Two. The walls of this room were made from obsidian with high purity valtz slowly flowing within. The cubicle was tiny with just enough space for one person to stand or sit. No wonder they had to fight to decide who could enter.

Aofeng felt the vastness of power to her shock when she walked in. It was multiple times the level outside. Here, people’s cultivation speeds would increase based on each person’s potential and it was of benefit to strengthening and reinforcing one’s body. This place was suited for her as she had levelled up too fast.

Aofeng felt that she found her new short-term target. If there were no other matters, she would stay in this room to cultivate and refine. This would be more effective than anything else.

“Arthurus, you do not have to follow me. Walk around outside, just do not cause trouble. I will mentally call you if there is something,” Aofeng said to the magus beasts and gave them a rare long vacation. The surroundings of the celestial school district were calm and beautiful. Even Xiao Bing wanted to go and roam around.

“Ah, Great Master, you are so wise! I am proud to follow a master like you!” Arthurus grinned when he heard that they could move around freely. After he gave his flattery, the magus beasts flew out.

Aofeng closed the door and sat down inside celestial number two room. Her mind sank into her body. She silently recited the Magus Divinity Spell and saw the Magus Divinity Power Source in her energy center tremble before it started to spin rapidly. The power in the room was visibly drawn into her body and turned into threads of light blue shamanic power.

A long time later, Aofeng’s body suddenly shook. She opened her eyes in shock. A silver five point celestial star appeared under her. She looked over anxiously and felt a wave of joy. There were three small silver threads in that fifth point!

After all the fights, she had levelled up in the superior environment of the celestial room. Aofeng felt that in this month, she still had room to increase.

Translator Ramblings: Considering how close v and w was, I suddenly have starting feeling I should have just used “waltz” and saved myself some trouble in spelling.

Section 6 Chapter 5 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 2


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