Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 29 “Seek Life”

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Chapter Twenty Nine: Seek Life

Ding Ning looked very calm and focused, but even more, he seemed very seasoned to others.

The moment before he attacked, the life bond sword formed in his hand. His starting position gave people a feeling that he had practiced this many times before, and in the end, he grasped the true meaning, turning it into a part of his life.

There was no need to follow the paths with a sword move. For example, some artists could copy any small line. Even even if they managed to do the exact same, they still could not get the same aura of a master. Sword moves were the same. Each person was different, each person’s vital energy was different, and their swords were different as well. In the end, what was being pursued was a perfect match.

So the most perfect sword essence was that the sword move, this cultivator, his sword, and his mind were perfectly fitting at this moment. Each sword could exist in such a state, but most swordsmen could not do this perfectly with even the simplest of sword moves.

And when Ding Ning attacked now, everyone felt that this was so perfect, to the point that no one could think of a state that was better.

His lifebond sword gave off a fearsome presence. The sword light spun around his body like grinding millstones. The Nine Death Silkworms in his body all woke up. His figure disappeared in the countless pale white streams.

Other than Zhangsun Qianxue and the Donghu monk, everyone was in terror. Other than the Nine Death Silkworm, there was also the Stone-Grinding Sword.

This was Wang Jingmeng’s unique Stone-Grinding Sword.

Even more important, other than Wang Jingmeng in the past, now, someone was displaying a perfect Stone-Grinding Sword in front of them. Even this sword form could be perfectly performed. So what about Wang Jingmeng’s other sword moves?

Emperor Yuanwu suddenly felt cold, one that even chilled the bones.

The black moon and the crystal blade had not yet met the Stone Grinding sword essence, but just as Ding Ning started, he knew the result of them meeting. But he could not interfere right now. The shining staff was in front of him, like a demon killing staff. His bones were even creaking under its enormous power. He could only retreat.

Afterimages of his feet were left on the ground, and then the ground exploded, like mud flowers blooming. The sky opened again. An enormous silver ray of light fell on the staff. Time seemed to stove and the world within a thousand feet seemed to dim, like the light was devoured.

The Donghu monk and Emperor Yuanwu grunted at the same time. Both people seemed to lose some spirit.

The black moon and the crystal blade met with Ding Ning’s sword essence at this time. The spinning sword light gave off countless sparks like numerous stars were forming and dying. Strange sounds like bubbles popping came from Ding Ning’s body. This was his vital energy and blood colliding in his body, tearing apart his flesh and meridian at the same time.

His sword light shattered the black moon and the crystal blade, but there were still minute powers cutting at his body, and instantly caused many small wounds to appear on his body.

Yet he was still alive. One against two, with such a word move, he fended off Ye Xiao and Sima Cuo’s attacks.

“Sima Cuo,” Ding Ning said to Zhangsun Qianxue.

Of course this was not a sword move, but pointing out the direction of attack. Even though Zhangsun Qianxue had just used all her power to kill a powerful cultivator who may be related to Min Mountain Sword Sect, Ding Ning knew she had such an ability.

The Nine Hell King Sword had not formed again in the air around the death powerful cultivator, but a gray snow track broke through the air, and fell at Sima Cuo’s eyes as Zhangsun Qianxue looked.

Sima Cuo shouted. He made a simple slash and slap. These simple moves were not pleasing to look at but were very practical. The gray snow track was cut in half, the power could not keep up, and then it was shattered.


The gray snow track was just a thin ribbon, but when it was shattered, it was like a snow avalanche. The world in front of him was covered by flying snow. The broad and short sword in Sima Cuo’s hand shook violently. His expression was very ugly. He could not imagine that the former Eldest Miss Gongsun possessed such power.

But at this time, his hair stood on end. A strong feeling of being in mortal danger caused him to scream like a cat who had its tail stepped on, and he leapt up. A faint golden light flew from the shadow behind him and landed on his back.

This was a small golden lotus, perfect in form, like it was made from pure sunlight. At the same time, a golden name lit up on Zhangsun Qianxue’s forehead, like the pure golden flower decoration that many rich women would put on their faces.

The power accumulated in Sima Cuo’s body surged out as he screamed. The vital energy and primal energies of the universe filled each inch of space in his meridians and flesh. His body swelled up from the inside, like a more true Sima Cuo was going to charge out of his body and avoid that bit of golden light.

The madly surging power coming out of his body fell down like a mountain, forming criss-crossing gray sword energies with a rotten presence like a cage made from countless dry bones. In the next moment, like two invisible giant ships colliding in front of Sima Cuo, a terrifying wave of energy threw his body even higher into the air.

Pop pop pop pop!

Many springs of blood came out of his body, the blood flying through the air as his body shrank back down like a deflating balloon. A bone deep wound appeared on the left side of his face, and even half of his ear was gone, but Sima Cuo only rejoiced right now.

He rejoiced that he was still alive. It was not that the opponent was far stronger than he had imagined, but after this decade, he had forgotten some things he should not have forgotten. He had forgotten that the other was not just the master of the Nine Hell King Sword, she was also the only heir of the Gongsun Family.

The Gongsun Family, once the top family of the old nobility, did not just have power, but also some powerful cultivation tactics and secret arts. For example, this “mind lotus” that even now, people did not know whether to describe it was a seal weapon, a sword weapon, or something else.

Ye Xiao’s body appeared in the sky. He stepped off the top of the hill, and his life bond sword appeared in his hand.

His lifebond sword was as mysterious as him. Right now, many cultivators present finally saw that his lifebond sword was a deep black, like eternal night. But the blade of the sword was made from nine scaled swords twining together.

These nine black scaled swords were like nine poisonous snakes. His lifebond sword fell down faster than he did, flying in front of him and splitting into nine in the air. These nine flying swords flew on different tracks in the air, and charged at Zhangsun Qianxue from different directions.

Using one’s mind to do two tasks at once. A cultivator could not split their mind to control two flying swords at once, but this old nobility leader turned his sword into nine using some secret art.

Accompanying the arrival of these nine swords were other powerful killing intents.

Sima Cuo was not the only realm seven in the train of carriages. Zhangsun Qianxue could not fend off such nine swords, much less the killing intent of these grandmasters. But the old monk next to her and Ding Ning could.

He had some leisure at this time. Many staff shadows appeared in the air.

Bang bang bang, like a drum. The nine swords of Ye Xiao and the sword essences of multiple grandmasters were blocked and sent back. At this moment, the old monk’s attack was almost perfect. At least, in the several feet around him, his speed was absolutely perfect.

In the past, no cultivator would believe that a realm seven cultivator could block attacks from multiple realm sevens like they had many heads and arms.

But right now, Yuanwu also had some leisure. How could Yuanwu’s attack be stopped?


Ding Ning knew this. He was covered in wounds, but not blood, his face was very pale. But right now, there was no terror in his eyes, just a viciousness that he usually did not have. As he shouted, he only gripped Zhangsun Qianxue’s hand, and changed at the train of carriages.

He was seriously wounded right now, and his power too weak to the surrounding realm sevens. He was very slow, but at this time, Zhangsun Qianxue knew the intentions behind him holding her hand.

Her speed and power surpassed all the realm sevens in the train of carriages, including Ye Xiao descending in the air. Hers and Ding Ning’s figures instantly grew faint, and then sped up in the air, creating a long streak of afterimages.

With a boom, the carriage that Sima Cuo had been standing in front of was crushed into powder when she and Ding Ning arrived.

There were two cultivators in the shattered carriage. One of the young people had fallen to the ground dispiritedly, coughing up blood when the carriage was shattered. The other cultivator’s sleeve flying in the wind as a sword light stabbed at Zhangsun Qianxue’s heart.

There was a soft sound.

What was penetrated was not Zhangsun Qianxue’s heart but the heart of that cultivator.

The Donghu monk’s figure appeared at Ding Ning and Zhangsun Qianxue’s side. His hand was extended straight, and his staff was also straight, piercing that cultivator’s heart.

Emperor Yuanwu had steadied himself as well, but even though the Donghu monk had killed an expert, he still did not attack.

Gasps sounded in the train of carriages, but no killing intent fell at Zhangsun Qianxue and Ding Ning.

This reason was of course because of the young person in the carriage.

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