傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S07-C02 “Trouble Comes To The Door”

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Last chapter recap: Yun Qinghong achieves his goal of cultivating in Celestial One. Aofeng levels up.

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Chapter 2 – Trouble Comes To the Door

After resting for a day, Aofeng’s mental state gradually calmed. She looked around in her internal space. The surroundings seemed to be empty. Her body was slowly absorbing threads of power from the vast world and turning it into her own power. This was the first time she focused on cultivating in such a peaceful environment and she felt very good.

Her eyelashes fluttered and she breathed out. Aofeng opened her eyes. Her black eyes seemed to shine even brighter. Her spirit and body had returned to their best condition.

“I hadn’t expected that the circulation of the Magus Divinity Power Source is tenfold in this environment. I might be able to reach four swords by the end of this month. This is great.” Aofeng opened and closed her hands in joy. She felt her body was filled with power. She benefited more from the celestial room than ordinary people. If she could stay in school for a year, she might really reach magus scholar.

When she thought of this, Aofeng felt pity for Lei Yufeng. “Pity Lei Yufeng is already twenty five and past the age of admission for school. He also has official duties in the Kaya Empire Court. Otherwise, he would quickly level up here.”

Kai Ge did not have any official position and could come study here. But Lei Yufeng had the title of “Thunder and Wind King.” There was no way he could be admitted to school. Each place had their rules. With Lei Yufeng’s pride, there was nothing in being a reading partner, but he would look down on changing his name to enter school.

Aofeng stood up and planned to meet Teacher Lan Xiu in the central district of the school. She opened the door and looked in Yun Qinghong’s direction. She knew that he most likely would not even step out the door in the short term and did not go disturb him.

Aofeng was smart enough to know Yun Qinghong desired the power to level up. She was almost certain that he was trying to reach magus scholar right now! The celestial rooms were not very useful to people who were magus scholar and above so Aofeng was sure of Yun Qinghong’s present cultivation.

Nine sword celestial magister! The tests at admission showed that he was in his twenties. She wasn’t a genius since she relied on the Magus Divinity Power Source. He was the true genius!

“Mama, mama,” As Aofeng moved to walk away, a little head poked out of her black robes. Large eyes stared at her as the head swayed.

“Lil’ Nine? Why are you out? You woke up?” Aofeng asked with a smile as she held the little guy in her hand and caressed his smooth head.

The little guy liked to sleep usually, most likely because he needed large amounts of rest in his infant stage.

Lil’ Nine used his small tail to prod Aofeng’s fingers and said childishly, “Mama, can you leave me in the room. If you leave me there, I can become big after a month.”

“Big?” Aofeng was shocked. She said, “To enter maturity and take human form? This celestial room is of benefit for magus beasts?”

“Mama, stupid!” Lil’ Nine rolled his eyes smugly. His tail swayed. “Spirit energy is useful to anyone. However, it is best for magus beasts like me in the infant stage. Our maturity stage is similar to you humans becoming magisters. There are no tangible effects before then.”

Aofeng couldn’t help but roll her eyes as well. This little guy dared to say she was stupid! However, it would be great if Lil’ Nine could grow up.

Aofeng lightly pushed Lil’ Nine and glared at him. “I am not a magic beast, how would I know? You are saying you can fight in a month?”

“Yes, yes!” Lil’ Nine hurriedly nodded and said proudly, “Mama won’t have to worry about that big battle. Lil’ Nine will enter the growth stage in a month and can use my strength. I will bite all the bad people for Mama.”

“Growth stage? Not maturity stage?” Aofeng said curiously.

“Mama, stupid again!” Lil’ Nine held his head high and snorted proudly, “Lil’ Nine is not an ordinary super-divine beast, how can I be compared with other super-divine beasts? Lil’ Nine can take human form in the growth stage and use power!”

“I said that I am not a magic beast.” Aofeng flicked the little guy and put him in the room .”Then be good and stay here to cultivate. I will visit you tomorrow.”

“Yes, Mama, don’t worry. Lil’ Nine will take care.” Lil’ Nine’s thoughts were much clearer now compared to when he was born. He was adorable and considerate. His eyes were large and lively. Even Aofeng couldn’t help but be enchanted by the little guy’s quick wits. She caressed his smooth head again before leaving.

It was late in the day, and the sunset was turning half the sky red.

Aofeng walked out of the battle hall. A teacher of the celestial school district came forward. His expression was slightly dark. “Zhui Yun, yesterday’s events seem to have grown. Just now, the commander of the Dragon Knights, His Excellency Lin Jiu, came with people and demanded to see you. They are still with Principal Lan Xiu right now. Go there.”

“The commander of the Dragon Knights? That Lin Lin’s older brother?” Aofeng raised her eyebrows.

“Yes, him.” The teacher said with a frown, “They have come ferociously. His Highness the eldest prince and several young noblemen on good terms with Lin Jiu and his brother were also invited. They demand to see you. The principal cannot drive people away when it involves the heir of the imperial house. We are in Karroll, and it is not good if we are seriously at odds.”

Aofeng made a sound of acknowledgement. She was puzzled. Even if she had seriously wounded Lin Lin, she hadn’t killed him. It would not be difficult for a healing type magus beast to heal him. He would just have to be bedridden for a few days. Why would they anger Teacher Lan Xiu?

She still nodded and said, “I understand. I will go now.”

The teacher patted her shoulder and said, “Do not worry too much. They are on our school lands. No one can touch our students here. You are going there to give the imperial house face. If they are really going to attack, Principal Lan Xiu is not weak.”

Aofeng chuckled and nodded. She wasn’t weak either!

“Everyone, please return. We need to go entertain some guests.” Aofeng’s eyes flashed coldly as she called mentally to Arthurus and the others.

Lan Xiu was clearly unhappy about the Dragon Knights coming to the school. He hadn’t even opened the receiving room and had the guests rest in the central district garden. He himself sat on a vine chair and admired the sunset with a cup of wine.

Two rows of knigths with grave expressions stood in front of the garden. They were knights of the eldest imperial prince and were loyal to him alone. All of them were rank three. At the very front were two rank four court protector-warriors of the Kaya Empire. Just like how Roth always followed Mo Zhu, they followed the eldest prince Mo Leng.

There were seven sword masters. The eldest prince had two, and the second and third princes each had one. Mo Ling, because she was not in the line of succession, had no one. The other three always followed His Majesty the emperor.

Also present was the dark-faced Dragon Knight Commander Lin Jiu, the only son of the minister of finance Xue Lin, the young commander of the Karroll City Guard Yan Gui, the daughter of famed general Hong Yue who was just below the Lightning King in fame Hong Qing and the members of other prestigious families with their protectors. There were many celestial rank experts and the lineup was a powerful one.

Even so, no one dared to slight or speak in anger towards Lan Xiu. Lan Xiu was giving them face in not immediately throwing them out. Their lineup was not enough for a magus scholar to whet his appetite.

However, Lan Xiu felt that he could not casually suppress the disappearance of two Dragon Knights. If he was “harbouring” Aofeng, she would not be able to wash herself of the stain. This would affect the Imperial School, and would harm Aofeng’s reputation and future. A powerful enemy was not a good thing.

“Your Excellency Lan Xiu, why hasn’t that Zhui Yun appeared?” Lin Jiu’s appearance had remained ugly this entire time as he repeated his question once again. He received Lan Xiu’s unconcerned glance.

“I have sent someone to inform him already,” Lan Xiu said coolly. “I hope you understand that I am calling over Zhui Yun to prove innocence, not so you can bully my student. If Your Excellency Lin Jiu has any opinions, forgive me if I cannot sit and watch.”

Lin Jiu froze slightly when he heard this. He suppressed his anger and said, “Your Excellency Lan Xiu, do not worry. If it isn’t him, we will not harass him.”

While he said this, Lin Jiu was filled with fury. This was his only brother, and one of the Dragon Knights. He had been burned to ash in public by this person’s subordinate. How could he not feel pain? Then Lin Lin inexplicably disappeared after the matter. This Zhui Yun was the most suspicious.

How many people dared to challenge the Dragon Knights in the empire? Who knew if this Zhui Yun had other protectors?

As Lin Jiu thought about this, he was filled with hostility towards Aofeng who had not yet appeared. The noblemen present were also furious. Randomly wounding Dragon Knights was slapping the Kaya Empire in the face!

A horse suddenly whinnied. The waiting people looked towards the source of the sound. Above their heads, a small black dot slowly grew larger.

Lan Xiu also looked up slightly. A hint of shock appeared in his blue eyes as he smiled.

This little guy did not know to be low-key. Coming out with a divine beast at the start to frighten people?

However, if one did not have great strength, they would not be treated as equals by these people of the upper classes. Aofeng clearly had considered this which was why she chose such a flamboyant entry.

A black-robed youth sat on top of a handsome black horse. The youth’s elegant curves seemed to be edged in gold by the sunlight. She seemed to merge with the beautiful world. Two kittens sat on each shoulder. She carried a furry small white fox in her arms. A silver wolf and a human-shaped large being closely followed the black horse as she descended from the skies like a deity.

Translator Ramblings: Upon suggestion of Smash, Little Nine is getting abbreviated to Lil’ Nine.

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