Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 34 “Waiting”

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Chapter Thirty-Four: Waiting

“Other than battles where the weak win against the strong, all others are the strong bullying the weak, and are shameless,” Ding Ning said this, blood splashing on his body, but he did not seem to sense it, and looked calmly at the sky.

Looking at his expression, no one would have thought that a realm seven grandmaster had just died simply from his sneak attack.

Fu Su felt very uncomfortable, but he could not say a thing because Ding Ning was right..

There were too many night demon apes filling the sky. Adding on, there were realm seven grandmasters hiding among them. A battle like this was unfair to start with. Also when that realm seven grandmaster was mounting an ambush first, the night demon apes were spiraling and diving down. There were more and more of them gathering in the hundreds of feet of space, growing more packed, forming a twister around Ding Ning, Zhangsun Qianxue and the others. The black twister was full of red eyes and white fangs.

Zhangsun Qianxue’s movements were very steady, clean, there was nothing extra. She used her vital energy to its limit. Each time she swung her sword, she would create dozens of transparent sword energies that flew up and cut apart the night demon apes that were diving.

The black twister spun around her and the others but was unable to pose a true threat. There was just torn up flesh and bloody waves forming and spinning in the air like red ribbons.

At the center of the twister was a stench. The air was being sucked upwards, and Ding Ning and the others had a hard time breathing.

Right then, there was a breeze. The black twister expanded outwards slightly, and a cultivator in indigo robes floated down.

“Chongtian Sword School Yan Jing asks Sir for a battle. If I win, please release the imperial son first.”

This was clearly a realm seven cultivator. He had messy hair, unkempt clothing, but his eyes were very clear. He bowed seriously, his respectful figure looking very strange in a pack ground of many demon apes spiraling around. When he said these words, great energy came from his body, not turning to killing intent, but just a pure release.

His powerful presence started to fall. This was not a true fall, but he was releasing his vital energy and primal energies of the universe so that his energy cultivation would lower to realm six level.

This grandmaster’s tone was very humble, and he used the word “ask”. But the truth was so- If Ding Ning was really that person reborn, then no one in the world could be proud in front of him.

The same realm six strength. Even if Ding Ning was seriously injured, just based on the perfect sword essence he had displayed before, the cultivator from Chong Tian Sword School had a low chance of winning. But to this cultivator, this was a chance for Fu Su to leave unharmed.

Looking at this humble grandmaster, Ding Ning nodded in greeting and did not say any extra words, just one thing, “Yes!”

A simple world containing a presence that a realm seven could not rival. This cultivator from Chongtian Sword School suddenly grew excited. He took a deep breath, and a lifebond sword energy formed in his chest. A lifebond sword that looked like a piece of yellow bamboo appeared in his hand. He held it across his chest and said, “Please.”


His lifebond sword disappeared from his hand. In the air between him and Ding Ning, there were suddenly dozens of dry yellow lightning bolts, exploding before the light even faded, and were even harder to defend against.

His attitude had been very respectful and humble, but he was ruthless in his attack, and even surpassed his usual limits.

Ding Ning bent down. The rough figure of the Great Punishment Sword appeared in his hand and he stabbed up. There was a muffled bang, like a bamboo at the bottom of the water hitting a stone. The dry yellow lightning collapsed, and the lifebond sword flew out at an angle, stabbed through the chest of a night demon ape then flew into the night.

This grandmaster of the Chongtian Sword School turned to a stream of light and rapidly retreated. Shock and disbelief flashed in his eyes as his left hand gripped his right wrist. His right hand had been cut off. The power that was attacking his right arm was going deep into his body and wounding his organs.

He recognized the attack that Ding Ning had just used. This was a sword move from the Chongtian Sword School.

This was a sword move from his sect, and the profoundness could not compare to the secret sword that he had just used. But the other had used this simple move from his sect to defeat his sword move, and hit his sword-wielding hand at the same time.

Ding Ning put his sword away, and silently swallowed the blood that had rushed up his throat.

Fu Su’s lips trembled. His face was snow white. He was not disappointed at being unable to go free, he could sense the kind of state that was represented by Ding Ning’s sword move.

In the sky, there were many more grandmasters who had come using these night demon apes and would not be attacked by them. They were all subordinates of Empress Zheng Xiu. Some of them came directly from Jiaodong Commandery. They were the masters of the night demon apes. But at this time, seeing Yan Jing of Chongtian Sword School being defeated with one blow from Ding Ning, these numerous grandmasters maintained their silence, and did not immediately join the fight.

The Donghu monk did not open his eyes. All of these people added together may not be a match for Zhangsun Qianxue, Ding Ning and the Donghu monk working together. They needed to use these night demon apes to wear down the Donghu monk and the eldest miss of the Gongsun Family.


In the night, Sima Cuo was lying in a warm carriage, surrounded by soft blankets. A medical doctor was carefully taking care of him. The carriage he was in was retreating, and moving towards the Yin Mountain.

Most of the Qin Dynasty army was retreating in an orderly manner. Under the furious pursuit of the Chu Dynasty army, there was a military at the rear that would forever stay here on this land.

At the place where the battle that had lured Ding Ning and the others had occurred, Ye Xiao was still at the top of the hill. He looked in the direction that the demon apes were flying in. His eyes burned with the fires of revenge and hate. The fire seemed to burn his soul, driving him to go there unless he wanted to burn away.

But he was waiting.


In the darkness, cultivators reached him one after another, bowing, and then waiting with him. They were carrying heavy sword boxes on their backs. Such sword boxes were used to store many swords. To avoid their edges from colliding and getting damaged, the inside was separated by special wood slots, so the blades could not move.

Many swords were being transported, and these swords were usually the normal long swords of the Qin military. These sword boxes were usually used by the military.

But right now, in the boxes carried by these cultivators, there were all kinds of sounds. Some sword energies were wailing in grief, or cheering in joy.

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