Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 35 “Her Wishes”

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Chapter Thirty Five: Her Wishes

Many grandmasters were stopped in the air, silently watching the twister of spiraling night demon apes below. Their senses were focused on the Donghu monk.

This monk from Donghu was the only person in the world who could face Emperor Yuanwu head on. While he was in meditation with his eyes closed, if they came down and attacked, he had the ability to kill them the moment he opened his eyes.

One would need many years of hard work to become a grandmaster. Even though such people were not lacking in the great battles of history, the grandmasters greatly cared for their own lives. Without a reason to seek death, no one would easily risk themselves.

As time passed, they looked at the old monk below with more and more puzzlement.

The night demon apes were much stronger than ordinary beasts. Their attacks were as fast as lightning, and their flying unpredictable. They were even able to quickly dodge and change their paths in a small space.

They saw Zhangsun Qianxue coldly use her sword and kill these beasts with ease, but they, also realm seven cultivators, knew that the ease was just the appearance. They were even able to sense, like they were right there, each muscle in her sword wielding arm start to feel sore, in pain, and stiff.

Zhangsun Qianxue’s face was very pale. She broke a pill bottle with her left hand, and swallowed a white pill. A lively presence quickly spread from her abdomen through her body.

This presence accelerated the heart rate of many of the grandmasters waiting in the high.

This was the “Energy Return Pill.”

This was a pill medicine made from dozens of precious spirit medicines. A dozen of the medicines came from overseas, and many were extinct. Such a pill had astounding healing and energy restoring ability for a cultivator. Even a decade ago in Changling, there had just been a few, belonging to the imperial house and the strongest of the old nobility.

She was the legendary Eldest Miss Gongsun. It was not shocking that she possessed such a divine pill medicine. Having taken out such a pill meant the other was pressed to her limits.

Flee or attack. At this time, the Donghu monk was still meditating and resting. What kind of time is he waiting for? These grandmasters could not understand.

Fu Su’s face was paler than Zhangsun Qianxue’s. One, it was because of his wounds. Two, it was because such simple and repeated bloody slaughter made him feel an urge to vomit, and he could not breathe easily.

The flesh and limbs of the night demon apes started to pile up, the sticky blood rising to the level of the shoes. Soon, he was unconsciously standing on top of the sliced night demon ape limbs. These relatively undamaged limbs piled up below him, Ding Ning and the others.

The Donghu monk was still like a statue, unconscious of the outside world. The limbs even piled up to his waist, and was slowly going to drown him.

“You probably never have gone to Jiaodong Commandery before.”

What confused these grandmasters was that in such a situation, when more people or armies about to kill him could arrive at any moment, Ding Ning still maintained his calm. Right now, Ding Ning looked at Fu Su who was paler than Zhangsun Qianxue and asked quietly, “How much do you know about Jiaodong Commandery?”

Fu Su suppressed the urge to vomit and said, “What do you mean?”

“There are too many night demon apes. At the start, I thought it would be hard if there was a third of this number,” Ding Ning said simply. “The night demon apes can only survive on some special ocean islands. Jiaodong Commandery relies on addictive medicines to tame them, but usually, these apes live on the islands. More importantly, these night demon apes do not feed on the food from the ocean. Since ancient times, their preferred food has been the people on the islands and the people who fish on the oceans.”

After a pause, Ding Ning looked at Fu Su who seemed to have thought of something, and then said, “After the multiple cleansings of the Qin Dynasty, or rather, Jiaodong Commandery, there are not many people to start with. Especially, when many of the island countries have become vassals of Jiaodong Commandery, they cannot be feeding grounds for the night demon apes.”

“Do not say it tactfully, one of the reasons Zheng Xiu is called cruel and cold is because Jiaodong Commandery frequently sends prisoners to feed the beasts,” as Zhangsun Qianxue swung her sword, she said coldly with scorn. “But so many night demon apes, how can the prisoners of Jiaodong Commandery’s death row be enough to feed them?”

Fu Su took a deep breath and gritted out, “Why should I believe your words?”

Ding Ning smiled faintly and did not say anything. A lifebond sword energy naturally flowed out of his hand.

The Great Punishment Sword appeared in his hand with a presence that terrified even the night demon apes. Then he put the edge of the blade on Fu Su’s neck in an even more natural manner. The rippling sword energies from the blade cut faint blood lines on his skin.

Fu Su suddenly stopped breathing and looked at Ding Ning. “What are you doing?”

The grandmasters in the sky felt cold rise and were disturbed.

“Since your mother sent these night demon apes, then I want to see her intentions. Between killing her enemy and the life and death of her son, which will be more important.” Ding Ning looked up and said expressionlessly in a cold voice, “Have these night demon apes leave, or I will kill him.”

“You…” Fu Su trembled over in fury, and could not even say the words shameless.

“Do not suspect my resolve,” Ding Ning kept on looking up and said slowly.

“How could she know that something like this will occur?” Fu Su shouted. “The things happening here will not reach Changling no matter how fast. Even if you do this, how can you see her intentions!”

“If something is more important than even the war, the information will be transmitted faster than you can imagine,” Ding Ning said calmly. “Even more importantly, from the reactions of her subordinates, it is possible to see her intentions most of the time. Their speculation of her intentions can represent many things.”

The fires of anger started to flash in the eyes of the many grandmasters in the sky.

“You are really that person?” One grandmaster could not help but say coldly, “I do not believe that if you are that person, you will use such lowly tactics.”

Hearing this voice, Ding Ning smiled with scorn. “You really believe that a person can be reborn after dying?”

Many grandmasters stilled.

After a while, that grandmaster continued speaking. “But since the Holy One said so today, I fear that most cultivators in the world will think that you are that person reborn. Your words and actions represent that person, and the Ba Mountain Sword Field. If your conduct is shameless and despicable, will many people still follow you like before, and follow the Ba Mountain Sword Field?”

“Each person likes a different flower,” Ding Ning said calmly. “You say shameless and despicable. Maybe others will feel that this is smart. You know, back then when that person fought to the death in Changling, many people felt that he was very stupid and foolish.”

The grandmasters were silent. They were unable to argue back.

Ding Ning stopped looking in their direction and just at his blade.

Beads of blood appeared on the edge of his blade. Many furious howls rang through the air. The night demon apes suddenly scattered in terror, like pillars of black smoke rising up.

“I just do not understand, since you are going to use such shameless tactics, why did you not use them earlier, and waited until now to use them,” Fu Su looked into Ding Ning’s eyes and shouted in fury, feeling the threads of pain from his neck.

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  1. That’s right. They ambushed him before because he had played honorably, so it’s pretty hypocritical to fault him for being cruel now.

    Though I don’t really see any shamelessness in threatening an hostage when his mother has you surrounded with dozens of experts? What’s the point of an hostage otherwise?

    1. Fu Su hasn’t had the experiences necessary. He’s still very sheltered despite what happened with Forefather Zhou.

      1. Fair enough. I just somehow got triggered by all the accusations when the karma balance is so stacked against his parents. XD

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