Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 36 “Mental Tactics”

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Chapter Thirty-Six: Mental Tactics

Ding Ning looked into Fu Su’s eyes and said, “Other than me, no one knows the true secret of the Nine Death Silkworm, not even Yuanwu. Yet he concluded publicly in front of so many people that I am that person reborn. He did not just feed an excuse to kill me in that situation, he also wanted to see what changes there will be, see how many people will stand on his side, and how many on mine.”

“To him, the powers that form in the dark are like the vines that climb onto the trees. For his empire and his rule, the earlier they are exposed, the earlier they are uprooted, the better it is than letting them grow freely.”

Pausing, Ding Ning ignored the impatience and fury in Fu Su’s eyes and said slowly, “But even if the news is shocking enough, even if he deliberately spreads the news, no matter if it is the people who want to come and kill me or the people who want to save me, they will need some time before they will learn of this. He needs the time, and I also need the time to let people know I am here.”

Fu Su was stunned but then immediately understood, sneering he said, “You need time for people to detect where these night demon apes have gone and passed through, so people who want to save you will find you. Very good idea… but have you ever thought that many people will die in order to save just one of you. Many people’s lives will be sacrificed so you can live. This is the kindness and justice of the Ba Mountain Sword Field?”

“Do not be so excited.” Ding Ning slowly put his sword away and calmly responded. “Our situation is just like waiting for death on the Chu Qin border. Even if I do not do something, through Yuanwu’s help, the news will quickly spread. The people will do what they do. What I can do is only have them become efficient, and maybe the danger will be reduced. If many people will die on the way here, then what I can do is do my best to make sure their deaths are of more value.”

Fu Su’s chest rose and fell violently. He still felt that Ding Ning’s words were very shameless, but in terms of debating, he felt that he could not compare to the person in front of him.

“I now believe some of the things you say. Something like coming back to life is too vague. You are not like Wang Jingmeng at all,” he said with rare hate after taking a few deep breaths. “Back then, many people felt that Wang Jingmeng was very stupid, because they felt that if he had endured for a few more years, he may have reached realm eight and gotten his revenge. But he fought his way into Changling for the lives of some people. He was willing to die and not willing to have others die for him. So even though Ba Mountain Sword Field was destroyed, it won the respect of the world.”

“Let me correct your words,” Ding Ning said seriously, “The Ba Mountain Sword Field did not win the respect of the world because of him alone, and also, he fought his way into Changling because he was forced to by the situation. Also, if Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu were willing to accept an exchange, he would not have gone to Changling to die. Some things could be used to threaten him, but not Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu. The conditions were not equal.”

“Did you not want to see my mother’s intention, and see if she cares about my life and death. Have you seen it?” Fu Su wiped at the blood that had flowed to his collar and had stuck to his clothing. He then furiously pointed at the sky as he asked Ding Ning.

“I do not want you to die,” Ding Ning said, “I hope that her attitude to you is all like this, especially when Yuanwu’s news passes to her ears.”

Fu Su chose to close his mouth. He felt that there was no meaning to arguing with such a dislikeable person, much less when he could not win.

“You are very kind, I hope that you will always be like this.” But Ding Ning did not want to stop talking now. He said slowly, “But kindness does not mean stupid. If you are truly blinded by some things, both the cruelty of her in Jiaodong Commandery that I told you about before, and the choice made out of helplessness in the past will remind you that my guess is you may be abandoned by her. Some beautiful things are not as beautiful as you imagine. If you are going to be the emperor of the Qin Dynasty in the future, you cannot look at things as purely as you do now.”

Fu Su smiled in anger. “You are teaching me? You are using my life as a threat, and you are teaching me?”

“I am just having you take a trip with us,” Ding Ning looked at his face and said lightly. “It is most likely that we will die together, but you may live, or after the trip, we will be alive, and you would have survived. Regardless of what happens, I hope that the trip we will take will have some influence on you in the future,” he looked at the stunned Fu Su and said.

Fu Su breathed heavily, and did not know his own emotions.

It was silent again.

“In reality, there is a most important question you have not asked because maybe in your view, this is an insult to Zheng Xiu.” Ding Ning looked away and at the night sky where the demon apes were flying. He said softly, “You are not concerned if you are Yuanwu’s son or not?”

Fu Su’s body froze. When Ding Ning said the first half, he already knew what he was going to say. This was the greatest fear in his heart. If it was true… this was something that he could not face.

Ding Ning knew what he was feeling right now, and did not wait for him to respond. He said softly, “Of course you are Yuanwu’s son, and not that person’s. But the key is, even if Zheng Xiu knows it, Yuanwu is not willing to firmly believe it.”

“His cultivation has reached realm eight. In terms of perception and contact with minute energies, he is beyond ordinary grandmasters.” Ding Ning looked at Fu Su whose lips were turning blue, and said slowly but clearly, “He can immediately sense my true bone age, and know that I was born at least two to three years after that person’s death, but he still guessed that I am not that person’s heir, and may likely be that person reborn. Since he believes in such a possibility, then he naturally will believe Zheng Xiu has some means of hiding her pregnancy. The key is, he does not trust Zheng Xiu, and does not know all her secrets.”

“If my father really suspects me, then was it not created by your shameless tactics?” Fu Su’s body started trembling.

“If he really trusted, then no words would be of effect.” Ding Ning glanced at Zhangsun Qianxue and then said, “You have seen Yuanwu’s reaction already. To him, you and Zheng Xiu may be the stain on his life. His glorious throne will not allow such a stain to exist. Even if this will keep causing gossip. He can endure Zheng Xiu because there is an enemy like me present.”

Fu Su could not speak. He had many words he wanted to say in response inside, but he was unable to speak. He vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu are my enemies, but you are not my enemy.” Ding Ning was still not looking at him, and said in a sincere tone, “If you want to live, maybe you should be helping me.”

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