傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S07-C03 “Your Excellency Zhui Yun”

Last chapter recap: Lil’ Nine wants to stay in Celestial Two so he can grow big enough to protect Mama. Lil’ Nine is a good boy. Lin Jiu and the crown prince come to the door.

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Chapter 3 – Your Excellency Zhui Yun

A prince on a black horse!

Also, black was more mysterious than white, and had an indescribable cold charisma.

“So handsome.” Some of the noble ladies were intimidated by this entry. They stared unblinkingly at Aofeng as though they forgot they were here to support Lin Jiu and make trouble for Aofeng.

Many young women thought, no wonder Her Highness Mo Ling’er liked him. Compared to Old Man Lin Lin, this youth was more attractive and of similar age to Her Highness Mo Ling’er. Lin Lin had been a Dragon Knight, but he might not have as high a status as the other’s subordinate who was also a celestial magister. If it were them, they would choose Zhui Yun.

Aofeng landed on the outskirts of the garden and walked in. She did not fly in directly. This was her respect for Teacher Lan Xiu. Aofeng felt the utmost of respect towards Lan Xiu.

The central district represented the seat of power for the school. The buildings here were grand, tall, and dignified. The large streets all led to the central garden. There, Lan Xiu and the others were waiting.

Aofeng successfully walked between the two rows of knights. She was cold, proud, and elegant as she walked. Her footsteps rang clearly against the marble slabs so smooth they could be mirrors. The magus beasts behind her stood upright, their chests puffed out.

As the black-robed youth walked forward slowly, the celestial rank experts in the surroundings were shocked.

The two sword masters next to the eledest prince were the first to be shocked. Their gazes gathered on Aofeng as they said disbelievingly, “Six celestial rank magus beasts? Three divine beasts? And a top tier bloodline nine star divine Crimson Gold Behemoth?”

“This boy’s magus beast lineup is terrifying.”

Many of the protectors for the noblemen shook slightly and had a momentary daze. Then their expressions changed and they reported to their masters. Whispers rose in the surroundings. The people here were high class members with status and power. They were restrained and did not scream or shout.

Experts of celestial rank or above could see the ranks of nine star divine beasts or weaker. The magus beasts appeared in their mimicry state but did not disguise their presence so the experts could see them clearly. While the experts did not know the strength of Aofeng, they felt that they had to face Aofeng seriously just for these magus beasts. Also, many people had keen eyes after staying so long in higher class circles. Aofeng’s presence was vast, and not one that a one sword spirit magister could have. This was at least a high sword-rank spirit magister.

The young noblemen were shocked to hear this and their gazes completely changed when they looked at Aofeng again.

“The rumors say that Zhui Yun is a master beast tamer. This is not false. Just from the number of magus beasts, this person’s mental power is more than three times that of ordinary people. With so many high ranking magus beasts, if he is also a high ranking spirit magister, his combat power will be above the two of us working together. We cannot dismiss this,” one of the court protector-warriors whispered the warning to the eldest prince.

“Your Highness, do not become enemies openly with this person. Even if he killed the Dragon Knights, do not move rashly. Based on the present situation, his future accomplishments may be above that of His Excellency Lan Xiu, not to mention his status as a master beast tamer.”

“Do not worry. I understand. I have good relations with my third brother and fourth sister. I would not bully their friend.” The young man in white robes who sat lazily in his chair said at a volume only the two sword masters could hear. He laughed lowly, “Also, I know I cannot touch someone that His Excellency Lan Xiu wants to protect. I’ve just come to see this Zhui Yun.”

This man looked to be twenty five or so. His features were neat, not ugly, but not handsome. He possessed the aura of a nobleman and was dressed finely. He was a type that women liked. This was the heir to the Kaya Empire, the eldest prince, His Highness Mo Leng.

Mo Leng’s eyes lit up slightly. He looked peaceful and cheerful but he was a very cunning person. Lin Jiu most likely hadn’t expected His Highness Mo Leng to speak of coming to get justice but was in actuality intending to recruit Aofeng.

A master beast tamer! If he could recruit this person to his camp, then he would have more weight in his fight over the throne with his second brother. He could also gain positive feelings from His Excellency Lan Xiu. Why wouldn’t he do this? Lan Xiu was certain to protect this person. With this was an excuse, the Dragon Knights could not say anything about him.

“Teacher, I am here.” As everyone’s thoughts swirled, Aofeng walked in front of them and nodded slightly at Lan Xiu.

Lan Xiu put down his winecup. His blue eyes were as gentle as water. He did not mind the cold attitude as he knew Aofeng’s personality. He waved for Aofeng to stand by him and asked in concern, “Have you adjusted to the school? If you have any difficulties, tell Teacher and Teacher will take care of it as best as I can.”

Aofeng felt warm inside. Her lips curved slightly in a smile as she said softly, “Teacher, do not worry. Everything is good. I found my present cultivation goal.”

“That’s good.” Lan Xiu looked at her warmly and nodded. He said with a smile, “Come here after you are done each day. I promised my good student to teach you well. I cannot break my word.”

“Teacher, do not laugh at me.” Aofeng laughed. She thought back to Qin City when she hadn’t known of Lan Xiu’s status and thought he was just the teacher of a small school. She hadn’t expected such words to be fulfilled.

Teacher and student started to chat idly and ignored the group of people. Even the eldest prince was suspecting that Lan Xiu was doing this deliberately.

“Cough cough …” Lin Jiu could no longer resist and interrupted, “Your Excellency Lan Xiu, since Zhui Yun is here, let’s talk about serious matters first. When this is done, we will leave.”

At this time, Lin Jiu was not so confident in his words. Aofeng’s appearance with the group of magus beasts had stunned everyone present. Many of the people he recruited to his side were switching sides. He felt even more angry and panicked but he could not say a thing. He had never felt so helpless since he became the commander of the Dragon Knights.

Aofeng looked around. Her gaze landed on Lin Jiu and she asked coldly, “You are the commander of the Dragon Knights?”

Lin Jiu frowned. He could not maintain his calm at the youth’s cold attitude. He nodded, his gaze dark, as he said, “Yes, I am the commander of the Dragon Knights, Lin Jiu, and also the older brother of Lin Lin, who your subordinate injured.”

Aofeng made a sound of acknowlegement. Her black eyes swept around everyone present. She snorted with slight disdain, “Lin Jiu, you came here with so many people to get revenge for your younger brother? He could not win so he urged you to come with your friends to make trouble. He really brings honor to the Dragon Knights!”

Aofeng did not want to pretend after already having performed the beating and expressed her attitude without any politeness.

“What are you saying?” Lin Jiu’s anger erupted at the tone and said, “You beat up my younger brother, and feel no remorse. You bully others because you have the support of His Excellency Lan Xiu. Is this the tone that a common person like you should have when talking to the commander of the Dragon Knights? Calling a first-rank duke by his name when you do not have any status is enough for me to throw you in jail!”

Then he turned and said to Lan Xiu who raised an eyebrow, “Your Excellency Lan Xiu, even if you are protective, please be reasonable. I give you face and do not argue about this matter but he has insulted a Dragon Knight and must apologize to me!”

Lin Jiu’s words were angry but not outrageous. Many people felt that Aofeng was too proud and looked down at others, the example of a spoiled member of a prestigious family.

Some of the celestial rank experts in the surroundings showed some dismissiveness in their eyes. Youths who were too proud were not likable.

Before Lan Xiu spoke, Aofeng laughed again and said, “Lin Jiu, you do not respect me, why should I respect you? Yes, you are a first-rank duke of the empire, and I am a common citizen. However, I remember in the Kaya Empire’s laws, being polite to nobility is just for the average person. Isn’t it correct that magisters do not have to bow and follow the rules like ordinary people?”

“Yes, but that applies to celestial rank and above, and you are just t…” Lin Jiu’s expression was dark but before he could finish, his eyes widened. He seemed to be struck by lightning and unable to speak another word.

The eldest prince Mo Leng jumped off his seat like a spring. The other noblemen and protectors were dumbstruck.

The sword master next to Mo Leng exclaimed softly, “Heavens! This … this is …”

A silver five point celestial star shimmered with light under Aofeng’s feet. Under the sunset, the black-robed youth looked almost sacred as the blue shamanic power wrapped around her figure.

Other people might assume that she was fearless because she had a strong teacher, but Aofeng never thought about relying on Lan Xiu. She used the crudest method to make Lin Jiu shut up!

“When we are of equal status, respect should be mutual. Lin Jiu, you can call me by name, but if I call you by name, it is a great crime? You first insulted the dignity of a celestial rank expert. I have the right to ask you to respect me!” Aofeng said coldly. Her eyes flashed coldly as she stared at Lin Jiu. The other seemed to still be in his shocked daze.

The surroundings were deathly silent. Lan Xiu was also given a fright. He smiled bitterly and shook his head. A three-sword celestial magister magister under the age of sixteen. This was a great surprise for him.

Lin Jiu froze. His tongue seemed to be tied up. He softened, “Zhui Yun … Your Excellency Zhui Yun …”

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