傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S07-C04 “Power, Status”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng makes a grand entrance before scaring everyone in the room with her power.

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Chapter 4 – Power, Status

Lin Jiu immediately realized his loss of composure when he spoke. His face turned purple and embarrassed.

The black-robed youth’s presence just now had intimidated him, a seven-sword celestial magister magister and Dragon Knight Commander. This was fantastical to think of. In that moment, he felt that he wasn’t looking at this young person but the authoritative and noble His Excellency Lei Ting.

Lin Jiu clearly lost this battle.

The surrounding people started to shift after their shock passed. The students of the school were mostly focused on their awe towards powerful experts but these members of the upper levels all understood the extraordinary meaning behind the enormous five point celestial star — it proved this youth’s strength. It meant that a bright new star was going to rise!

A fifteen year old celestial magister, and a three-sword one at that. A true genius!

Master beast tamers were influential. Ordinary people would not dare provoke them but their influence was to dispatch others. Water from afar could not douse a fire nearby. Not every person was willing to sell their lives. When a master beast tamer encountered a major faction, they would not respect you unless you joined another faction. But true strength was different. One’s strength was one’s strength. You could use it as you wished. Great power determined one’s status.

In the history of Radiance Continent, no one had become a celestial magister at such an age. This was five years earlier than the last genius! What was the meaning in five years?

Lan Xiu Daren was two hundred and seventeen this year. He became a celestial magister when he was twenty two, and a magus scholar when he was thirty two. Aofeng was even more of a freak. If she did not encounter too many obstacles that changed her mental state dramatically, it was a matter of fact that she would surpass Lan Xiu, the strongest of the Kaya Empire!

Originally, people had just wanted to wait and see. Now they unhesitatingly stood on Aofeng’s side, even if they would offend the Dragon Knights! A three-sword celestial magister who possessed so many high ranking magus beasts and had combat power equal to that of a seven sword celestial magister was rare among the top factions!

“Your Excellency Zhui Yun, you are a young and admirable genius.” The son of the minister of finance, Xue Lin, gave a friendly smile towards Aofeng. “I heard about Your Excellency’s great feats in the siege of Neversetting Sun long ago. You were a great part of protecting the people of Kaya. I have always wanted to meet you. It is a joyous matter to have this wish fulfilled today.”

“Yes, my father admires young heroes the most. Your Excellency Zhui Yun is truly a hero.” The beautiful daughter of the famed general Hong Yue, Hong Qing took a step forward. Her smile could enchant all men. “If Your Excellency doesn’t mind, you can come visit the Hong Family at any time.”

The young city guard commander Yan Gui was not skilled in interacting but he still followed, “Our Yan Family will welcome Your Excellency Zhui Yun at any time.”

“Our Willing Corporation …”


Lin Jiu almost died in anger as he watched the young nobility he brought along “betray” him and express goodwill towards Aofeng.

However, he was helpless in this situation. All the upper class families followed this kind of rule “there were no eternal friends, only eternal interests.” Their conduct was always to increase the interests of their families unless they were extremely good friends. They were unreliable in all other cases, just like now.

Lin Jiu had not expected that something would occur in his trip here.

Aofeng neutrally responded before she narrowed her eyes slightly and looked over. “Your Excellency Lin Jiu, you can speak of your aims now.”

Lin Jiu’s anger had no place to vent. The feeling of being led by the nose was not good but he had to go along with Aofeng’s words. The situation was almost one-sided right now, and being stubborn was of no benefit to him.

“It is like this. My younger brother and a dragon knight of the corps have disappeared inexplicably. This is something that has never happened since the KayaEmpire was founded. As the commander of the dragon knights, I have to investigate. That day, you were the only one who had a conflict with my brother so …”

“So you think that I sent someone to kidnap or kill Lin Lin?” Aofeng finally understood. No wonder. The disappearance of two dragon knights would be a major event in the Kaya Empire.

“No no no, we just want to ask Your Excellency if you saw them afterwards. We do not suspect Your Excellency.” Xue Lin laughed from next to Lin Jiu. He stared warily at Lin Jiu and caused the latter to feel very dispirited.

Don’t you feel it is embarrassing to say this? You came ferociously with so many people just to “ask.” Who were you fooling?

Aofeng naturally would not believe such words. She moved her gaze and suddenly raised one hand, saying in a cool voice, “I swear to the heavens here that I never saw Lin Lin and the other Dragon Knight after registration day, nor did I send anyone to kill them. If I break this oath, let me be struck by lightning.”

The silver covenant formation lit up. the rules of the universe formed, and the oath took effect but nothing happened.

“Ugh …” Everyone was shocked by Aofeng’s rapid conduct. No one reacted in time to expect Aofeng would swear an oath so easily!

“Aofeng …” Lan Xiu was full of shock and emotion. His blue eyes grew even more gentle. Just like back at Qin City, Aofeng was still so methodical and always thought on behalf of others.

Right now, Lin Jiu had no way of doing anything even if Aofeng avoided discussing this question. Experts usually cared greatly for their dignity, especially when Aofeng had such pride. Being forced to swear to the heavens was already a great humiliation in the eyes of others. If not for him, Aofeng most likely would have ignored Lin Jiu and might verbally anger him instead.

Yes, for him …

For Aofeng, this matter was no great trouble as Zhui Yun was not her true identity. But for Lan Xiu and the Imperial School, this would stain their reputation. The Dragonrider Corps were the guardian gods of the Kaya people, and respected by thousands. Aofeng did not hope that Teacher Lan Xiu get a bad reputation of “protecting students” and being criticized by all.

Even if Lan Xiu was willing, it was still not alright!

Looking at the stubborn black-robed youth, a part of Lan Xiu’s heart was touched. A thought went through his mind. Maybe, his luckiest decision in his life was to accept such a “cold” student.

“Does this work? Do you have any other suspicions?” Aofeng looked around coldly.

Everyone woke up. Even Lin Jiu couldn’t help but shake his head and said, “No, Your Excellency Zhui Yun, I know that this matter has nothing to do with you.”

After an oath to the heavens, what suspicions were left? The rules of the universe could not be surpassed and there had been no loopholes in the oath. No matter what great skill Aofeng had, the rules could not be disobeyed.

Lin Jiu still felt some animosity towards Aofeng’s subordinate for wounding his younger brother, and angering him today. But the others felt that it was slightly outrageous forcing a celestial magister to make an oath to the heavens. Since the matter had nothing to do with Aofeng, they had no reason to come here.

“Your Excellency Zhui Yun, apologies for today,” Mo Leng, who had been quiet the entire time, spoke. He smiled and walked forward. He said in a familiar and warm tone, “We have brought you much trouble due to our rashness. I deeply apologize. There is a Midautumn court banquet next month, the sixth day of the seventh month, where all the nobility will attend. I sincerely invite Your Excellency. Will Your Excellency be willing to attend?”

The Midautumn court banquet? Everyone was shocked. That was an event only true nobility could attend. Countless people were scheming to get a space!

His Highness Mo Leng’s move was so clever. He did not extend a true olive branch but this would not stir any negative feelings while still recruiting this youth. Which youth wasn’t spirited and desired to join the upper class?

Aofeng had no interest in events of this kind. She originally wanted to refuse but then her thoughts shifted. Since the nobility were going, then would she see Mama Su Ya?

When she thought of this, Aofeng’s heart heated up. She had missed Mama Su Ya since they separated at Neversetting Sun. She wanted to thank Mama Su Ya.

“Alright. I will go,” Aofeng nodded and responded. The sixth day of the seventh month was the night before the big fight. At that time, Zhui Yun should disappear. She would go to attend the tournament as Qin Aofeng. It would be good to see Mama Su Ya then.

“Then I will wait for Your Excellency Zhui Yun to arrive.” Mo Leng smiled in satisfaction and handed over a red invitation. Then he called for the other people who were still looking at Aofeng to bow to Lan Xiu before bidding farewell.

Once no one was left, Lan Xiu had no more constraints and said to Aofeng with a smile, “Aofeng, this Midautumn banquet is a good opportunity. Prepare well. Maybe there will be unexpected surprises.”

“Surprises?” Aofeng stilled. She looked at the red invitation and said curiously, “Teacher, isn’t this banquet just a dance event for the nobility?”

“Of course not. What you speak of is just a part of the banquet. The biggest benefit of the annual Midautumn Banquet is not here, but at the treasure conference, which is the ‘auction’.” Lan Xiu explained. “The Midautumn auction is the largest auction each year, and the precious treasures of the continent can all appear there. Maybe you won’t care about other treasures, but there is one you will definitely like.”

Aofeng asked interestedly, “What is it?”

Lan Xiu chuckled. “Valtz, high purity valtz that can let you jump several sword levels in a night. Aren’t you interested?”

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