Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 46 “Join Together”

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Chapter Forty-Six: Join Together

“In the records of the Donghu monks, a buddha fell to become a great demon. That demon king could turn white bones into endless unkillable soldiers.” The Donghu monk had been sensing this grandmaster sitting on the ground all this time shrouded in deathly energy. When he sensed it clearly, he said to Ding Ning and the black-robed youth, “I thought that it was just an illusion, but now it seems that the Thousand Grave Mountain does not have methods. If given enough time, he can even create an army. In this case, I was too narrow minded and ignorant before.”

Ding Ning nodded and said, “In the cultivation records of Changling, there were methods of scattering beans to form soldiers. For most cultivators, this is naturally a myth that has no basis, but in some ancient records, there are special mentions that such a method uses a kind of iron bean from overseas. That kind of bean must be special and able to hold of the lifebond energy of a cultivator.”

“Unless you see with your own eyes, how can you believe it?” Tantai Guanjian found it even more unbelievable the more he thought of it, and he felt slightly cold.

These yin and ghostly cultivation methods were very strange. Back during the Deer Mountain Conference, Yan Ying had stunned everyone. Then, he turned his student into a realm seven grandmaster in a single step, and being able to tolerate his lifebond energy was something against nature.

While this Qian Mu was limited to the realm in this lifetime, unable to touch more cultivation realms, such a method was the most suitable for him. For other cultivators, lifebond energy was something they could not waste. Constantly gathering lifebond energy in their bodies and nurturing a lifebond item was part of the experience from realm seven to eight. But for him, if he kept on gathering lifebond energy and did not use it, he could not cause a tangible change. The lifebond energies created during his daily cultivation could be channeled into items, and turn the corpse of this grandmaster into something to be controlled.

When it came to cultivators of Tantai Guanjian’s level, he had stopped feeling that such methods were unorthodox long ago. At this time, the zombie-like grandmaster was just a weapon in his eyes. But such a method was too stunning in itself. Even if this Qian Mu’s lifebond energy could not be endless, as long as he was not killed, the lifebond energy he could create over time could be used to create such a weapon. Then, like the Donghu monk said, over time, he could create an army.

Such things could only be called yin ghost in the world of cultivators. When facing the enemy, they could not be like they were truly alive. At most, they would attack in the direction of his killing intent. They would be wooden against the enemies. But even if they only had realm four or five power, there would be a terrifying number.

Even more frightening, such ghosts did not feel terror or pain. Even if they were seriously wounded, they could still fight.

“If we can leave alive, just with you two helping him, it is enough to fight for the world against Yuanwu,” Tantai Guanjian looked at the black-robed youth who looked like an ordinary neighbor and called himself Qian Mu, and could not help but say.

Ding Ning smiled. But he had a complicated gaze. Because this was based on the premise that they could leave alive. The most important thing was that the friends around him had always been strong.

During the era of the Ba Mountain Sword Field, in the view of any person, if a few people stood with him, that was enough to conquer the world. But the enemy was also strong, and the enemy also had many unexpected tactics.

Just like now. The shadows outside the thousand mountains layered up in his sight. What he had experienced told him that the final victory was not determined by who had the most terrifying weapon, but who had more of the terrifying weapons.

“Zheng Xiu learned many things from us. We must learn some things from her. Do not ever reveal all your tactics to the enemy.” Ding Ning turned to glance at Tantai Guanjian and said, “If we are able to survive, it is best to not let Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu learn these things.”

Tantai Guanjian nodded.

Before he nodded, a wave of yin and dark energy slashed out of Qian Mu’s body. That stiffly sitting “grandmaster” fell back down, his body quickly rotting, turning to black water and penetrating into the ground.

No one had objections. If it was possible to have such an army with destructive power, but before this army took form, it was best if Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu did not know of this.


The thousand dust mountains were still stubbornly stabbedding. There were many speckled shadows on the seemingly quiet mountains. These shadows left behind strange tracks that occasionally floated by them.

The sky slowly grew bright, and the night slowly passed.

The black night and death were always related. People would always feel unsafe. But in reality, what was actually affected were just their emotions. They felt helpless and anxious waiting for the unknown.

When the first ray of sunlight fell from the sky, but Ding Ning and the others could not judge the direction from within the mountains, Fu Su woke up. In the morning light, he saw Tantai Guanjian’s cold and humble side profile.

“Why is it like this?”

He felt inexplicable and great pain, not because of his wounds, but from inside of him in his heart. He could not help but look at Tantai Guanjian and say.

“When doing anything, one needs to follow one’s truest feeling in one’s hearts.”

Tantai Guanjian understood his meaning and said seriously, “This is the first truth my master told me after I really entered Min Mountain Sword Sect and received my master’s teaching.” Then he looked up and added, “The existence of any sect is not their front door, but the principles that they persist in.”

“So you will even risk the Qin Dynasty and Min Mountain Sword Sect both falling. You will pay such a price?” Fu Su looked at Tantai Guanjian’s face, and had such a thought, but he could not speak.

“No one said that a sect must work for a dynasty. There are all kinds of cultivators in these places, and they have different pursuits.” Tantai Guanjian knew what he was thinking and said slowly, “But you have been in such a position since young, so you have always had people influencing your mind, and you take all this as granted. But what about you? You always listen to your parents, but have you ever considered your own truest thoughts?”

Fu Su could not speak. He did not know how to answer this question. He did not know the answer in his mind.

“It is starting.”

At this time, Ding Ning spoke.

Tantai Guanjian suddenly looked up. Zhangsun Qianxue and the Donghu monk who had been resting opened their eyes and looked up.

Qian Mu shrank. His black robe rippled like a pond of black water, and covered his entire body. Because at this time in the air, there was a presence he feared the most.

It was only the early morning, but in the span of a few breaths, the sky rapidly grew bright. Rays of sunlight formed, many times brighter than usual noon sunlight. From such a sky, countless lines of white fire floated down from even higher places.

The pale white fire and the bright sunlight quickly merged together in the air.

“So it is like this.” Tantai Guanjian’s expression immediately grew serious.

This was the union of star fire and true sun fire. Two completely different primal energies of the universe were forged together by two powerful energies. Only Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu could do such a thing in the world.

After silence for half a night, when the attacks started again, no one had expected it to be Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu joining together.

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