Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 47 “Great Means”

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Chapter Forty-Seven: Great Means

The stars, moon, and sun could not appear at the same time. The cold and the hot energies, completely different, could not merge together like water and fire. But at this sunrise, they gathered in the air, merging and evolving.

This was a great scene never seen before in the records of cultivators, filled with great danger. But seeing the pale white flames and the gold and red flames gather and mix together like paints on a palette, changing in lights of different colors, all the cultivators who saw these felt shock and awe.

“Yuanwu has not returned to Changling.”

Ding Ning narrowed his eyes as he looked at the changing flows of flame in the air. He watched as those seemingly heavy flames which should have ended were still swirling and twisting in the air. They kept on pulling in profound primal energies of the universe from all directions. He said in a cold voice, “Zheng Xiu has responded.”

When Ding Ning said this, there were many enormous roars and loud sounds of the air tearing in the distant forest. Even from very far away, people could still sense countless heavy and large bodies flying into the air, and sliding through the sky.

Those were the flying snakes, through serpents. Other than the flying snakes they had previously sensed, there were other beasts.

At this time, Fu Su was looking at the profound lines of light in the sky, and still did not understand the meaning in Ding Ning’s words. But other than him, everyone else present had already understood.

Before Yuanwu ascended the throne, and Wang Jingmeng fought his way into Changling, Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu had not worked together like this. So this was one of their secret trump cards.

But now, they were using such means. This could only mean that Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu had reached an agreement on this matter.

Kill Ding Ning at any cost, even if that included sacrificing Fu Su.

So the cold star fire and the burning hot sun fire could merge together perfectly. The cultivators waiting in the wilderness, including those from Jiaodong Commandery, also understood her intentions, so those flying snakes and other beasts were flying up into the air right now.

Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu were attacking at full force, regardless of the cost.

Tantai Guanjian hung his head slightly. He could not help but turn to look at Fu Su. His gaze unconsciously held sympathy and pity.

In reality, other than a few people in the imperial palace, most cultivators in Changling like him liked Fu Su very much for he did not possess the airs of the Changling imperial family and the Jiaodong Commandery. He was truly very kind.

Fu Su originally did not understand, but hearing the clear sounds of the tearing air, and noticing Tantai Guanjian’s gaze, he suddenly understood. His face grew even paler, and his lips started to tremble.

“Yuanwu should have someone with him, someone he absolutely trusts.”

Ding Ning looked at Zhangsun Qianxue and Qian Mu who wanted to kill Yuanwu the most. He slowly said, “Yuanwu was born as a cautious and gradual person. He is using this method to use up his own power in exchange for Zheng Xiu’s response. For a long time after this, he will not be able to protect himself. Then he must have someone by him who is strong enough and trustworthy enough, someone who has interests on the same side as him protecting him.”

“If we want to kill Yuanwu, we must first find this person.” He usually was very quiet and looked very young, but each time he mentioned Yuanwu, he would grow very serious and murderous.

No one knew how many Qin and Chu grandmasters were on the battlefield right now, and no one would know how many powerful grandmasters from other dynasties would rush to get here when Yuanwu and Nine Death Silkworm appeared here at the same time.

People who were able to protect Yuanwu were likely close in power to the Donghu monk before his breakthrough, at least much stronger than all the other realm seven grandmasters in the world. Such a person could pose a true threat to a realm eight. Such a hidden expert around Yuanwu was Yuanwu’s strongest shield and also a poison snake hiding in the darkness and biting them at key times.

“Who could it be?”

Zhangsun Qianxue took a deep breath. She scoured her mind for many of the past people, but she could not think of who was this strong, and also stood guard for Yuanwu. When she could not help but say this, everyone fell silent.

The star fire and sun fire in the sky was still falling, but they stopped pulling in primal energies of the universe from all directions.

The streams of pale white star fire and the rays of sun fire merged together and turned a strange light purple color in the end, turning into irregular blades. The edges of the irregular blades flashed with indigo and gold light. These blades had taken form like they were solidified, and were suspended in the air. If the sword essence Ding Ning had displayed previously was perfect, then the feeling brought about by these blades in the air now was violent and out of the world.

The Donghu monk’s face was flushing red, and then turned into a deep red close to the color of glaze. Time seemed to freeze at this moment. His energies flowed faster inside of him, and gradually boiled.

His staff was lifted up at this moment. Because he held it so tightly, his energy and vital energy was flowing so quickly that his resilient skin on his palm tore apart. Streams of blood spread along like sticky red paint down the staff.

Many crimson blooms spread on the tip of the staff, glowing and clear like gems. The power released by each flower petal turned into an invisible shield that layered up over their heads. In this sky that was hundreds of times brighter than at noon, tens of thousands of sword lights shone.

The light purple blades flashing with indigo and gold light at the edges turned into rapidly moving sword lights and filled the world, raining down on them.

The violent sword lights formed a river, pressing down and cutting at each wisp of primal energy here, and squeezing thousands of tiny bolts of lightning out of this space.

There was a terrifying power impact but no loud sound.

These sword lights hit the invisible shield about them, giving off a sound like rain softly hitting rocks overgrown with moss.

Everyone around the old monk, including Ding Ning, wore gazes of admiration.

The dust mountains stopped the old monk from communicating with realm eight energy. However, he used a very soft power to fend against most of the power coming from Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu’s united attack. This was like the softness of the moss and the spaces between the moss wearing down the power coming down from the sky.

This was a great method hard to describe. But everyone knew that it was not enough.

The transparent sky did not seem to change, but the blood flours on the tip of the old monk’s staff were covered in cracks. The cracks even spread up his staff and his skin.

Beside the old monk, there was a black dense smoke.

From within the thick black smoke, Qian Mu looked up. The burning hot sun fire was the bane of his vital energy method, so he innately feared it. So when he raised his head right now, he appeared very stubborn. In his perception, there were countless black dots appearing and then quickly growing larger.

Gravestones came out of the ground, and flew up.

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