Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 48 “Sustain”

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Chapter Forty-Eight: Sustain

These gravestones, including the black mountain, were Yan Ying’s lifebond item. At this time, in the perception of the black-robed youth, countless gravestones appeared, and then a black mountain. There were many streams of lifebond energy spraying out from his body along the meridians.

A true black mountain, combined with the desolate soil underneath, rose up. With a loud boom, it pushed up against the savage sword river.

The cold star fire and the hot burning sun fire could harm his lifebond energy. At this moment, the black mountain made sounds like it was being melted by oil. Many of the incomplete gravestones were quickly corroded, holes forming on the surface then growing larger.

This was a true pain.

This black-robed youth immediately screamed, but the scream was not filled with terror, but fury.

He screamed in fury, his hands swinging. Pieces of gravestones stubbornly flew up, crashing against the sword lights, following his thoughts.


In the Yin Mountain, there was a crude grass hut.

In ordinary cloth robes, Yuanwu sat in the clearing in front of the grass hut.

This clearing was on a rising cliff, and ahead was a sea of clouds. The cloud seas of other mountains were usually dignified and beautiful, but Yin Mountain was called Yin Mountain because the mountain was high and cold, and between the clouds, everything was black.

At this time, there were those thousand dark dust mountains, and then there were black yin energies bursting in the mountains like they were burning. As a result, the layers of cloud and mist in front of him were colored like lead.

His expression was very calm. But inside the meridians under his skin, it was like there were countless earthworms moving. Light shone out of some of the creases in his skin, and there was a feeling that his skin would split at any time.

While he was not among the thousand dust mountains, in reality, he was having the most dangerous fight with another realm eight. As to that black-robed youth, this was another old enemy for him, Yan Ying, who had seriously injured him during the Deer Mountain Conference.

There were countless difficult choices in one’s life. Compared to the danger of the battle right now, the battle in his mind was even harder. But many times, some choices could not be completely according to what he thought. Just like right now. He could sense better than anyone right now the steadiness of the star fire.

The cold and indifferent star fire was steadily descending as it merged with the lifebond energy that he released. There was no intention of urgency, but this kind of steadiness and indifference was the most powerful of urging.

Yuanwu gently shook his head and sighed.


The Donghu monk holding the staff up raised his eyebrows slightly. He looked down at his own body.

The wild sword river was still savagely moving through the space above, but the purest part of the power had passed into his energy and stabbed into his body.

This kind of power was a pure shock, just like someone was gripping the staff in his hand and furiously shaking it. After a moment of hesitation, the Donghu monk understood that this power came from the other realm eight in the world, Yuanwu.

He wanted to know what method the other was using to create true damage to him. This kind of lifebond energy entanglement was like Yuanwu holding his hand, and then Yuanwu causing his body to furiously shake, and causing his body to shake as well.

This was a move that harmed both sides. But there was one thing. Yuanwu had reached realm eight before him, and had gone further on the path, So his energy sea and some of his meridians were stabler.

This shock was targeted at his energy sea. It was undoubted that such means meant that Yuanwu would be seriously injured, and even his cultivation would fall, unable to recover for a long time. But his own cultivation would be crippled, and he would die. So Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu were joined together in this attack, wanting to reach the result that Yuanwu would be seriously injured, and he would die.

At this time, it was very clear in the Donghu monk’s mind. He knew that this was likely Zheng Xiu’s intentions. Yuanwu was forcing her to sacrifice her son as the cost, then she naturally wanted Yuanwu to pay a similar price. Then this would be fair to her and Yuanwu. Or rather, the relationship between her and Yuanwu needed to be like this to continue.

The Donghu monk’s expression turned bitter. He knew the goal of this combined attack. He had just reached realm eight and touched that wonderful world, but at this time, his energy sea was going to be destroyed and his life about to end. Naturally, he was very discontent inside.

But at this time, Qian Mu screamed with more fury.

He could sense where the killing intent was directed, and sensed that there was a power ignoring his thousand grave might, nimbly passing around his gravestones, and entering the body of the Donghu monk.

As he screamed, the hundreds of gravestones shrouded in black energy fell madly like shooting stars, charging into the old monk’s energy sea with ribbons of black energy. These gravestones appeared very large when in the air, but when they came to the old monk’s energy sea, they were as small as little stamps.

The old monk’s flushed face turned pitch black. In his senses, countless black stones filled his energy sea which was filled with turbulent power. These black stones caused the life in his organs to decline, but in this moment, as the black stones collided and brushed against each other, they eased the damaging power to his energy.

With a pop, he threw up a mouthful of black blood. The old monk’s body seemed to have aged many years at this instant. A presence of true decline came from his organs, but as the black flows of energy charged out of his energy sea, his energy sea was retained.

He had managed to survive.

In the sky above where Yuanwu was, a large rainstorm suddenly started. A few wrinkles appeared at the corners of Yuanwu’s eyes, but these wrinkles were cut deep into his flesh, and bled. Many glowing lights came out of his skin like star dust.

When this heavy rain came down, a cultivator holding a yellow umbrella walked behind him and blocked the rain for him.


Changling, deep within the terrifying imperial palace, Zheng Xiu stood with her arms hanging down.

Scattered star fire fell in the space in front of her like glowing gems, passing through her profound skylight where light rays shone through.

Her hands were trembling, and blood dripped from the tips of his fingers. There were many fine cracks on her jade like hands and arms.

You are truly a lonely person. Because my heart will hurt. But ever since you started to vie for the world, you will never feel pain for anyone.

She slowly looked up and thought in her mind.

She could not see the scene of the battle exactly, but she could sense where Yuanwu’s power had gone in the end. She was certain, even if the Donghu monk was not dead, then the Donghu monk’s cultivation was about crippled.

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