Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 52 “The Enemy of the City”

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Chapter Fifty-Two: The Enemy Of The City

Marquis Xu frowned, and looked down loftily at Ye Celeng, saying, “Today, I will not have mercy.”

Ye Celeng smiled, appearing very charming. “I do not need your mercy.”

Looking at her, an odd look flashed through his eyes. He said, “If so, please.”

Ye Celeng looked up slightly. Above Marquis Xu’s head was naturally the sky. At this time, sunlight was bright, and there were no clouds. But as she looked, suddenly, out of nothing, countless raindrops appeared.

These raindrops did not seem to be of the mortal world. People could not feel any wetness. When they fell from the sky, they seemed to go against the laws of the natural world. They did not just fall at an unimaginably fast rate, they connected together, like someone was pulling the two ends of the droplet and stretching them into threads.

In a flash, the millions of raindrops turned into millions of thin lines. The lines were like thin needles, the thinner, the sharper, and the more penetrating power they had. Also, these thin threads did not break. The energy pulled in from all directions endlessly gathered at the tips of the needles.


With a low shout, the air around Marquis Xu exploded. With his body as the center, the stone tiles on the ground within dozens of meters and the courtyard walls all exploded. His hairs danced, his body expanding and doubling in size like a demon. Swords lights as thick as barrels swirled around him in the exploding air and dust.

The millions of rain lines stabbed into the exploding energy around him. The tips of the lines exploded, but only he and Ye Celeng could sense at this moment, the thin lines seemed to be pulled by his sword lights, and wrapped around his sword lights.

In this moment, his sword lights gave thunderous roars, the rain lines snapping and flying back out. The sword lines were made from raindrops stretched out. They were hard to see with the naked eye. When they snapped, the threads were even smaller. When they flew back out, these snapped rain lines turned into splashes of water.

It was like countless people were splashing water in the alley. Enormous splashes of water fell from the sky, washing the dust from the air and also breaking the black tiles on the roofs. The pieces of cracked tile flew off the roofs, and when they landed on the ground, the ground was already covered in a layer of water.

The cracked tiles created splashes of water when they landed on the ground. With black as the center, countless water flowers bloomed in the alley.

The white-robed Ye Celeng turned around and walked away from the alley. Her shoes were not wet. Just like how she had walked through the roaring waves of the Wei River during the Changling storm, she was walk above the water.

Marquis Xu stood there. His body was still shrouded in terrifying energy, and his body was still double his usual size.


The courtyard door behind him had completely shattered. Numerous cultivators walked out behind him, and they shouted as they saw Ye Celeng’s back.

In their view, just now, Marquis Xu had defeated Ye Celeng’s sword essence with a blow. Ye Celeng had publicly rebelled. Were they to release her after just one contact like this?

But just as they were shouting, with a pop, Marquis Xu sprayed out a mouthful of blood. His mountainous body suddenly shrank like it was leaking and turned back to being as big as usual. But his face was waxy, and the water in front of him was blood red..

He looked at Ye Celeng’s floating figure, his eyes and mind filled with great shock.

“Cloud Water Palace…”

He suddenly understood something.


There was an unusual star fire falling through the night sky. There was someone on the level of a grandmaster using their life energy to quickly bring military reports back to Changling. Changling appeared calm, but even the people on the street knew that unusual and great matters were occurring.

When something great was happening, some of Changling’s people were originally people that had great attention paid to them. Among these people, Ye Celeng definitely ranked first.

So many people did not know of Marquis Xu’s actions, and did not know why he had left his home for, but many people knew of Ye Celeng’s movements.

When Ye Celeng blocked Marquis Xu and attacked him, in many people’s eyes, she had become Changling’s enemy, or rather, a dead person.

Changling’s streets extended in all directions, and at many intersections, there were tall turrets. These turrets monitored all of Changling’s movements.

At this time, when water was flowing outside Marquis Xu’s marquessate establishment, on a turret closest to the location, one general’s back was soaked in cold sweat.

This general who was very experienced had trembling hands. Just like Marquis Xu had said, sympathy and respect were one thing, their own side was another. This general naturally did not want to abandon Changling, and become an enemy of the Qin Dynasty. So after a moment of hesitation, he acted.

He was the master of this turret. He knew better than anyone the true reason that these turrets had been created back then. These turrets had been a stunning idea.

When some powerful enough yin energy was gathered through seals and crystals, the light rays they produced were able to create unnatural twisting in the primal energies. Then these rays of light could be like moonlight and shine to every corner of Changling.

This was the “Falling Dark Moon.”

In reality, above all the people walking in Changling, there was a sword that could appear at any moment. Such a seal weapon was created by the craftsmen of Ba Mountain Sword Field. They had been set up during the great change before Yuanwu’s ascension. During the Deer Mountain Conference, the cultivators of the world learned that such seal weapons had been successfully created. Deep inside each turret, in the stable formations, there were the key seal crystals embedded within.

Once the general sent the order, the seal crystal would release cold, yin and vicious energy filling the entire formation. Then a moonlight sword light would rise from the turret and head towards Ye Celeng.

This “Falling Dark Moon”‘s power would not reach realm seven, but would not be weaker than realm six. What terrified realm sevens was that they would keep on coming. The cultivator under attack would be worn out defending, and could not hide.

The formations in all of the turrets were connected. The yin energy produced by the seal crystals would constantly flow into the turret closest to this cultivator. In any corner of Changling, the Falling Dark Moon would constantly attack until this cultivator used up their vital energy or was killed.

A finger sized gray crystal appeared in this general’s hand. As his vital energy flooded in the grey crystal, he slammed it into a metal plate in front of him.

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