Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 53 “Empty City”

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Chapter Fifty-Three: Empty City

This gray crystal was the key to the formation of this turret. When his vital energy merged with the crystal and entered the center of the formation, the formation of the turret was activated. Yet, during this flash of time, when the gray crystal appeared in his hand, a patch of gray dust fell down from the roof beam about his head and perfectly floated behind his head.

This was some dust that was insignificant, so much so that even cultivators did not notice, but when it floated behind the general’s head, it was like his body was crushed to the ground by a heavy mountain. He hit the ground with a bang, and created a wave of dust!

The gray crystal in the general’s hand hit the edge of the metal disc ahead of him with a clear sound and created a spray of sparks. His face and eyes seemed to be infected with the light of the gray crystal, turning an odd gray.

Many sharp piercing sounds occurred. Multiple sword lights shot upwards towards a figure that had almost merged into one with the black and gray beams.

The multiple swordsmen behind the general were shocked and angry as they attacked. They could not understand what kind of toxin was this that was able to instantly destroy a realm six cultivator’s body and resolve. Who was able to sneak into the top of the turret without anyone noticing!

“Astrology Bureau!”

But when these swordsmen saw the figure almost merged with the surroundings, they immediately understood.

The academians of the Astrology Bureau.

The six academians of the Astrology Bureau were mysterious cultivators, but these were cultivators of the Qin Dynasty and into the Ye Celeng. Were all these people going to rebel with Ye Celeng?

Pang, pang, pang, pang!

The multiple sword lights missed under their angry and frightened gazes. There were mean holes between the eaves. Sunlight came through the holes, and formed bright rays.

The general on the ground was not breathing at all. The Astrology Bureau academian who had been on the beam had moved into the shadow of the turret below. When the multiple swords furiously spun in the air and gave chase, the faint figure who had changed color to fade in with the street bowed to the general on the turret like they were apologizing.

The several flying swords created many cyclones below the turret, but just passed through the afterimages of the Astrology Bureau academian.

The swordsmen who were controlling the swords did not have their mind on this academian. They knew the person they had to keep here was Ye Celeng, but there was no moment from the surrounding turrets.

The gray crystal was the key to activating the formations of the turret. Each general on the turret had one. Even if the general on this turret was dead, and no one on the turret knew the way to activate the turret with the crystal, as long as any general was able to activate the formation, then all of the turrets would be activated.

Then, on the turrets which should have discovered this already, what had happened?

“Do not move.”

On a turret closest to this turret, the general was already gripping the gray crystal in his sleeve, but one of his closest deputies said softly by his ear. “If you do not move, you may be punished, but if you move, your case in the Spring Wind Alley will be leaked, and I fear you may not be able to leave the Great Floating Water Prison in this lifetime.”

This general suddenly froze, and his hand which held the gray crystal slacked.

Back then, he had been fighting over a woman in the Spring Wind Alley, and he killed an important person of the Dugu Marquessate establishment. Compared to the Astrology Bureau discovering this, he was more shocked and disbelieving that his deputy knew of this.

“You are from the Astrology Bureau?” He stiffly turned his head, glancing at the deputy, and spoke in a voice only the two of them could hear.

This deputy looked at where Ye Celeng was walking, and answered in a voice only the two of them could hear, “It is not important whether I am of the Astrology Bureau or not. What is important is that even if Ye Celeng leaves Changling, her power in the Astrology Bureau will still exist in Changling. If you want to live well, do not do extreme things to her.”


There were many screams coming from under the ground. This voice was like the sound of many women buried alive wailing in their desire for revenge.

The turrets started to tremble. Unusual dark clouds appeared in the sky ahead. The edges of the dark clouds twisted like there were countless ghosts fighting to burrow out.

All of Changling was alarmed. Most people were afraid and knew not what was happening. But the important people and cultivators who knew what was happening had a sharp chill in their hearts.

All the formations of the turrets had been activated, but it was because of the turrets in the distance. The turrets in the area where Ye Celeng and Marquis Xu fought were not the first to react.

These turrets had dense arrangements and defensive methods cultivators on the outside could not imagine. To be able to take care of five or six turrets silently mentality that in these years, the female bureau chief of the Astrology Bureau had not been as dispirited as the outside thought.

Her hidden power had reached a terrifying level…… This was the true reason she had stayed in Changling for so many years.

What shocked people the most was her own cultivation and strength. The method of Marquis Xu would create a terrifying amount of vital energy and primal energy to surge out in one moment.

In a case like this, when both sides used one move, then the power of his one move would be terrifying.

But the result of his clash with Ye Celeng was he was seriously injured, and Ye Celeng floated away like she was fine.

Then, in all Changling, how many people had the power to stop her by themselves?

Ye Celeng floated as she walked on the street. She was not walking quickly, but water kept on forming in the streets, turning to mist, and then into thick white mist.

She heard the sounds from the turrets, she knew that the Falling Dark Moon had been activated, but she was not in a hurry for she had won enough time. This time was enough for her presence to disappear from the perception of the people on the turrets, and the surrounding cultivators.

At this time, she suddenly looked up, and sensed that there was star light flashing high up in the sky. She narrowed her eyes slightly, but then her lips showed a hint of scorn.

In the Changling imperial palace, Zheng Xiu was feeling fear. She had no more restraints, and had no need to hide herself. So at this time, when Zheng Xiu could still sense a bit of her presence, Zheng Xiu did not dare to attack her.

She proudly walked among the streets. The white mist slowly shrouded her body.

The surrounding streets were completely silent, like this was an empty city.

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  1. Thank you! I definitely like this version better rather than the one in the drama where Ye Celeng died quite early :/

  2. It was quite lame. She got offed by Liang Lian when they break out the water dungeon. A premature ending for a character with so much potential.

  3. Ye Celeng in the drama has more scenes. I really like her portrayal there, except for her early death. But here she is more powerful. So I don’t hope to see her die again. Not very soon at least.

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