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Last time, on An Unyielding Wind: Aofeng needs some mad cash. Arthurus is a sexual predator.

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Chapter 2 – Beast Tamer Union

Aofeng finally knew the identity of the young woman in front of her. So this was the daughter of the beast tamer union’s president. No wonder she was so arrogant and domineering. Even if Arthurus hadn’t touched her behind, she probably would have been in a rage if they had sneezed in her direction.

The beast tamer union had great influence in Karroll. Magisters would buy adult magus beasts here. The union president was a master beast tamer and had many other beast tamers under him. It was extraordinary for the capital’s beast tamer union to have this kind of manpower. In other cities, a union would only have a senior beast tamer. She had never seen a beast tamer union in the Forest of Neversetting Sun and the lands more southern. There had been none in the Neversetting Sun Fortress.

How important this union president was could be imagined as he was a master beast tamer that could tame adult sacred beasts and seven star or lower divine beasts. His daughter was naturally someone ordinary people could not afford to offend.

The beast tamer union was usually lively. Today was no exception. After such a ruckus, many people outside and inside were looked over in curiosity.

Aofeng and Lei Yufeng had not worn masks. The handsome face and the cold face in addition to the strange Crimson Gold Behemoth was extremely eye-catching. Many gazes immediately gathered.

“Hey hey, little girl. I touched your behind, not my master. If you are able, come at me, don’t vent at my master.” Arthurus twisted his mouth. He brushed his hand as though he regretted touching the young woman. He said, “Loathsome woman, your heart is as small as your behind!”

Heart as small as your behind?

Many men heard this and immediately burst into laughter. They indecently glanced towards the young woman’s butt. The saying that men were lusty could fit most people.

Even Aofeng couldn’t help but hold her stomach and laugh wildly at Arthurus. He was a living treasure. It was a good decision to take him out today.

Only the active Arthurus wanted to run around with Aofeng. Arthurus’s other magus beasts were all “cultivating and resting” in the elegant environment of the school.

The young woman heard Arthurus’s ridicule and almost fainted in humiliation. The bastard dared to say such words! Feeling the gazes, her red face almost became purple. She trembled all over. She pointed at Arthurus and cursed, “You … you shameless hoodlum!”

“No no no, change your words, this is a real man!” The Crimson Gold Behemoth puffed out his chest.

Arthurus’s boastly and smug appearance caused many people to roll their eyes. If you did not wear this strange gold fur clothing, you would look slightly handsome. But now you are just a strange freak.

The crimson gold behemoth was human-shaped in mimicry form and about as tall as a large man. He had fur all over his body and his features were ugly. Most people found him strange, but they thought of him as a human who wore wild beast fur all over.

After being laughed at by the strange Arthurus several times, the young woman’s anger reached a peak. At this time, a voice suddenly came from inside the gates, “Yu’er, what has happened?”

This voice was slightly cool like the spring on top of a snowy mountain. When the voice sounded, the people who had been talking in low voices closed their mouths immediately. Many women looked admiring in that direction.

A young man in his twenties dressed in a long silver robe walked over. His features were handsome, his waist-length long hair tied up and hanging off his right shoulder to his waist. His arms were encased in gold edged wide sleeves and crossed in front of his chest.

“Senior beast tamer! He is the youngest senior beast tamer of the Karroll beast tamer union, Liu Sheng Daren,” some people whispered. Their gazes were locked onto a silver badge on the man’s chest. The badge was a beast with two golden scratches on it. This represented a rank two beast tamer, or a senior beast tamer.

Exclamations of shock and admiration sounded. Everyone outside and inside the gates were talking.

“Liu Shen Daren is a senior beast tamer at such a young age. They say his mental power is three times that of an ordinary person and his future is limitless.”

“I believe that Liu Shen Daren will become another master beast tamer in less than a decade. The major families are already trying to recruit him. I hear even the imperial court is giving Liu Shen Daren face.”

Beast tamers had noble status in any faction. Famed factions like the Dragon Knights did not fear the beast tamers but they were just the rare few on the top. How many dragonknight corps were there on the continent? How many great families were there? Ordinary people all listened to beast tamers.

From everyone’s discussion, Aofeng and Lei Yufeng understood the young man’s identity.

“Senior Brother Liu Sheng, this bastard has offended me, and wants to enter the union to have us tame beasts. They are dreaming! Find some people to beat them to death!” The young woman called Yu’er pointed at Arthurus and shouted angrily. As the daughter of the beast tamer union’s president, she had been cosseted from birth. She could not accept being treated like this today.

The silver robed young man was not an unreasonable person. He shook his head slightly and said to Tang Yu, “Yu’er, you are usually spoiled and unreasonable. Who in the union doesn’t know of your temper? If you did not provoke others, why would they dare to provoke you? Tell me what they did to you?”

“He … he …” Tang Yu pointed at Arthurus with a trembling finger. Her face was red and she couldn’t speak. She was a young woman. How could she speak easily of the thing that Arthurus could easily announce? Could she say this pervert had touched her behind?

Liu Sheng saw her like this and naturally thought that his little shimei was making unreasonable trouble again. He raised an eyebrow and said coldly, “You caused trouble outside. Teacher will be unhappy when he learns this. Return. I will take care of these matters.”

The gazes of the surrounding people were like fire. Tang Yu was unspeakably furious after being molested by Arthurus and being misunderstood by Liu Sheng. She had no face to stay here so she stomped her foot and ran embarrassedly into the union.

“Everyone, my apologies. My shimei is always like this. Please do not mind.” Li Sheng smiled and said to Aofeng and Lei Yufeng after Tang Yu left. When he looked at Aofeng, his brows moved slightly. He felt this attire of this handsome youth was unusually familiar but he could not recall what was wrong.

The name of Zhui Yun had spread far in the capital over the last while after Lin Jiu had visited. If not for Aofeng being a student of the Imperial School and having Teacher Lan Xiu, the major factions would have tried to recruit her long ago. Fortunately, they all heard that she was attending the auction before Midautumn Festival so they moved their targets to that day.

But no matter how widespread the rumors, people may not believe those rumors when the real person was in front of them. Aofeng had only planned on buying life cages today, and not causing trouble so she hadn’t worn a mask. Liu Sheng found her familiar but could not think of why.

“No matter, we are also in the wrong in this matter. I hope your honored union will not mind.” Aofeng was very embarrassed. While Tang Yu was spoiled, no woman would accept Arthurus touching their behind. She was very embarrassed by Liu Sheng’s words.

“Nonsense. Brother, you are so humble. I know who is in the wrong.” Liu Sheng was even more certain of Tang Yu being at fault and felt even more guilty. He thought that Aofeng was being pressured by the name of the beast tamer union and wanted to make reparations. He couldn’t help but say, “Why have you come to the union? If possible, this one is willing to help.”

Aofeng looked at the long line outside and thought that she didn’t know how long she would have to wait. So she did not refuse the chance and nodded. “Alright, we came to buy life cages. If Big Brother Liu Sheng is able, could you get a few for me?”

“Life cages? You are going to hunt for magus beasts?” Liu Sheng was flattered at being called “big brother” by this handsome youth. His positive feelings to the youth rose dramatically. He chuckled, patted his chest and said, “Of course there is no problem. I will find them for you now. If you need beasts tamed, come find me. I will tame them for you for free.”

Those with keen hearing in the surroundings gave exclamations of shock when they heard the news. They threw admiring glances at Aofeng and Lei Yufeng. A promise from a senior beast tamer! How valuable was this!

“What rank life cages do you need? Ordinary magus beasts or spirit beasts?” Liu Sheng asked the pair. The higher the rank of the cage, the more stringent the requirements for the material in order to imprison higher ranking magus beasts. In his thinking, the pair was so young so going after spirit beasts was probably their limit.

“Uh …” Aofeng blinked, rubbed her chin and asked, “Big Brother Liu Sheng, do you have higher ranking cages?”

“High ranking? Are you hunting sacred beasts?” Liu Sheng looked at the pair in shock and said. “We have such cages but they are very expensive. Also, hunting sacred beasts is a dangerous matter. Even if you catch them, I cannot tame them. You have to ask my teacher. This will be a terrifying fee to pay. You should think more about it.”

“Sacred beast?” Aofeng frowned. She shook her head and said, “That is … you do not have divine beast cages?”

“What? You are going to hunt divine beasts?” Liu Sheng jumped in fright.

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