傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S08-C03 “A Difficult Problem”

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Last time, one An Unyielding Wind: Aofeng goes to buy beast cages.

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Chapter 3 – A Difficult Problem

Lei Yufeng nodded and smiled, saying, “Yes, we want divine beast cages, and also cages that can imprison high star ranking divine beasts.”

With the two of them working together, they could capture high star divine beasts easily. Regardless of whether they would encounter any, it was best to be prepared. It was a pity that Aofeng’s Inexhaustible Life Ring could not be sent to the auction and registered. Otherwise, they would not need these cages.

Liu Sheng stared in shock at the pair and thought, are they reckless greenhorns or idiots. Were divine beasts so easy to capture? Capturing divine beasts alive was harder than killing them. One had to be measured in their strength to not kill the beasts while also paying attention to their own safety. If they could capture high star divine beasts, they must have at least rank four seven-star power?

Young people with rank four seven-star power. There was no one in Karroll other than His Excellency Qin Aotian of the Qin Family who had such strength. But His Excellency Aotian usually acted alone and so it couldn’t be him.

Liu Sheng, and even the other people nearby rolled their eyes. They all showed dismissiveness. Another two reckless members of prestigious families!

“This … we have divine beast cages, but they are in the room of the union president.”

After a pause, Liu Sheng said worriedly to the pair, “I feel it is better if you two act within your limits, and do not pursue things too distant. Even if you capture a divine beast, you will not be able to tame it if the union president doesn’t agree. You saw Yu’er’s attitude. The union president spoils her greatly. I fear that Teacher Tang Feng would not help you.”

Aofeng and Lei Yufeng exchanged a look and laughed together. Did they have to find others to tame magus beasts? Was Aofeng, this regent beast tamer, a fake?

“Big Brother Liu Sheng, just sell us the cages. You do not have to worry about taming the beasts. We have our ways,” Aofeng said confidently.

“Ah, this is not a problem of money …” Liu Sheng trailed off and shook his head when he saw the pair’s unconcerned gazes. He had seen too many people like these. Members of prestigious families with money that thought money could accomplish anything. Why did they never think, would Teacher, a master beast tamer, would lack money?

Was a divine beast just a joke? Teacher would not be willing to act for many celestial rank experts, much less two boys.

“Never mind, I will lead you to purchase cages. As to the taming, this will have to wait until you actually catch an adult divine beast.” Liu Sheng knew the two would not easily give up and any further persuasion would be useless. He politely raised his hand and guided the pair towards the second floor of the union.

They moved along the marble stairs. Liu Sheng motioned for the two guards to move aside and entered the grand hall on the upper level.

There were cages with spirit beasts against the wall. Several dozen people of high status and great power were idly moving around the small hall. Some of them even wore celestial magister badges. Other people were sitting on the couches and holding exquisite cages as they waited.

Many experts were requesting a beast taming with the magus beasts they had captured. For this, they only had to pay for the taming. If they purchased magus beasts from the union, then the price would be great.

Aofeng glanced at the price of a tungsten type four-star spirit beast out of the corner of her eye. It was six million obsidian. Aofeng had to sigh at how much money a beast tamer could make! If such a spirit beast appeared in front of her, she wouldn’t even be interested in taming it.

“Liu Sheng Shidi, you’ve come!” Just as they walked up the stairs, a man in his thirties dressed in silver robes walked over. From the insignia on his robes, he was also a senior beast tamer. At this time, the man’s brows were deeply furrowed and his expression was panicked.

Liu Sheng asked in surprise, “Eldest Shixiong, what is this? Has something happened in the union?”

“Something major has happened!” The man ran over, panting as he said, “Teacher had just accepted a transaction to tame a seven-star divine beast. It was just barely manageable but Little Shimei suddenly charged in while shouting loudly. Teacher split his attention and immediately sank into danger. Right now, Teacher’s mental power is completely suppressed by that seven-star divine beast. He is just barely able to preserve his spirit platform. But if this continues, Teacher will not last and his mental power will collapse!”

“What? A seven-star divine beast?” Liu Sheng inhaled deeply and said, “Why has this happened? Didn’t Teacher teach us to not easily attempt to tame beasts above our level? Even if the beast is just one level above, that is a seven-star divine beast!”

When one’s mental power dissipatead, their mental world would be greatly damaged. The best case was that he would be unable to tame beasts in the future, but the worst was he would become an idiot!

Countless beast tamers had become idiots when they tried to tame beasts above their level. Even the masters were not an exception. He had not thought that this would occur to an experienced union president like Tang Feng.

This eldest shixiong stomped his feet and sighed repeatedly. “No way about it. The other is too important, the legendary Magus Scholar Liu Lang. He is a seven-sword magus beast. Teacher wanted to get on the good side of this person and accepted the beast. Originally, the magus beast was dispirited and taming it should have been no problem, but Little Shimei suddenly ran in. Ah, there is no use in saying anything now …”

“Magus Scholar Liu Lang? A favor from a seven-star magus beast. No wonder …” Liu Sheng’s eyes grew wide and then he frowned. “What … what should we do? Even if the two of us work together, we do not have enough mental power to tame a seven-star divine beast. That is a high ranking divine beast!”

“Liu Sheng Daren, Li Xin Daren, is this true?”

“Heavens, this is a catastrophe!”

The people in the hall heard the situation and stood up in shock. The news was terrifying. If the news was true, then the master beast tamer of the imperial union would be gone. Who would they find to tame their sacred beasts and divine beasts?

“No talking now. Teacher wants you to immediately go so he can tell us the matters of the union. He is prepared for the worst. Come quickly with me!” The man grabbed Liu Sheng and ran quickly.

Aofeng frowned and then followed, saying, “We will also go see. We were the cause of this matter. Maybe we can help.”

“We will also go see the union president.” The other nobility and experts in the hall also requested.

Li Xin and Liu Sheng had no attention to spare to others. These people could follow. Right now, Teacher’s situation was the most important.

The group jogged and came into a small and elegant room with a neutral colored carpet. Aofeng and the others followed Liu Sheng in. She immediately saw the man in his fifties sitting in the center. There was a small cage in front of him with the seven-star divine beast in its mimicry state.

“Dragon eagle.” Arthurus, as a magic beast, immediately recognized it. “This is a dragon eagle empress with some more room for growth. Its offensive abilities are first class among high star divine beasts. However, she does not have strong mental power. No wonder a master beast tamer can tame her. But this master beast tamer does not have good luck and was interrupted in the middle of the taming.”

Then Arthurus laughed. He felt no guilt. Touching a woman’s behind was his wrong, but Aofeng had apologized. The girl had still been unyielding and reasonable. Could they be blamed for her running in and harming her father?

That Tang Yu had such a personality. Even without this incident, she would bring great trouble for her family sooner or later.

“Teacher, are you alright?” Liu Sheng and Li Xin looked at the middle-aged man who was coldly sweating. The pair’s eyes turned red as they leapt over.

“You have come. Good, good…” The middle-aged man struggled to open his eyes and smiled weakly at the pair. He said, “I was too shortsighted. Most beast tamers end up like this and I am unable to avoid it. The union will be in your care from now.”

“Teacher, do not say this. You will be fine,” Liu Sheng and Li Xin choked out from his side.

“I know my situation. I cannot tame this dragon eagle empress now. My mental power can only dissipate. Being able to preserve my intelligence is already great fortune,” Tang Feng grimaced and sighed.

“How about we try and work together? Maybe we will tame it and Teacher will be out of danger?” Liu Sheng gritted out.

“Nonsense!” Tang Feng reprimanded and glared back. “Do not even think of it. You think the mental power of a divine beast is a joke? If not a master beast tamer, anyone will be crippled! If you want me to die in peace, then promise me you will develop the union well.”

“Teacher …” The two’s eyes grew red. They stood there in a panic but had no solutions.

Aofeng heard their conversation and understood some of it. She couldn’t resist but walked forward and interrupted, “So if the dragon eagle empress is tamed, Master Tang Feng will be out of danger?”

Tang Yu, who had been sobbing at the side, screamed as though she was whipped. “Ah! You bastards! Why are you here? You harmed my father, you do not have to pretend here!”

“Alright, Little Yu. You have already harmed Teacher. Do you want Teacher to split his attention and become an idiot because of you?” Liu Sheng glared angrily at Tang Yu. This girl had harmed her own father, and still did not know to regret and change. She pushed the responsibility onto other people. The two students couldn’t suppress their fury.

Li Xin shouted, “Little Yu, shut up. No one thinks you are a mute!”

Tang Yu had accidentally harmed her father and was under great mental pressure. She was not willing to admit this. The words from her two shixiong were like a hammer to her head. She stilled in embarrassment and didn’t dare to speak.

Liu Sheng grimaced at Aofeng and shook his head. “That is possible, but where do we find another master beast tamer? Also, taming a seven-star divine beast is very dangerous. That person has to be willing to put their life on the line.”

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