Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 56 “Who Will Come”

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Chapter Fifty-Six: Who Will Come

As this unusual light landed, a middle-aged man dressed in white jade colored robes silently appeared on the other end of the ice path.

His face and figure were ordinary, but his presence felt exceptionally clean. While his body naturally could not be as transparent as crystal and gems, the feeling he gave other cultivators was that his entire body was very pure and transparent.

The middle-aged man in bright red armor who arrived before him was Marquis Dugu. Yet when he appeared by Marquis Dugu’s side, he did not bow, and did not even speak for he was also a marquis as well. He was someone able to sit equally with Marquis Dugu, Marquis Duanmu. His son was Duanmu Jingzong, who had appeared during the Min Mountain Sword Trials, Li Xixing’s childhood enemy.

Two great marquises of the Qin Dynasty appeared. When he stood side by side with Marquis Dugu, the odd light which was coming from the sky was still illuminating Marquis Dugu.

An exceptionally clean presence was eager in the air, feeling joyful as it swept away the haze around Marquis Dugu.

Marquis Dugu naturally understood what the other meant. He looked up again, straight at Baili Suxue who seemed to be standing in the clouds. The swords on his back, like a peacock’s tail, shone with blinding light. Two enormous presences surged towards the peak of the mountain.

When these presences were heading at him, Baili Suxue only gave a small proud smile. A cold presence flowed out of the ice path below his feet and gathered in his hand.

A snowflake appeared in his hand.

This snowflake flew into the empty space in front of him. There seemed to be an invisible bolt of lightning in the sky. The light coming from the clouds was easily torn apart.

In the next moment, the wind was like normal, the absolute stillness disappearing, and everything was the same as before. Nothing seemed to have happened. Marquis Dugu and Marquis Duanmu were absolutely silent, standing still.

Their expressions were calm and undisturbed, but their faces seemed to be a bit dimmer. But inside, they were in a sea of turmoil, especially Marquis Dugu who should not have been here in the first place.

He wanted to try Baili Suxue’s sword. Originally, in his imagination, even if he was not as good as Baili Suxue, he would not be too far. But now, he and Marquis Duanmu together were not enough to force Baili Suxue to fight.

Baili Suxue was already so strong. Then in this kill trap decided by Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu together, who was the one to hand out the killing sword?


Outside Min Mountain Sword Sect, at the south side of the base, because of the rain during the spring, a small shallow lake had formed.

This shallow lake which would disappear in the summer season originally was within the formations of the Min Mountain Sword Sect and would not be exposed at all. But as Marquis Dugu ascended the mountain, some of the energies which obscured gazes from outside disappeared. Many scenes appeared in everyone’s sight.

At the side of the shallow lake was an army stationed. This army was under the banner of Marquis Xu’s Mount Heng Shenzang Army, led by famed grandmasters of Changling.

At this time, these numerous grandmasters were looking beyond the shallow lake to the woods at the bottom of the mountain on the other side. Their expressions were wary as though they had sensed something was happening there.

From the woods, a small cultivator was walking. This cultivator wore large black robes, and had a bamboo hat which covered his face so his features could not be seen.

Just as the expressions of these generals turned serious, there was the sound of the cultivator’s soles brushing against the fallen leaves. Thousands of pieces of dried leaves gave off metallic sounds, flying outwards with a violent presence.

Dozens of old trees were torn to pieces by these dry leaves. Then, a sword light lit up, stopping the violent presence from spreading over. Marquis Li’s figure appeared on a stone facing this cultivator.

“So it is you?”

Seeing Marquis Li dressed in light gold armor, this cultivator spoke in a sharp female voice.

Marquis Li heard this voice, and could not help but sigh again inside at the strength of the mistress of the imperial palace.

“I will not ascend the mountain, and you will not either.” He knew the other did not have patience, so he looked directly at the Lady of Chen and spoke.

The one who had released a sword energy with such a violent presence was naturally the Lady of Chen, Ji Qingqing, who had her face disfigured.

Hearing Marquis Li’s words, she snorted coldly.

But before she could speak, Marquis Li continued, “I do not want to fight to the death with you. Also, your luck is very good today. Originally, the people of the Dugu Marquessate Establishment were going to wait here today with me for you.”

Ji Qingqing’s breathing suddenly stopped.

At this time, many fine sounds occurred behind Marquis Li in the woods. A cold gray mist silently spread.

As the mist spread, there were nine riders dressed in black thorn armor looking like they were made from metal appearing behind Marquis Li. Behind these nine riders was a tide of metal. More armored soldiers filled the clearing in the wood.

Looking at the nine Nether armored riders and the Nether soldiers, Ji Qingqing’s violent presence stopped spreading outwards. She knew that since the Nine Nether Riders had been transferred here, even if she fought to the death, she could not enter the Min Mountain Sword Sect.

“Zheng Xiu expected that I will come to Min Mountain Sword Sect because Baili Suxue once spoke for me. I have a reason to come here to fight for him.” Her gaze passed through the falling leaves to look at Marquis Li. “What about you, you cannot even protect your son. What is your reason for fighting here?”

“There is never eternal grievances, just eternal interests.”

Marquis Li turned to glance at the riders dressed in black armor and said, “The Li Marquessate Establishment was not built by my battle merit alone, and it cannot just exist for my son alone.”

“I really want to kill you.”

“I will find a chance to kill you.”

Ji Qingqing looked at Marquis Li and said two things.

All of the falling dry leaves once again violently jumped off the ground. Ji Qingqing’s figure kept on withdrawing, and in a flash, she disappeared from the woods.

But the terrifying killing intent she gave off still shrouded the woods, reducing all of the dried leaves to powder which slammed into Marquis Li and the Nether armored soldiers behind him in a wave.

Sparks rows from Marquis Li’s gold armor. Sounds like waves hitting stones came from him. But he did not look at where Ji Qingqing had disappeared. He was looking high up in Min Mountain Sword Sect. At the same time, he was thinking the same thing as Marquis Dugu.

If right now, no one is able to get Baili Suxue to truly fight, then, who qualifies and has the power to make Baili Suxue fight?

Ahead of the official gates of Min Mountain Sword Sect, there were many shattered pieces of red armor flowing down the indigo path with the blood. There were multiple cultivators holding their lifebond swords, looking motionlessly at the flowing red blood that rows above their feet.

Suddenly, they turned around, their breathing stopping.

Two big gray sedan chairs appeared at the same time on the path behind them.

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  1. Quite a mystery… who is capable of killing Baili Suxue? And there’s also that peak realm 7 person who’s protecting the wounded Yuanwu with his full trust. Who are these people? Hm.
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