Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 57 “Burning”

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Chapter Fifty-Seven: Burning

These two gray sedans were ordinary, but at such an important time, no ordinary cultivator would appear here.

These cultivators holding their lifebond swords and guarding the gates of Min Mountain Sword Sect were the academians of the Qin imperial palace. They knew that these two normal gray sedans came from the imperial palace.

Based on the rules of the Qin Dynasty, generals leading soldiers used chariots, the officials of the bureaus used horse drawn carriages, and officials who did not lead and some of the nobility used sedans.

Sedans from the imperial palace, and having an identity above academians like them, then the people in these two gray sedans may only be the two ministers!

Prime Minister Li and Prime Minister Yan always ranked above the bureau chiefs and the marquises. Their status came from their own strength and the power they held.

Everyone in the world knew that the two ministers of the Qin Dynasty were strong, but because their status was so lofty, they did not seem to be on the same level as the powers and nobility, so no one expected them to come. No one had expected these two people to arrive in person and participate in the battle as cultivators.

As the two sedans came close, seeing the tokens hanging from the sides of the sedans, these cultivators were more and more shocked. An invisible force pressed on their chests and stopped them from breathing normally.

Marquis Li was waiting in the woods. A rider dressed in Nether armor came to his side and reported about the two sedans passing through the gates of Min Mountain Sword Sect.

Marquis Li’s cold face did not seem to change, but his eyebrows slowly rose. A thread of the violent presence which had spread through the woods seemed to infect his face.


Baili Suxue stood atop of the icy peak, waiting for the two sedans to arrive. Even with so many soldiers, numerous hidden academians, and even the subordinates of some marquises who had returned to Changling to surround Min Mountain Sword Sect, this did not seem to affect his mood at all. His mind was still clear, he was one with the world. He stood there, but no one could sense his energy.

The two sedans had appeared in Marquis Duanmu and Marquis Dugu’s perception, but these two powerful marquises did not relax at all. Their attention was even more gathered, and large beads of sweat trickled down their foreheads.

No trace meant that they were unable to attack, and even more importantly, they would not know when Baili Suxue would attack.

“You are late.”

When the two sedans finally reached the flat area on the peak, Baili Suxue slowly turned around. He seemed to have expected the arrival of the two ministers, and spoke dismissively.

“We encountered Master Qi of Spirit Void Sword Sect on the way. While we were unable to keep him, it took up some time.” A gentle voice came from the gray sedan on the left.

When this voice sounded, the two large sedans stopped, and the door covering seemed to push out at the same time.

The voice was like the person. The man who walked out of the left sedan had gentle features which caused people to feel close. His figure was intermediate, not tall or short. Even more importantly, his presence was very ordinary, and was not pressuring.

The person who walked out of the right sedan was very different, and could even be said to be the opposite. This was a man who looked to be in his fifties. He was very tall, and had a wide skeleton. The black robe he wore hung off his body like a heavy black cloud. His features were fierce, especially his tall and pointy nose. This caused him to look like an enormous eagle preparing to hunt at any moment.

The gentle one was Prime Minister Li. The one like a hunting hawk was Prime Minister Yan. This was how some of the books on the Changling streets described the two ministers, simple and accurate.

“Not late. We had an easy time coming up, earlier than I expected. You are too proud, or rather, you are as stupid as Wang Jingmeng.”

These two ministers seemed to be speaking in completely different styles. The Master Qi Prime Minister Li spoke of was Qi Jinshan of the Spirit Void Sword Sect, one of the five people in the sect with supreme status. While he said he had encountered Master Qi calmly, naturally there had been a dangerous battle in order to force the other away. But he admitted that it took time, and he had come late. But Minister Yan spoke in a harsh tone, not only not admitting they came late but also saying they came early.

“Only people of Min Mountain Sword Sect can save Min Mountain Sword Sect. The other people are not of use.”

His tone was not just harsh, but very rude, ringing on the peak like a blade. “However, on the way, I did not even see Qing Yaoyin and the others. You sent them all out. Who can save Min Mountain Sword Sect?”

“I can represent the Min Mountain Sword Sect, but the Min Mountain Sword Sect is not just me,” Baili Suxue spoke to him with interest, and answered.

“We do not care who, just eliminating more powerful people like you.” Prime Minister Yan did not hide and said coldly, “Regardless of whether these people exist in other dynasties or ours.”

“Your thoughts are the same as mine.” Hearing this tone, Baili Suxue smiled and then said, “But when people grow old, they die. The old generation’s experts will die. The key is, after these old experts die, which of the next generation will be strong?”

Everybody heard the meaning in Baili Suxue’s words. The mountain wind on the peak seemed to suddenly grow fierce, and made a sound like banners flapping in the wind.

The two ministers wore serious expressions which did not change, but Marquis Duanmu and Marquis Dugu who were already sweating paled.

Many marquises had led their troops to secretly travel to Changling, and even some of the powerful cultivators from other dynasties were bought with the promise of great rewards. This was a killing game targeted at Baili Suxue and Min Mountain Sword Sect.

But Baili Suxue never thought about leaving. This was his killing game.

The wind suddenly grew stronger, the air colder. Ice silently appeared in the air like glowing gems. The ice flashed with faint indigo light, like they were made from jade, and the scent of jade burning was everywhere in the world.

All of the people surrounding the mountain, even countless important people in Changling, were thinking right now, if Min Mountain Sword Sect did not exist after today, and Baili Suxue died, what kind of change would this bring to the Qin Dynasty.

But no one thought, now, there were two marquises and two ministers on the peak. If these two ministers died at the same time, what kind of upheaval would this bring to the Qin Dynasty?

“As expected, you are proud enough.” Minister Yan took a deep breath. When he was looking down, he looked like a man in his fifties. But when he looked up now, his face drew more dark, but with this breath, he quickly grew young.

He narrowed his eyes at Baili Suxue and said, “If so, what are you waiting for?”

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