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Chapter 4 – Sensation

Aofeng touched her nose and glanced at the middle-aged man who had his eyes tightly closed. They had been one of the reasons for Tang Yu’s actions. If she tamed this Dragon Eagle Empress, she would also obtain a favor from a seven-sword magus scholar. She did not hesitate to go forward and say, “Let me try.”

“You?” Tang Feng, who was still fighting, heard this and struggled to open his eyes again. He saw this handsome youth dressed in black robes. Suddenly, his eyebrows moved, his gaze trembled, and shock filled his eyes as though he seemed to think of something.

“Young Brother, you are a beast tamer?” Li Xin looked in shock at her and hurriedly came to block her. “Do not mess around. You heard just now that the problem cannot be solved unless you have the strength of a master beast tamer. Bravery without intelligence will only lead to death …”

A deep voice interrupted him. “Try.”

The speaker was a man in his forties that stood nearby. He wore a long loose robe. His arms were crossed and his hands tucked in the sleeves. His long black hair was casually loose behind his back. His features were gentle and he looked mediocre. But the relaxed presence and the shocking black eyes caused him to appear special in the crowd.

At this time, the man’s gaze was locked interestedly on Aofeng. He seemed to think of something and nodded politely towards her.

“Yes, Your Excellency Liu Lang …” Li Xin responded respectfully and took a step back. While he still had doubts, as His Excellency Liu Lang had spoken and his teacher had not argued, he could not argue.

At the same time, the people in the room felt strange. Magus Scholar Liu Lang was a seven-sword magus scholar but he seemed extremely respectful to this youth. What was the reason for this?

Aofeng maintained her usually aloof attitude. She nodded to Magus Scholar Liul Lang in response. Then she quickly went forward to the life cage of the Dragon Eagle Empress.

Tang Feng did not have the attention to spare to talk. His gaze was locked onto the Dragon Eagle Empress. Sweat dripped off his head. His teeth gritted together. Aofeng knew she had to be quick. He would be in even more danger with each second. She raised her hand as her mind fell onto the wounded Dragon Eagle Empress. She mentally recited the Magus Divinity Spell.

Light blue shamanic power immediately wrapped around the cage. The Dragon Eagle Empress first shuddered, and struggled slightly. Seeing it was not possible to break free of the absolute restraint of the Magus Divinity Spell, she gradually softened.

“Ah, … this is shamanic power!”

“A celestial rank expert?”

Soft gasps sounded. As the glowing blue light wrapped around Aofeng’s body, people’s sights were filled by this handsome god-like figure. Their eyes widened.

“Just as I expected. Haha.” Magus Scholar Liu Lang’s eyes flashed with light admiration. Even the strongest of experts, when they encountered such a stunningly talented person, would not help but sigh.

Tang Feng had originally had a raging headache but his body suddenly felt light all over and the pressure in his mind decreased greatly. His mind focused. He looked over and he saw that cold faced black-robed youth.

“It really is you, Your Excellency Zhui Yun!”

Tang Feng’s voice was excited and joyful. Maybe he really was not going to die. He encountered this legendary young master beast tamer! Becoming an idiot or losing his ability to tame beasts would be a great blow to him. Tang Feng was extremely grateful to Aofeng at the moment to regain something after losing it.

Aofeng made a calm sound of acknowledgement, her aloof expression unchanged.

She did not change, but the surrounding people inhaled in shock at her acknowledgement.

“His Excellency Zhui Yun? The Zhui Yun that has been spread far and wide in the capital recently?”

“The youngest celestial magister of the continent, His Excellency Zhui Yun? No wonder he can use shamanic power!”

“Ah! His attire is similar to the rumors …”

At the start, no one had thought that this beautiful youth would be the person mentioned in the rumors. But after Tang Feng’s call, they connected many things together. Their shocked gazes on Aofeng gradually turned into respect. They finally understood why Magus Scholar Liu Lang was so polite to Aofeng.

While Zhui Yun was just a celestial magister, with that terrifying talent and the status as a master beast tamer, Zhui Yun became much more important, and was worthy of being respected by a seven-sword magus scholar!

“He really is a master beast tamer …” Liu Sheng’s mouth was wide as he gaped with wide eyes.

A female beast tamer behind him had starry eyes, as she murmured, “Heavens! My idol is in front of me! So … so handsome!”

The senior beast tamers of the beast tamer union had always treated Aofeng like their idol, and so did countless young people in the capital. However, due to Zhui Yun’s mysterious mask, many people thought that the features underneath were ugly. When the women in the hall saw this handsome and cool “youth” today, they were enchanted.

At this important moment, how could she split her attention?

Aofeng heard the whsipers and frowned slightly. She looked around and shouted coldly, “Shut up!”

The authoritative shout caused many people to obediently stop talking. The hall was silent. Aofeng’s coldness did not worsen people’s impression of her. They admired her charisma even more. Once one was deified by others, all of their actions would be beautified in people’s eyes.

Tang Yu looked dazedly at Aofeng, her face ashen. Her mood, already filled with shame, could not calm down. She wanted to find a hole in the ground and burrow in. She refused a master beast tamer outside the door? If people learned of this, they would laugh at her!

“Your Excellency Zhui Yun, please do not act rashly. Allow me to rest for a moment, and I will be able to help you tame this magus beast.” Tang Feng now had enough time to rest as the pressure eased, and panted at Aofeng.

“No need, just wait.” Aofeng casually shook her head and increased the flow of shamanic power from her fingertips.

“Your Excellency Zhui Yun, it is dangerous to tame a high star-level divine beast alone.” Tang Feng, who had almost lost his mind, saw Aofeng’s action and paled and spoke hurriedly. But Aofeng clearly had started the taming process. Tang Feng was alarmed but he was helpless. He sighed inwardly. This young one was a master beast tamer, but he did not know the difficulties.

But before he finished his thought, his expression froze.

He saw the Dragon Eagle Empress slowly lower her head and narrow her eyes. He could not sense any rebellious emotions or mental vibrations.

When a magic beast did not have any mental vibrations, this meant that their mental power was completely controlled! A mental battle between a master beast tamer and a seven-star divine beast would not look like this. Even the worst seven-star divine beast would resist ferociously. Complete control would mean that this youth was not a master beast tamer, but …

Tang Feng was shocked!

Or rather, he was dumbstruck in his shock …

He had no courage to think of that term that could cause upheaval in half of the continent. If Tang Feng had not joined this “battle” as well, he would not sense this so clearly, and would not believe this astounding reality.

No wonder the other helped him. Why would a person risk the danger of becoming an idiot to help someone else in an ordinary situation? The rumors of Zhui Yun spoke of the cold and aloof personality, and not a person overflowing with kindness. So this was why. The other was not in any danger at all! But this was more astounding to Tang Feng than the other taking risks to rescue him.

In a short white, the Dragon Eagle Empress was successfully tamed. Aofeng pulled back her shamanic power and said to Magus Scholar Liu Liang, “Done. Your Excellency Liu Liang, try to form a covenant.”

“So fast?” Magus Scholar Liu Lang was slightly surprised. But when he thought of the time that Tang Feng had taken to wearing down the beast, he was not so startled. He walked forward. With a thought, vast deep blue shamanic power spread out of his body and wrapped around the Dragon Eagle Empress.

The silver patterns of the covenant appeared. Silver energy flashed in the small room, and the blinding patterns dazzled people’s eyes.

“Success! A true success! Taming a seven-star divine beast!” Liu Sheng and the others cheered, with smiles on their face. He asked the stunned Tang Feng in concern, “Teacher, are you alright?”

The silver patterns of the covenant and the cheers of his students woke Tang Feng up. The middle-aged man gave his most overwrought shout in his life, “Ah!”

The students jumped in fright at his shouch. Li Xin looked in shock at Tang Feng’s gaping mouth and said in terror, “Teacher, are you …. is your mind alright?”

“Master Tang Feng, are you alright?” Aofeng frowned and said doubtfully. She had tamed the Dragon Eagle Empress so this old man should be fine. Why did he still look as though he was out of his mind?

Aofeng would never think that Tang Feng’s aberrant mood was because of her …

“Good, I am very good!” Tang Feng calmed slightly. He patted his chest and his eyes focused on Aofeng. He suddenly asked, “Your Excellency Zhui Yun, this … forgive me for my directness. I want to ask, you … you aren’t just a master beast tamer, are you? Just now, I sensed your mental power completely subdued the Dragon Eagle Empress. That is not something that an ordinary master beast tamer can do. Are you … are you … a regent beast tamer?”

He took a deep breath after stammering for a moment and finally said this heart-shaking term.

A regent beast tamer?

The words were like thunder and accused everyone in the room to shake. Even Magus Scholar Liu Lang lost his calm expression. The three words would cause a sensation everywhere!

Aofeng’s eyebrows moved. She finally understood why this person looked like he had seen a ghost.

Many thoughts flashed quickly through Aofeng’s mind. If this identity spread, there may be benefits. At least, Radiance Magus Church would need to weigh her importance if they were going after her. At this point, she was not planning to conceal her identity for long. Using this identity to attract experts and build her own network was more beneficial than detrimental.

When she thought of this, Aofeng’s frown eased. Under everyone’s eyes, she nodded casually and said, “Yes, I am a regent beast tamer.”

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