Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 62 “Chaotic City”

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Chapter Sixty-Two: Chaotic City

Riding the flying dragon, Baili Suxue did not know how many cultivators were shocked and trembling, but when he looked at the shape of Changling, there was no pride in his eyes, just hatred.

This was an enormous city, without borders at a glance. In the several years before Yuanwu ascended the throne, this city, which may be the biggest city in the world, had over a million people, much of which came from afar in caravans.

Regardless that this place was stolen by Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu, the reformation made it so the people could live in peace, and the dynasty prosper. He was not as good as Wang Jingmeng and could not do this.

As to Wang Jingmeng killing his way into Changling through the streets, and then dying in battle, it was not a stupid action, and he had not wanted to use such a method to reach the imperial palace. He had been forced by the situation to do such a thing, and use such a method in exchange for the lives of some people.

Back then, Wang Jingmeng had not had more than a decade to prepare like he did. So compared to him, he did not feel he had anything to be proud of.

Even though they had different opinions, even though Wang Jingmeng did not listen to his urgings, the other was a true person who did not disguise his thoughts and emotions in front of him… So even though he was angry with Wang Jingmeng, even though he closed the gates and did not give him a chance to meet, he was just angry, he just felt that time would let him see clearly. He just did not expect the change would happen so quickly and dramatically.

Since Wang Jingmeng was always his best friend in his mind, naturally, he wanted to get revenge for Wang Jingmeng.

He naturally wanted to achieve what Wang Jingmeng had not finished back then.


The Nether dragon entered Changling.

It flew so high, even the Falling Dark Moon on the corner turrets of Changling were unable to reach him. When it drew across the sky, the shadow created was like an enormous black moon which covered the tall turrets.

In a quiet courtyard of Changling, a grandly dressed youth was in front of a window in a tower. He looked at the dragon flying above Changling with an ashen face.

This was the Duanmu Marquessate Establishment.

This youth was Duanmu Jingzong. He was one of the geniuses of Changling, a student of Min Mountain Sword Sect. But during the Min Mountain Sword Trials, he had been one of Zheng Xiu’s most important pawns. At this time, his father Marquis Duanmu was leading an army to invade Min Mountain. The marquessate establishment was firmly on the side of Empress Zheng Xiu.

At this time, Changling was very empty. The marquessate establishment was also very empty. The powerful cultivators who had been summoned back from the military and the powerful cultivators of the establishment had all followed Marquis Duanmu up Min Mountain.

When he looked in terror at the Nether dragon that was flying from Min Mountain Sword Sect, a young woman who was very small in figure but very cold had walked into the empty marquessate establishment.

Duanmu Jingzong was still looking at the dragon in the sky. He just smelled blood and sensed an unusual energy vibration. The moment he looked down, he saw the figure of the young girl. Blood drained from his face.

“What do you want to do?” He could not help but shout.

But he already knew the answer to this question.

This young woman was Jing Liuli. Also, she came on a path of blood.

Jing Liuli looked at this youth whose face was even whiter than the white powder of the walls. Scorn appeared on her face. Based on her personality, she would not deign to answer this question at such a time.

But thinking of what she had learned in this city, thinking of what Ding Ning had told her, she knew that answering at this time would increase the terror this opponent felt. So to she looked with disdain at Duanmu Jingzong and said coolly, “Are you stupid? Your father went to Min Mountain, wanting to kill my master. I come here to kill people of your marquessate establishment. This is naturally a very fair thing.”

Duanmu Jingzong was one of the top people among the young generation of the Changling, but he was a member of Min Mountain Sword Sect, and understood Jing Liuli very well. The more he did so, the more he knew how terrifying Jing Liuli was.

Hearing such words, he shook in terror and said in a trembling voice, “You….you do not fear not being able to leave Changling?”

This was the most powerless threat. So Jing Liuli’s scorn increased.

She looked around at this city panicking because of the flying dragon. She looked at the turret who were in chaos trying to search for Ye Celeng. She sensed the energy vibrations of the Astrology Bureau and Divinity Bureau members as they fought in the streets. At the same time, she laughed. “Right now, Changling is very chaotic.”

Changling was in chaos. This meant that no one would care if someone like him was killed. Duanmu Jingzong could only rely on himself.

So he said, almost begging, “Senior Sister, I am also of Min Mountain Sword Sect.”

“Because you are of Min Mountain Sword Sect, so do not think you can escape. I will give you a fair fight,” Jing Liuli looked at him and said calmly.

When her voice sounded, Duanmu Jingzong gave a beastly howl. A mist rows in front of him as he used the mist as cover to rapidly retreat. But at this moment, his scream stopped.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jing Liuli’s profile.

Jing Liuli’s figure was side by side with him. His body uncontrollably froze.

There was a soft sound.

He looked with some confusion at where the sound came from. He saw the afterimage of a black sword. His heart had been penetrated, and he could see the scene behind him.

“Why… Why use such a sword?”

When his terror reached a peak, and everything was settled, his mind was numb and he asked for no reason.

Jing Liuli’s sword was very ordinary- the “Ink Wash” sword. A stone sword made from an ink stone from the Min Mountain sword valley.

For him right now, what he did not understand was, since Min Mountain Sword Sect was prepared for this, and Jing Liuli came into the city when it was empty to kill, then she should use the best sword of Min Mountain, and not this ordinary stone sword.

“Wash out the lead. Master wants me to fight, not relying on talent or the sword to win.”

Jing Liuli put her sword away, and answered his last question in this life. “Also, this is just to gain experience. Today, in Changling, I am not the main player.”


Jing Liuli walked out of the bloody Duanmu Marquessate Establishment without any restraint. Deep inside the marquessate establishment, there were the suppressed terrified cries of women.

She suddenly stopped in her steps, and narrowed her eyes slightly.

In an alley by her side, there stood a youth. Just like Marquis Dugu, he carried many swords on his back.

This was Dugu Bai.

Jing Liuli returned to her calm again after a narrow look at him. She said, “Since you have discovered me, but you have not brought anyone along, and have no killing intent, what are your intentions?”

Dugu Bai looked at her and took a deep breath, saying, “I am a disciple of Min Mountain Sword Sect.”

Jing Liuli frowned slightly and said, “And then?”

Dugu Bai said, “My father helps the empress, I will help you and Master.”

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  1. Hmmm, Dugu Bai smells like a double (triple?) agent.

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    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Most people in this story don’t have very complex desires, love, hate, etc. I think Zheng Xiu is an exception.

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