Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 61 “One’s Heart”

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Chapter Sixty-One: One’s Heart

This great force that ordinary cultivators could not imagine did not just snap his spine, it kept on rampaging through his body, moving through his organs and shattering them.

Marquis Duanmu could not control such power, and even his gaze grew blurred. All of the pride in his heart turned to disbelieving shock. Even he was not a match for Baili Suxue’s one attack. How was Baili Suxue right now different from Wang Jingmeng back then?

You are truly invincible below realm eight.

For no reason, this thought flashed through Minister Li’s mind. He sensed the sword essence which could freeze the world. He knew in terms of seal essence and sword essence, he was too far behind Baili Suxue. When Marquis Duanmu’s body was sent flying, he raised his hand and turned his palm up.

There was a little silver seal in his palm. This small seal was made from jade. But there was almost no jade stone in the world that was silver. So this little seal was very special.


This little silver seal seemed to hold an ocean. This ocean was rippling in the little seed, but it seemed to control the tide power in the world, crashing against Baili Suxue’s sword essence. The power of an ocean was so great, even more when it pulled on the tides of the world. This power could cause the world to tilt.

Minister Li could not block Baili Suxue’s sword, but this little seal could. This was a seal weapon that could be described as “divine weapon”. If the Nether dragon who charged out of the Min Mountain was enough to shock the world, then this little seal had the same power to stun as the dragon.

As this little seal appeared, Baili Suxue’s expression grew strange.His feelings became complicated on his face but there was no shock or terror! There seemed to be a kind of joy, like he finally received what he had been waiting for!

Such an emotion was so strong that even Marquis Duanmu who was seriously wounded and on the verge of unconsciousness clearly sensed it, and had a bad feeling.

Such a bad feeling was strongest in Minister Yan. His heart started to beat like a drum, hitting his chest like it was going to burst out! This was an intuition that only cultivators of his level could possess.

He targeted with his killing essence in the next moment!

But no one was able to react in time.

Baili Suxue’s attack met the small silver seal.

This was an ice sword that was pure and clean, with a sacred feeling and a presence to penetrate all. The moment it hit the small silver seal, what was expressed was a kind of leveraging power! This ice sword seemed to be like a stick levering up a mountain. It levered up this little seal towards Minister Yan!

Everybody was very shocked. At this time, such shock went up another level, and was incomparable.

This was Ye Celeng’s inheritance, the One Sky Water sword essence, called Levering A Pond of Spring Water. But at this time, Baili Suxue used it with ease, and levered the tides of the world.


The terrifying power in the silver seal was controlled by Baili Suxue and smashed onto Minister Yan. Splashes of water were released onto the stone cliffs below Minister Yan and turned to balls of mist.

A terrifying crack miles long appeared on the slopes of Min Mountain, with a silver waterfall coming down the mouth of the crack. The stones and trees within the crack had turned to dust. The air was twisted by surging energy, like an opening appeared in space.

Minister Yan’s body hit the crack on the mountain like a falling star.

No one knew how he survived such an attack, and was still standing. But there were hundreds of terrifying wounds on his body, and the blood bloomed out of his wounds.

Marquis Dugu’s body retreated through the air, and he did not know what to do.

Minister Li’s hands were trembling. He even had a hard time breathing as he gazed up into the sky.

Baili Suxue had put away his sword. He did not linger, and did not even glance back at him and Minister Yan.

The Nether dragon was like a black pillar in the sky, and still flying up. Baili Suxue stood on its head, and in his sight, turned into a small black dot.

Breaking through the wind and clouds, Baili Suxue left this mountain peak, left this small world he created by pulling in the power of Min Mountain and flew through the air. At this time, he was just flying up, but both Minister Li and Minister Yan, they all knew where Baili Suxue wanted to go and his true intentions!

He did not leave the mountain, staying there outside the city, but his heart was on Changling. Many years ago, Wang Jingmeng died in Changling. His heart was on advancing into Changling!

Zheng Xiu used the war against Chu in the spring to change the situation of the world and take complete control of Jiaodong Commandery. This little seal was the true base of the Jiaodong Zheng Family, the “Ocean King’s Seal”! With such a seal weapon, in the eyes of her and the two ministers, it was enough to kill Baili Suxue and destroy Min Mountain Sword Sect.

But now, this seal weapon was at Min Mountain, the two ministers and many marquises were at Min Mountain, and this was the time that Baili Suxue had been waiting for all these years.

Wang Jingmeng was dead. Yuanwu had ascended the throne. He closed his doors to cultivate the sword. He also raised a Nether dragon.

Wang Jingmeng had wanted to kill his way into the Changling imperial palace but had been unable to. He wanted to achieve this.

The dust under Minister Yan’s feet was soaked in his own blood. He looked at Baili Suxue who seemed to be riding in the wind, his body trembling just like Minister Li.

From the start, Baili Suxue said that he disliked people like Minister Li the most. But thinking about it now, it was like a joke… In terms of dislike, who did Baili Suxue dislike more than Zheng Xiu?

Such intentions were so simple, but he felt that killing the other was so simple he did not think of this. He was an idiot.


The Nether body was enormous. When he flew through the air and into the sunlight, the cultivators surrounding Min Mountain all saw.

Everybody changed expressions.

The Nether dragon seemed like it was going to charge into the red sun in the sky. But then it quickly flew across with a terrifying presence towards Changling.

All of the cultivators loyal to Zheng Xiu quickly fell into a defeated and terrified air. It was like a joke. So many people come to kill Baili Suxue. Yet Baili Suxue was riding a dragon to Changling.

This was a height that flying swords and seal weapons could not reach. No realm seven could catch up to Baili Suxue flying in the air. No one was able to stop him from entering Changling and the imperial palace.

Right now, the two ministers were not in the imperial palace.

Yuanwu was also not in the imperial palace.


Beside a clear stream stood a woman with a scarred face.

Her violent presence had caused all the fish in the stream to float belly up, dead.

This scarred woman was naturally the Lady of the Chen, Ji Qingqing.

At this time, she was looking at the black shadow in the sky and Baili Suxue riding the wind to enter Changling. Her body immediately gave off a joyful presence. She even waved her arms at the Nether dragon like a young girl and cheered out loud.

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