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Last time, on An Unyielding Wind: Aofeng saves the president.

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Section 9: Imperial Hunting Grounds

Chapter 1 – Imperial Hunting Grounds

The room was silent!

When Aofeng spoke the words, she gave a fright to all the spectators. None of them were immune!

A guess was only a guess. While Tang Feng had been nine-tenths sure, when he heard Aofeng admit it, he still felt great shock.

After several centuries, a regent beast tamer finally appeared on the continent!

Radiance Magus Church, Black Magus Church, and the powerful Central Cloud City only possessed master beast tamers, and didn’t have any regent beast tamers. A regent beast tamer was a person of legend!

Lei Yufeng and Arthurus looked at everyone’s shocked expressions and rubbed their noses. Their thoughts were slightly indecent. They were frightened? Wow, even a master beast tamer and a seven-sword magus scholar are frightened. We feel good now at being frightened before …

At this moment, Tang Feng’s heart trembled. He thought of many things. He knew that an enormous storm would form on the continent due to the appearance of this talented youth. Aofeng was fated to arouse competition between the major factions.

Tang Feng calmed down and started to regret asking such a stupid question in front of the public. He looked around and swallowed. “Your Excellency Zhui Yun, I fear the news …”

Aofeng knew what he wanted to say and interrupted him with a casual smile, “It is fine. I never wanted to hide this, it’s just everyone did not notice. I cannot hide from what will come. I cannot forever hide. The time is about right.”

She knew that the top levels of the continent followed the phrase “If I cannot use this, no one else can.” Aofeng liked freedom and wasn’t willing to join any of the factions that recruited her. This would attract attempts to kill her from Radiance Magus Church, Central Cloud City, Black Magus Church, the Imperial Court of the Kaya Empire, the four magister families and others. She had chosen silence because she hadn’t been strong enough.

But now, she had friends that were helping her and a network of her own, and Chi and Lil’ Nine were almost done with their evolutions. Aofeng decided to no longer hide.

Ever since she had signed the lifebond covenant with Chi, Aofeng had been influenced to a degree by Chi’s domineering personality. She was careful but she did not fear anyone. Just as Chi said, how would the lifebond covenantor of Chi Xue be willing to always hide in the darkness? When she appeared, she would appear in a way that would display her power and shock the world. She would become famous, a way for Yun Shitian to find her one day.

“Your Excellency Zhui Yun is very interesting. No wonder His Excellency Lan Xiu took you on as a student after taking none for the last century. Once the news of the regent beast tamer spreads, in less than three days, all the old people will collectively lament why they hadn’t encountered a student like Your Excellency Zhui Yun,” Magus Scholar Liu Lang laughed softly. His gaze once again grew idle and relaxed. He belonged to the same generation of experts as Lan Xiu. He was very friendly to Aofeng now, and almost courteous.

Magus Scholar Liu Lang, who was extremely ethereal in presence, had a grave voice. “Today, His Excellency Zhui Yun tamed a divine beast for me, and saved President Tang Feng. I owe Zhui Yun a favor. If you have any trouble in the future, Liu Lang will come to help.”

“Your Excellency Liu Lang is too polite.” Aofeng nodded in acceptance. She was very happy to have easily received a favor from a seven sword magus scholar. Her profit from coming to the Beast Tamer Union this time was good.

“Right, Your Excellency Zhui Yun came to the union to buy life cages. teacher, are there cages for divine beasts in the union?” Liu Sheng recalled excitedly. As a beast tamer, he naturally was more sensitive to Aofeng’s status and more respectful. A regent beast tamer, no wonder high level divine beast cages were needed.

“Of course! Your Excellency Zhui, please wait.”

Tang Feng heard this and hurriedly said. He grabbed a spatial ring from a place near the wall and took out a small golden cage about the size of a person’s head. He handed it to Aofeng to look, “This is a life cage, and a kind of magic medium. It can be large or small, and is divided into several levels. Divine beast cages can hold all divine beasts, including high star ones. Sacred beast cages can hold all sacred beasts. I will gfit the cages in this spatial ring to Your Excellency Zhui Yun.”

As expected of the union president, he was very generous. Tang Feng had considered that Aofeng was a regent beast tamer and would not lack for money. Giving money would actually be a loss of face, so it was better to give an item that was needed.

Magic medium? Aofeng looked curiously at the glittering golden cage. As expected, just like her Cicada Wing sword, there was a control gear at the top of the cage. There were two gears, so this was a spirit magic medium. After she bled on it, she could control the size of the cage. It was like another type of spatial ring. Right now, she had an elementary understanding of crafting and she knew more about these things.

“I do not need the spatial ring, but I will accept the cages.” Aofeng nodded in satisfaction, and moved the thousands of cages in the ring into her own spatial ring before returning the original spatial ring to Tang Feng.

The life cages, as magic mediums, would be very expensive. If one calculated their value, these thousands of cages would be worth about the price of a seven-star divine beast. In terms of status, crafters and beast tamers were matched in their importance on the continent.

“Your Excellency Zhui, could you help us tame these two sacred beasts? We are willing to pay the normal price. If Your Excellency Zhui has any mission, us brothers are willing to work for you.” Two of the celestial magisters who had been sitting outside and walked over after chatting for a while. They gave friendly smiles at Aofeng and even seemed to be flattering her.

Aofeng couldn’t help but sigh inside at the high status of a regent beast tamer. A celestial magister was coming forward to give her money and fighting to work for her. They wanted to get a connection to her, and had to carefully speak to her.

“No problem. Put down the cage, and wait for a while.” Aofeng accepted without hesitation. She was lacking money so why wouldn’t she accept what was coming to her door?

“Your Excellency Zhui, there is us as well. Could we ask you for help?” Some of the other people who came with magic beasts started to talk.

In reality, their magus beast levels were not high. The people of the beast tamer union could tame them without any need for Aofeng. But this was like getting autographs from stars. If they could get a magus beast that Aofeng had tamed, they would get face when they talked about it — my magus beast was tamed by a regent beast tamer!

Taming low ranking magus beasts was just a wave of the hand to Aofeng. Aofeng accepted and had them wait outside. In a few moments, she finished the process, so fast that the master beast tamer Tang Feng sighed.

After obtaining promises of favors from numerous experts, Aofeng’s crystal card was filled with nearly four hundred million obsidian. Lei Yufeng’s eyes were wide in shock.

“Damn, I worked so hard in Neversetting Sun for so many years, and only had several hundred millions in savings. Zhui Yun, you got so much money in such a short time. My years versus your hours. Damn, this really impacts me!” Lei Yufeng grabbed Aofeng and rubbed her hair. Then he showed a sorrowful expression in his anger. However, he was happy for Aofeng inside. This way, Aofeng would never have to worry about needing money on the continent.

Aofeng looked up with her black eyes and smiled brightly at him. “You once said what is yours is mine. Now I will tell you what is mine is yours. In the future, we will share everything. Yufeng, I will not forget you.”

Lei Yufeng’s heart skipped a beat at the smile. Aofeng always looked cold, and rarely smiled brightly or said such things. He felt unspeakably content hearing Aofeng say such things, and felt the cool voice was extremely moving.

The man blinked his eyes in confusion. He didn’t know what he was feeling right now.

After taming beasts for everyone, Aofeng refused the courtesy invitation from President Tang Feng, said a few polite words, and then left the beast tamer union with Lei Yufeng and Arthurus.

“Aren’t these the two boys who offended Tang Yu?” The receptionists of the union saw Aofeng and the others leave the union, snickered in disdain and then talked among themselves.

“They were likely refused.”

“They think they can do as they wish because they have family and money? Our president is the only master beast tamer of Kaya. We will not pay attention to young people like them!”

As they were speaking, they were caught by Liu Sheng who was walking downstairs. Liu Sheng’s eyebrows rose up and he shouted angrily, “What are you saying? Are you allowed to casually discuss His Excellency Zhui Yun?”

The celestial magisters who had just received Aofeng’s magus beasts looked over disdainfully. “Idiots, what do master beast tamers count for? His Excellency Zhui is a regent beast tamer. Just now, he tamed a seven-star divine beast, and saved President Tang Feng whose consciousness was about to collapse!”

“His Excellency Zhui?”

“Regent beast tamer?”

The lower levels of the union exploded in gasps. The rumor of a regent beast tamer quickly spread through the streets and alleys of Karroll at astounding speed.

The sky was clear and blue without any clouds. The next day also had good weather.

The horses stepped on thick fallen leaves as they moved through the open mountain forest. The soil smelled fresh and the tall trees completely concealed the bright sun. In a relatively grand carriage, Mo Ling’er, Mo Zhu, Yu Fan, Aofeng, and Lei Yufeng were sitting inside. Sword Master Roth was driving the carriage. Today, they had come to capture magic beasts.

It was near the Midautumn Festival, and the Imperial School was on holiday for a fortnight. Mo Ling’er and the others did not need to ask for an absence and could come along with Aofeng.

“Brother Zhui Yun, you said you would tame a divine beast for Ling’er, is it true?” Young Mo Ling’s eyes narrowed into thin lines when she heard she may get a divine beast.

“Alright, it’s just a divine beast. Ling’er, do not stick to the captain so much! Look at you, you’ve asked a dozen times on the way here. Captain will be irritated.” Yu Fan’s words were extremely serious, but his expression betrayed him. He couldn’t help but grin happily.

“Zhui Yun will do what is said.” Mo Zhu glanced at Aofeng with bright eyes and trusted the other more than he trusted himself. His delicate face also flushed slightly. For some reason, he would feel bashful when he saw Aofeng.

Lei Yufeng sat beside Aofeng and laughed loudly. “Of course, with Zhui Yun here, all magic beasts are possible to be tamed.”

When Aofeng was together with them, she felt especially relaxed. She smiled and said, “We have to find them first. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter if we can tame them.”

“Brother Zhui Yun, don’t worry. Our Imperial Hunting Grounds are much more dangerous than the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun. There are many high ranking magic beasts. Uncle Roth took us to Neversetting Sun to gain experience and not here because he felt it was too dangerous.” Mo Ling poked out her tongue playfully at Aofeng and said.

Yu Fan said smugly, “However, this time we have three celestial rank experts. We won’t fear even the strongest magic beast. We can finally take a look. Haha.”

Mo Zhu warned. “Don’t be careless. Uncle Roth said that even he can only protect himself when he’s alone in here.”

The carriage suddenly stopped. Sword Master Roth’s voice came from outside.

“Everyone, get off, we are here.”

The Imperial Hunting Grounds were extremely dangerous. If they encountered a situation when sitting inside the carriage, they would not be able to spread apart, so everyone would travel on foot. Aofeng and the others were not exceptions.

There was a row of enormous silvery white fences stretching into the distance on one side. The fence was about five meters tall, and similar in color to the celestial covenant. There was an enormous curtain of light at one part of the fence with two alert guards on each side, dressed in light armor, each with the power of a sacred swordsman.

The Imperial Hunting Grounds were actually a large mountain encircled by the silvery white fence. Aofeng could sense an astounding power from the curtain of light and the fence which reached from the sky to the earth. Her eyebrows uncontrollably flickered. There was nothing living around the enormous fence. It separated the inside and outside. Aofeng measured her own power and thought she could not break through.

“So strong. I can sense the power of a god from there. I think even super-divine beasts cannot break through.” Arthurus, Meng Yan and the other magus beasts had been following the carriage. They looked in shock after they saw the silvery white fence. No wonder the magic beasts of the Imperial Hunting Grounds couldn’t come out. There was this thing blocking the way.

“This is the mark a sword deity from the Imperial house left behind millennia ago.” Sword Master Roth’s eyes were emotional as he said proudly, “Sword Deity Mo Jiujun was the founding emperor of the Kaya Empire. He set the foundations of the empire. Because of him, the upper classes of the Kaya Empire are venerable swordsmen. The power of Emperor Mo reached the sky and into the ground. He could easily kill super-divine beasts. Of course the boundary he left behind is strong.”

Aofeng was suddenly interested after hearing the story of this divine rank person. “How did Emperor Mo create this boundary? Wouldn’t the master of Karroll at the time have opinions?”

“Haha, Zhui Yun, you don’t know this! Originally, this place was like the Death Ridge of Neversetting Sun, a dangerous place where magic beasts ruled. After Emperor Mo reached divine rank, he circled this place and made it the “back garden” of his empire. Then he moved his capital here. Karroll only became like it is now after millennia of development. It could be said, in a major way, the Imperial Hunting Grounds are the reason for Karroll’s prosperity.” Roth was rarely so excited, and spit as he spoke, “Other than Emperor Mo, the other generations of emperors never called themselves Emperor Mo to avoid desecrating this divine person.”

“So that’s how. Such a story. Emperor Mo turned this enormous and dangerous part of the continent into his own “back garden”. He really is strong.” Aofeng looked into the distant mountain ranges contained in the boundary and suddenly had a thought. If she reached such heights one day, she would turn the Death Ridge of Neversetting Sun into her own “back garden”.

While she was far from divine rank, just like how she had been far from a celestial magister back when she hadn’t been a magister, Aofeng believed that she would definitely reach that rank. If she did not slack off or give up, she would succeed one day.

“Death Ridge is much bigger and more spectacular than this place. If that became my “back garden,” I wonder what the Emperor Mo of the Kaya Empire would think …” Aofeng rubbed her smooth chin and thought maliciously.

“Let’s go. Do not think you can pass through the side. We can only enter through the main door.” Roth chuckled and led the group to the curtain of light with a broadsword in his hands.

“Roth Daren! Your Highness Third Prince, Your Highness Fourth Princess!”

The two guards saw Sword Master Roth and hurriedly knelt down on one knee. They were all members of the court protectors.

“Stand up.” Roth commanded casually. “Open the gates. Ling’er and Zhu’er are going to search for magus beasts inside.”

“Alright, Your Excellency,” the two guards said. They walked towards a stone room on the side of the fence, and touched and twisted inside. Then a gap appeared in the silvery curtain of light. In the exposed region, the plants inside looked much brighter and clearer, while the unexposed places were unclear.

Aofeng and Lei Yufeng had come with Mo Zhu and the others so their identities were not inspected. Otherwise, they would have to pay an expensive fee to enter the Imperial Hunting Grounds. The grounds were open to the public, and many celestial rank experts would search for high ranking infant magic beasts here and go to the Beast Tamer Union to tame them. The magic beasts that Aofeng had tamed yesterday had been captured here by the celestial rank experts.

Of course, those without money could only go to a distant and dangerous place like Death Ridge. The tens of thousands of obsidian was not a price everyone could pay.

“Hm, Third Brother, Fourth Sister, how come you are also here? Have you come to capture magic beasts as well?” Just as Aofeng and the others entered through the gates, there was a peculiar voice from ahead. When they looked over, they found a small group of about ten people.

The speaker was a young nobleman not yet twenty. His features were ordinary, but his hair seemed to have been brushed with oil so it shone. His body was slightly fat. If not for his grand clothing, he would be an ordinary fat man, the kind that would disappear into the crowd.

He had a seven-sword spirit magister badge. This was pretty good magister talent, enough to bond with a second magus beast. So this was why he had come to hunt and coincidentally encountered Aofeng’s group.

The ten other individuals were experts of some skill. There appeared to be four celestial magisters under the age of thirty. The others all wore high star-level magister badges. They must have been recruited by him.

These people also examined Aofeng’s group.

Hearing this voice, Mo Ling and Mo Zhu both frowned slightly, a hint of disgust flashing through their eyes.

“Little brats, coming here when your hairs haven’t even grown in. You don’t fear being torn to pieces by the beasts? This is not the Forest of Neversetting Sun, you are allowed to come here? Go back to Neversetting Sun and play house. Careful that you don’t lose your life before capturing any infant magus beast. Wouldn’t the empress be extremely sad then?” Before Mo Zhu and Mo Ling’er could speak, the young man laughed dismissively, his tone full of arrogance and ridicule.

Aofeng’s eyes flashed and she guessed the identity of this fat person. He was likely the second imperial son of the Kaya Empire. Aofeng had seen the eldest son, Mo Leng, so this was the only imperial child she had not yet met.

Mo Lian and Mo Leng did not have the same mother as Mo Ling’er and Mo Zhu. Empress Su Ya had a high status in the empire, and His Majesty the emperor had great affection for Mo Zhu and his sister. Mo Lian was always targeting them so they did not like their older brother very much.

“Mo Lian, what do you mean? You are cursing me and Brother Zhu to die?” Mo Ling’er was not proud, but she couldn’t endure such ridicule. She pointed at Mo Lian and said, “You should die! This princess wishes for you to go into a divine beast’s nest, and get raped by a group of female dragons!”

Aofeng’s eyes went wide in shock and she broke into a sweat. She hadn’t expected Mo Ling’er, who had been glued to her side, to be so ferocious! She imperceptibly took a step to the side, and moved towards Lei Yufeng in search of safety …

“Brat, you dare to curse your second brother like this? Do you know what respect for your brother is?” Mo Lian hadn’t expected Mo Ling’er’s poisonous tongue to improve. He almost erupted in anger as he pointed at her.

Mo Ling’er kept her neck straight. “Are there older brothers like you that curse your younger siblings to die?”

Mo Lian was furious. While he wanted to beat this young girl to death, she and Mo Zhu had high status and he couldn’t act. He could not verbally win against the sharp-tongued Mo Ling’er. His gaze landed on Aofeng and Lei Yufeng. He vented out, “What are you looking at? This Highness is not one that you two untouchables can see? Careful I don’t dig out your eyes!”

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