Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 66 “Paired Flying Wings”

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Chapter Sixty-Six: Paired Flying Wings

“I find it very ironic.”

Baili Suxue was not in a hurry to attack. Zheng Xiu needed time to rest, and he also needed time to control some of the vital energy in his body. When surrounded by many cultivators, any forcible attack when one could not move as they pleased could be fatal.

Seeing Zheng Xiu who looked so scornful at having wounded him, he then said, “He did not just leave this sword energy in your body. Even now, you rely on the things he left in your body. Do you not find it ironic?”

Baili Suxue’s words had a double meaning. Everyone who knew of the past between Wang Jingmeng and Zheng Xiu knew that such words were very crude for a person like Baili Suxue. Yet facing the enemy, Baili Suxue would use any method that could harm or anger his enemy.

His tactics received a corresponding effect.

Zheng Xiu was completely angered. “All of the people who dared to laugh at me back then are dead, so no one else can laugh at me.”

The flames in her eyes burned, her hair dancing like venomous snakes behind her. Star fire burned at the ends of her fair, and even her perfect face grew twisted. The great anger caused her vital energy to violently spread out without anything in reserve. In an instant, for hundreds of feet with her as the center, many pale white stars appeared like stars had been drawn here.

In this area, other than these cultivators, all other beings quickly died. The flowers withered and turned to dust. Even the insects underground silently turned to rotten soil. This cold and destructive star energy was something that even a cultivator like Huang Daochen could not fend off. He felt stabbing pains from the surface of his skin and his flesh, and then he unconsciously retreated.

A silver dome covered Zheng Xiu and Baili Suxue right now.

His gaze was stuck to the two people in the dome. This was close to a divine battle. Even a cultivator of his level could not interfere. There were powerful presences filling the air.

Baili Suxue’s expression grew very serious. Such a presence was equal to the cultivators of the Zhao Sword Furnace. While in the past battles with the Han, Zhao and Wei, Zheng Xiu had never out to for her life on large battlefields, he did not doubt that a cultivator like Zheng Xiu who managed to come out of Jiaodong Commandery knew how to fight with her life on the line. The power of a person like Zheng Xiu once she lost her mind would be terrifying.

But he did not hesitate at all, and used a sword move he had prepared a long time ago. His movements did not change. He just simply drew his sword and attacked. After completing this natural and smooth movement, there was no sword in his hand, but when he thrust at the end, like last time, an ice sword appeared in his hand.

The tip of the ice sword spurted a terrifying amount of lifebond energy. Even the primal energies of the universe in the air right now were in chaos and boiling like porridge, there was still a clear ring. The sound was very pleasing to the ear, and even covered up all other sounds at this time.

Two sword lights appeared in the air. Two clear sword lights, with indescribable elegance, cut through the star lights, flying like two transparent wings. But the edges of the sword energies had five colored lights and gave off a strong joy.

Pan Ruoye and Huang Daochen stopped breathing. The two of them had been waiting for the result of the two swords colliding together. Yet to their confusion, Baili Suxue’s sword did not have a destructive presence. The power of this sword was not as strong as his previous attack.

Baili Suxue could confidently use the powerful sword moves of so many sects, so why use this one?

What confused them even more was that Zheng Xiu suddenly paled. The stars were trembling. This meant that her emotions were in great turmoil.


The patches of stars formed by these lights were cut apart by the two sword lights. This was a scene calm like paper being cut, but caused unimaginable power ripples.

The palaces in the surroundings had quite suddenly shattered. There were even great sounds coming from distant palaces like they were hit by enormous waves.

Countless cracks appeared under Zheng Xiu’s feet. In the next moment, the space behind her seemed to tear apart. Her body flew backwards, and then collided with her study behind her.

There was the skylight they usually stood at, her study table, and the wall behind it… were all crushed to dust. Her body was still flying backwards among the debris, many wounds appearing on her porcelain body, bright blood soaking her grand and majestic robes.

Pan Ruoye and Huang Daochen could not understand. The secondary ripples hit the cultivators who kept on retreating. They could not understand why it was suddenly like this. In the contact just now, Zheng Xiu should have been the one to win. Such a result seemed to go against the rules of power.

“Paired Flying Wings… being defeated by the sword move he created for you, do you find it ironic?”

Baili Suxue’s voice sounded, accompanied by his lungs heaving like bellows.

Many people instantly understood why it was like this. From waging war in the Chu, Zheng Xiu had always been attacking the heart, and Baili Suxue did the same.

Paired Flying Wings… This sword move did not just have a beautiful name, it also contained wishes for staying together in love for a lifetime. At least, to Wang Jingmeng of the past, it had been like this. In his eyes, Zheng Xiu had been his perfect partner, the person which he had imagined beautiful things about. So he trusted and believed her. He felt she was the same. No matter what she thought, he was very sincere. So he had created such a move to represent his feelings at the time and his hopes for the future.

Baili Suxue used such a sword to attack Zheng Xiu’s heart. From the verbal battle at the start and Zheng Xiu appearing because of him and being affected by his words, he knew that this move would succeed.


Zheng Xiu’s feet landed on the ground, the grand shoes splitting apart. While she managed to stop her body, and did not fall to the ground, the moment she landed, she vomited multiple mouthfuls of blood, and even her body started to bow.

All of the cultivators in the surroundings knew that Zheng Xiu’s body was in a very bad state by now, but at this time, it was very quiet, and no one dared to be the first to attack because they all knew that Baili Suxue would still be able to fight right now.

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