Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 67 “White Lotus”

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Chapter Sixty-Seven: White Lotus

Baili Suxue took a deep breath, vital energy quickly swelling up in his body, and on the verge of surging out of his meridians. This was a chance he had waited fifteen years for. Using this spring war, with him and Ding Ning as bait, he finally had a chance to fight his way into Changling. All of the verbal confrontation, all of his attitude was just to use that Paired Flying Wings.

Fire started to burn in his cold eyes. Since he had successfully used this move to seriously wound Zheng Xiu, and he was on the verge of killing her, he did not want any accidents, or to waste any time.

At this time, he had expended a lot of vital energy, and there were many hidden wounds in his body, but this was also the time his sword essence was at its fullest. All of the previous fighting was within his plan. Now, what was next was the blow to kill Zheng Xiu. This was his truest and strongest desire inside his body.

The killing intent which had accumulated for fifteen years was released. The air had not turned cold yet, but the cultivators who were closest to this palace felt their bodies turn stiff because of this tangible cold.

In the distance, the gazes of many people landed on Huang Daochen. Now, only the present sect master of Spirit Void Sword Sect could save Zheng Xiu’s life.

Huang Daochen felt very bitter inside. He could only act. Even if he knew very well, if he used his full power against Baili Suxue, he might be killed by Pan Ruoye.

A round hoop slid out from his wrist and flew away from his hand. This was a dark gold round hoop which looked very simple and there were no seal scripts at all.

Yes when his vital energy flowed out from his hand, this gold round hoop turned into a round door.

The golden light coming off the hoop formed a mirror floating in the air. The mirror floated just several feet in front of Huang Daochen, but it seemed connected to another world.

There was a vast sound coming from the light, a presence completely different from this world which surged out. The light coming off this hoop was just a few feet long, but such a sound and this kind of presence felt like there was an enormous beast about to force its way from another world here through the hoop.

Pan Ruoye was covered in blood. Many of her meridians were broken, but at this time, she stepped out without thinking, avoiding multiple flying swords heading at her, and then she forced out all the power in her body with a grunt.

A patch of green leaves formed in the air, right in front of the golden hoop. The leaves were very weak, but they covered that door at this time.


Baili Suxue did not care about this at all. In the past many years, he had never felt that Spirit Void Sword Sect could rival Min Mountain Sword Sect, even when Spirit Void Sword Sect had its five masters. Some of Spirit Void Sword Sect’s ways to communicate or hide with the void, in his view, was like stealing the power of realm eight. Using such methods, making an opening, and taking out some energies only realm eights could use. When geniuses put their efforts into studying such methods, and did not go to truly become realm eight, what they left behind was not a path to realm eight. Then the peak power of this sect for many generations would stop at realm seven.

As of now, he did not care about Huang Daochen’s power. He only wanted to kill Zheng Xiu. Whether or not he was alive after that was not something he was concerned about. He just wanted Zheng Xiu dead!

His killing intent turned to a golden sword light, blinding, majestic, unrivaled, and like the king of the world. This was the Phoenix Defeating Kill move of the Phoenix Defeating Sword Manual. This was the sword manual which Yuanwu cultivated. At this time, Baili Suxue used such a move, not because he wanted to express some meaning, but because this sword was one of the strongest sword moves in the world.

A true king would only follow their own wishes, and never compromise. He was a king like this. So his sword essence was even more perfect than what Yuanwu could use.

Zheng Xiu hesitated at this moment. She looked up light, but she still gave up on using the sword high up in the high that was moving with the star fire. She decided to gamble with her fate. Her eyes turned to a deep blue color.

The loud sound of buildings collapsing came from inside her body. This was the sound of a true collapse. It was the jade palace in her energy sea which had collapsed. For an ordinary cultivator, this was akin to destroying their own cultivation, activating all their potential, and giving their last attack as a cultivator.

The air in front of her became blue just like her eyes. In Baili Suxue’s perception, a deep sea appeared. The energy coming from her body and the energy she was drawing on came with the power and pressure of a sea.

But Baili Suxue did not think that she could stop this attack.

But Yuanwu’s blow had been able to slice off the peak of a mountain. What about a sea?

The golden sword light followed his perception and gaze to easily cut through the blue sea. The sea was cut apart like this. The blue energies burned when they came into contact with the golden sword energy, spraying out into the most spectacular fireworks.

At this moment, Zheng Xiu drew back several hundred feet. While this golden light was still wrapped up in the softness of the sea and did not catch up to her, in her energy sea and on her porcelain skin, many spiderweb cracks appeared.

The aftermath of her energy sea’s jade palace collapsing seemed to cause a collapse in her meridians and body. The cultivators who were unable to participate in a battle of this level were shocked. In their minds, the scene of Zheng Xiu, the mistress of Changling, cracking open like porcelain.

The fireworks were blooming, the energy burning fiercely, and all of the imperial palace was so frozen it was deathly silent.

Changling seemed prepared to welcome the death of its mistress, and the entire world seemed prepared to welcome the era without this Jiaodong Commandery woman controlling everything.

But at this time, from her body that was like fragile porcelain, the sound of much energy brushing together sounded!

Pang pang pang pang!

Many white waves rushed out of the meridian points in her body.

Baili Suxue suddenly stopped breathing.

This was a pure energy release!

Such pure energies carried a holiness and life hard to describe with words. They charged through Zheng Xiu’s body and bloomed on her like white lotuses. Her face was twisted hideously now, savage in pain. But her body was covered in white lotuses, pure and light. Such a contrast was strange.

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