傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S09-C02 “Sword Deity Valley”

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Last time, on An Unyielding Wind: After making some cold, hard cash, Aofeng and the Snowstorm Mercenaries head to the Imperial Hunting Grounds.

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Chapter 2 – Sword Deity Valley


Aofeng rolled her eyes, speechlessly. It had to be said that this ordinary fatty was really admirable to act so as an imperial son. He did not pay any attention to the surrounding information, and had none of the presence of the eldest son Mo Leng. In terms of insight, he was much worse.

Aofeng thought that she and Lei Yufeng were dressed well and could not be called “untouchables.” A person without any thought would not be a match for the eldest imperial son in terms of intrigue. At this time, she was almost certain that the future emperor of the Kaya Empire would likely be Mo Leng. The second imperial son, Mo Lian, had no ability to compete at all!

Mo Lian’s mother consort was not favored and he was not the eldest. He himself was not very valued so he liked to show off his high status. His magister talent was not bad, and there were only a few in the younger generation of nobility that could win against him, so over time, his arrogant and unreasonable personality took form.

“Second Highness, you cannot!” A voice shouted in shock and some fear. This was the court protector behind Mo Lian, a sword master with a broadsword on his back.

Mo Lian did not care about the present state of affairs, but other people did. They saw Aofeng’s black robes and white mask along with the teenage presence. Their eyes lit up. These people behind Mo Lian hadn’t known that they would encounter this legendary person here today.

“Why not? If this prince is cursing these two untouchables, it is giving them face. They should thank this prince for cursing them! Hey, you untouchables, aren’t you going to thank this prince?” Only Mo Lian still did not know the situation as he shouted. His smug expression fully expressed his “noble status” and the finger he pointed with almost touched Aofeng’s nose.

Now, even the sword master behind him and everyone present couldn’t help but swear, idiot! If you want to be a clown, go to the circus. Don’t you find it laughable to speak like this to a celestial rank expert?

“Go away!”

Lei Yufeng took a step forward and hurled out a wave of light blue shamanic power before the sword master could speak. The power hit Mo Lian in his chest and forced him to take several steps back. He flew out, shouting in pain. The sword master behind him saw this and managed to catch him. Otherwise, he would have crashed to the ground.

The man shielding Aofeng had fire burning in his black eyes. His emotions were almost out of control until Aofeng worriedly patted his shoulder.

“Yufeng, are you alright?” Aofeng asked in a cool voice, her black eyes filled with worry. She could feel that Lei Yufeng’s emotions were not quite right so she ignored Mo Lian’s state and was first concerned with Lei Yufeng.

“No … I’m fine.” Lei Yufeng felt his heart suddenly speed up in this moment. He hurriedly looked around and cursed inside.

Ever since they came out of the beast tamer union, Lei Yufeng found that he was stuck in a strange state. His eyes would unconsciously linger on Aofeng and he would frequently be in a daze. Whenever he stayed with Aofeng, he would feel unusually satisfied as though his greatest pleasure each day was to see that cold attitude, the inadvertent glance, the small smile. These things would cause his heart to speed up uncontrollably.

If anyone disrespected Aofeng, he would be more angry than if he was being disrespected. For example, just now, Lei Yufeng couldn’t stop himself from erupting.

He was not stupid, and after a few times, he was sure of his own feelings. He was so depressed he almost wanted to hit his head against a wall. I am really a normal man, but why would I be in chaos whenever Aofeng is involved?

Aofeng’s eyebrows rose, and she thoughtfully rubbed her chin. Her eyes lit up. She thought that he was depressed because of staying too close to her cold presence. Her gaze softened and she patted his shoulder, saying warmly, “If there is something, tell me. We are friends, don’t hide from me.”

That rare soft tone again!

Lei Yufeng seemed to rise into heaven, his entire body immersed in a happy light. He dazedly nodded repeatedly. After he finally recovered, he had an astounding suspicion. Do I really have a preference for men? Heavens …

Lei Yufeng was in internal turmoil while Mo Lian was shrieking at the top of his lungs at Roda.

“What? His Excellency Zhui? A regent beast tamer? When did Karroll have someone like this? Just sixteen? Are you joking? Are there freaks like this in the world? You think I am stupid!”

Sword Master Roda who told Mo Lian this truth had a grimace. This ignorant Second Highness thought that celestial rank experts were a joke? Right now, the entire world knew of this. Yesterday, the news had reached the palace. Only you, with your eyes always in the sky, did not know! If the wise Emperor Mo knew he had a descendant like you, he probably would have been so angry he would snap his neck.

Mo Lian shouted for a while and found no one in the surroundings were catering to him. He finally sensed something was wrong.

He turned over his bloated body. He saw the young experts he had invited all had looks of incredulity. But they were not looking at Roda like he was a fool, but him.

Who was a fool was clear to see.

Mo Lian seemed to be hit over the head. His shoulders jerked, and he turned around to see Aofeng give him a mocking and cold gaze. His smile immediately froze, and turned into a grimace. Even as ignorant as he was, he knew the meaning of a celestial rank expert and a regent beast tamer.

If he, as an imperial son, offended an influential regent beast tamer, his father-emperor would be furious! For people of court, they had to do their best to pull in influential professionals such as beast tamers. If Aofeng was willing to be titled, then the title would be of higher status than imperial sons.

In the world of power, might was right, and imperial sons were not extremely respected unless they were experts as well.

“I … I …” Mo Lian was basically dumbfounded. He did not know what to say. In the end, Sword Master Roda helplessly went up to apologize to Aofeng and the others.

“Your Excellency Zhui Yun and this Excellency, apologies, my lord’s temper …”

Aofeng did not want to argue with him. This idiot had no cunning at all and would not accomplish anything. Also, this was the Imperial Hunting Grounds. She shook her head. “Never mind. But I like other people to respect me. It is best if this does not happen again.”

“Of course not. Your Excellency Zhui is famed through Karroll. His Majesty the emperor has frequently mentioned you. The venerable swordsmen have also paid attention to Your Excellency. Today, when we were leaving, His Excellency Lei Ting was saying he would definitely meet you.” Roda smiled and tried to get on their good sides, hoping to ease the mood.

“His Excellency Lei Ting?” Aofeng and Lei Yufeng exchanged a look, amused. Hadn’t they met him already? But those three old men still didn’t know that she was Zhui Yun!

“Your Excellency Zhui Yun, I have long looked forward to meeting you.” The nine people behind Second HIghness walked forward to Aofeng. Four of them were celestial magisters, and the other five were high star-level spirit magisters. They had friendly attitudes, smiles on their faces, and their respect shone through.

These people were truly talented. In comparison, Mo Lian was the weakest among them so none of them really respected Mo Lian. If Mo Lian had not agreed to take them into the Imperial Hunting Grounds, then they would not have been willing to be around him.

They might be jealous of someone slightly more talented than them, but when someone was at a height they had to look up to, then most people would only feel admiration. Aofeng’s age, status, and strength, and her subdued presence caused admiration.

After a few polite words, the leading celestial magister, Long Jiu, asked, “Your Excellency Zhui Yun, are you interested in the Sword Deity Valley?”

“You are going to the Sword Deity Valley?” Sword Master Roth looked up in surprise.

Aofeng blinked her eyes, confused. “Where is that?”

“They say it is where Sword Deity Emperor Mo hid his swords. There are many high ranking magic beasts there. It is also the most dangerous part of the Imperial Hunting Grounds. Unless four celestial ranks come with us, I fear we cannot get there. This time, His Second Highness needs an infant magus beast to reach seven sword spirit magister so we gathered people and came in.” Sword Master Roda smiled at Aofeng. “Of course, if we add in Your Excellencies Roth and Zhui Yun, we will have much more confidence. That place is likely very lively right now.”

“Yes, the big duel is coming. Many young experts are coming here to stay for a while, like us. There will be many people around the Sword Deity Valley,” the celestial magister Si Wu nodded in agreement.

Both parties wanted to find high ranking magic beasts so they naturally hit it off. Except for Mo Lian who was so depressed he wanted to vomit blood, everyone was excited and got on the road with light feet.

Everyone received Aofeng’s promise to tame the magic beasts they captured. However, they had to pay the full cost. Everyone had the obsidian crystal cards, convenient for transactions, and so no one objected.

Aofeng had her own plans inside. When there were many of an item, they were cheap. If she sent a dozen of high ranking sacred beasts to the auction, she would not be able to get a good price. She would just find one or two divine beasts to sell. She would use this opportunity to make the money she needed, and also gain some reputation and favors.

As to the big duel, other than the Central Cloud City’s Central Cloud Team, there were only a few teams that could rival them. Aofeng did not worry that she would help her opponents get stronger. Ordinary people could not compare to their team.

Those like Mo Lian were not within the scope of Aofeng’s promise. You call me a “lowly person” and still want me to tame beasts for you! There was no such thing in the world!

The Imperial Hunting Grounds were large, stretching from the northern part of the palace out of Karroll, from ordinary forest into a vaster forest, and then to barren mountains with only a few plants.

The group moved purposefully in one direction. All the spirit beasts and low star sacred beasts they encountered along the way were killed. Roth and the more experienced people saw through the wild traps along the way and the group managed to make it through with no danger. Aofeng almost did not even have a chance to act.

No one inside the hunting grounds dared to fly in the air. That was undoubtedly setting up a target for the high ranking magic beasts and flying magic beasts in the sky.

The group was really strong, even stronger than when they explored Death Ridge. Adding on there were not many people, they travelled quickly. Mo Ling’er and the others who could not keep up rode Ben Lei, Si Jian, Meng Yan and the other magus beasts. After two days, they reached the perimeter of the Sword Deity Valley. When they arrived, there was a small hunting team fighting a magic beast.

“Harpy! Your Excellency, it is a Harpy!” Long Jiu pointed at the sky and said excitedly.

Aofeng became alert and looked following his finger. As expected, she saw an enormous flying magic beast. This harpy was unique in appearance, her head like that of a female human, but her features were relatively ugly.

“We are pretty lucky to encounter a seven-star divine beast just upon arrival.” Aofeng’s lips curved up. They had talked about this. She would take all magic beasts over seven star. If it was below seven star, she would consider taming them for Long Jiu and the others. No one had any objections. In other words, this harpy was hers.

Other than some magic beasts with special bloodlines, the more a magic beast looked like a human, the more intelligent and powerful they were. For example, the harpy was very precious among magic beasts.

Lei Yufeng looked at the harpy and laughed. “Brother Behemoth, this harpy and you are a match made in heaven!”

Arthurus rolled his eyes and shook his head solemnly. “No, no, her butt is too small.”

The group laughed. Arthurus was a lusty behemoth, from morning to night, all he did was study whether a woman’s behind was large enough. In these last few days, the female magisters had been harassed by him. But after learning he was a nine-star divine beast, no one said anything. If he became a super-divine beast one day, there would be countless women who would want his first time.

No matter the gender, the first time a super-divine beast had relations with a human magister after taking human form would greatly increase the power of the human. This was not a secret among the top experts. However, super-divine beasts were all proud. Arthurus just said things, but if he really chose a mate, he would definitely be cautious. He would not even look at ordinary human magisters.

Aofeng rolled her eyes and smacked him on the head hard. “No matter the size of her butt, you get her!”

A seven-star divine beast was not a joke. Ordinary celestial rank human experts were not enough for them to pick their teeth. Look at the team of magisters below. There were twenty of them, one of them a celestial rank expert. But they could not harm a hair on the harpy. The celestial magic technique could not even make a bruise on her skin, just like how it had been at the start against Candia and Arthurus.

if Aofeng and the others did not come, these people likely would have been killed by this seven-star divine beast.

“No problem!” Arthurus snickered and darted out. As Aofeng released shamanic power, the enormous five point celestial star appeared under his feet, and the Crimson Gold Behemoth revealed his full-power body!

“Ah! Four sword celestial magister!” Long Jiu and the others gaped upon seeing the star.

No one knew Aofeng’s present magister level. They all said she was the youngest celestial magister on the continent but assumed she was just one-sword. Mo Ling’er and the others who knew would not deliberately spread this. They had not expected her to shoot up to four swords.

Lei Yufeng, Roth and the others had wooden expressions, their eyes clear and calm. They had no feeling left after being surprised by Aofeng so many times. They all knew this kid was inhuman.

Compared to the shock of a four star celestial magister., Arthurus’s Crimson Gold Behemoth true form gave people an even greater shock. When the giant body landed on the ground with a boom, the entire mountain range shook. The pressure from a bloodline magic beast was much stronger than from the harpy. When Arthurus’s true form appeared, the harpy chasing the magister troop stilled in fright.

A nine-star bloodline divine beast undoubtedly gave this seven-star divine beast a great blow.

“Crimson Gold Behemoth, you do not seem to be a magic beast from this region. Where did you come from? Why are you suddenly here?” The harpy asked from far away.

Arthurus laughed from a distance. “Haha, little harpy, my master has some interest in you. Will you willingly be captured and be spared physical pain, or should I beat you down?”

“Interested in me?” The harpy changed expression. A master who possessed a powerful magus beast like the Crimson Gold Behemoth must be a strong expert. Yesterday, her neighbour, the Dragon-Eagle Empress, had been taken away by a magus scholar. She had not expected it to be her turn today.

“If I do not choose either?”

“That is not up to you!” Arthurus displayed the domineering side of the behemoth. Hearing the bad tone of the harpy, he did not say more. He stepped hard. Bang! A deep footprint was left in the ground as he shot out like a gold bomb!

“So fast!” The harpy was shocked. Arthurus was two ranks higher than her but had not reached super-divine beast. She thought that she could fend off his attacks at the least. She had not expected a bloodline beast to be so strong. The pressure from the crimson fist was so frightening!

Arthurus was best at using his fists. He hit the harpy accurately. The latter gave a shrill scheme of pain, and flew far away like a ball from Arthurus’s fist.

The punch chilled the harpy. She knew she was not a match for him, and hurriedly flapped her wings to go higher into the sky. She shouted smugly at Arthurus below, “Crimson Gold Behemoth, you are strong. But if I want to leave, can you stop me? A cumbersome land being like you flies far slower than a magic beast of the sky like me!”

Before she finished, an enormous shadow covered the sunlight above the harpy, and a voice sounded behind her that caused her despair.

“Little harpy, go down!”

“Golden Giant Dragon…” the harpy said in shock before she was slapped down by Candia’s wing.

Lei Yufeng snickered as he made a victorious gesture to Aofeng. At this key time, he released Candia. The golden giant dragon, who possessed wings, flew faster than the harpy.

Arthurus quickly followed, stepping on her and punching her several times with no pity. The harpy screamed certainly times before she wilted.

Aofeng flew over with a small gold cage in her hand. She threw it forward. The cage grew large with a thought. The harpy was sucked into the cage. The golden gate came down with a whoosh. A successful capture!

The gold cage shrank at Aofeng’s thought. The harpy inside was several times smaller. The adult harpy was breathing weakly inside. Aofeng thought if she went up two star levels, she could go up greatly in price, so Aofeng was not in a hurry to tame her now. With a wave, the cage was put into her Inexhaustible Life Ring.

Even a normal ring could hold a life cage, so no one found it strange.

“So…just this simple?”

“That is a seven-star divine beast!”

Long Jiu and the others who had never seen the pair fight before were shocked. They had expected a victory, but not so easily with so few attacks. The power of these two people left a deep mark on them. Mo Lian, who had been holding a grudge all this way, did not dare to show anger in his eyes.

That behemoth had fists that could make a seven-star divine beast scream. If those fell on him, what would happen?

“Your Excellency Zhui Yun, you are too strong!” Long Jiu and the others were convinced.

At this time, the small magister troop they had saved had no time to rest. They quickly flew towards Aofeng and the others. From a distance, they shouted, “Your Excellencies, please save our companions!”

Everyone looked at each other in confusion, and indicated for these dusty magisters to explain clearly.

The only celestial magister in the group was young, and was in a sorry state. He pointed at the deep and winding gullies of the Sword Deity Valley, saying, “More than a hundred magisters went in. Eighty of our fellows are trapped in a valley inside. There, we found a great treasure, but we also encountered a powerful guardian divine beast. I barely managed to sense its rank. It should be a nine-star divine beast. It is terrifying. We didn’t even see what it was before we lost a few celestial magisters. If I did not lead this troop and retreat in time, I would have ended up the same as them. We fled out the entrance, and then a mist rose inside. We waited here for an entire day, but no one else came out, until the harpy started attacking us just now.”

Guardian divine beasts usually would not leave the treasures they protected. It was not strange that it did not give chase. But Aofeng grew interested in that guardian beast. A nine-star divine beast. If she could have it, maybe she could use the Magus Divinity Power Source to turn it into her first adult super-divine beast!

“A nine-star guardian divine beast?” Candia and Arthurus both had serious expressions.

“Master, a guardian divine beast is not any weaker than us bloodline magic beasts. They are usually powerful bloodline beasts. If the treasure is great, they may even be terrifying ancient magic beasts. You have to be careful.” Arthurus turned to these people and asked, “What kind of treasure did you find?”

A heat appeared in the celestial magister’s eyes. He swallowed and said in a trembling voice, “An elemental spirit!”

An elemental spirit? Everyone sucked in a cold breath and they all showed shock.

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